Bill O’Reilly has a gift for spewing a gang of nonsense from his gibs but the Fox News host went too hard at a beloved Black congresswoman. O’Reilly took a swipe at California’s Rep. Maxine Waters’ hair, calling it a “James Brown wig with many calling for his firing.

Congresswoman Waters was addressing members of the House of Representatives on Monday, continuing her decrying of President Donald Trump‘s divisive stances and blasting those who support the former business mogul as being more patriotic than Trump’s critics.

In a clip highlighting the  Fox News broadcast and tweeted by Media Matters, O’Reilly can be seen mocking Waters the entire time. When the clip was done, O’Reilly made his offensive quip that he didn’t hear what Waters said because of her hair.

Twitter has been giving O’Reilly and Fox News the business all Tuesday and it’s been a relentless show. We’re still wondering why Media Matters didn’t use Waters’ name in the initial tweet it posted of the incident but we’ll let that cook.

And not for nothing, O’Reilly is kind of hard to listen to not only because of the garbage that flies out of his mouth but also that mean combover he’s rocking. To be fair, the goofball apologized according to a CNN Money report, but let’s get to this slander, shall we?

Check out Bill O’Reilly’s unnecessary swipe at Rep. Maxine Waters below and see the following pages for the responses.

Photo: screen cap

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