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Black Don’t Crack: Friday‘s Miss Parker & Felicia Reunite


Friday, the 1995 cult classic starring Ice Cube and Chris Tucker, remains one of the top Black films of its era and genre. Spawning the iconic characters, the curvy Mrs. Parker and bugaboo Felicia, the actresses who played the respective roles reunited for a photo op and radio interview 22 years later.

Kathleen Bradley, a model, and the first permanent  Black “Barker’s Beauty” for The Price Is Right, posted a photo to Instagram alongside former actress and comedian Angela Means. Bradley, who played Mrs. Pakrker, and Means, who starred as Felicia, were guests of Billy Griffin’s Groovnous talk show on Dash Radio. The photo gained rave review from fans on IG and the reaction on the Internet has been robust.

The ageless beauties have gone on to do other small roles over the years, with Bradley penning an autobiography focused on her time on The Price Is Right and Means currently filming now. Means is also the mom of former Miami Hurricanes quarterback Brad Kayaa, thus why she was rocking the gear seen in the flicks.

Kayaa left Miami as the school’s career passing leader and has shown promise among NFL scouts.

Check out the reactions below and on the following pages.

"HI MISS PARKER…BYE FELICIA" My neighbor from "Friday" @AngelaMeans reunited after 22 years on Groovonus radio show to air Friday, April 14 hosted by singer/producer @billygriffin3

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Kathleen Bradley "Mrs. Parker" talks about her day at "the Groovonus with Billy Griffin" on Dash radio

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"Bye Felicia" invite you to listen to Billy Griffin and the Groovonus on the "what the Funk" Channel on Dash radio

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Photo: Instagram

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