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Brandon Marshall Believes NFL Is Blackballing Colin Kaepernick


Denver Broncos Brandon Marshall inserted himself into an ongoing conversation regarding free agent quarterback Colin Kaepernick still without a job in the NFL. The linebacker and former college teammate of Kaepernick suggested that the player is being blackballed by the league for his protest of the national anthem.

The Denver Post profiled Marshall and focused on his own work within the Denver community and abroad, noting that he too joined the silent protest Kaepernick started last season. Marshall was given Harvard Graduate School of Education’s Alumni of Color 2017 Courage Award in March for his activism and service, even wondering why Kaepernick wasn’t selected. The profile zeroed in on Marshall and Kaepernick’s connection with the Denver player offering an oft-discussed view.

From the Post:

“Quarterbacks are usually the face of the franchise. So, he’s probably being blackballed,” Marshall said Tuesday. “Maybe part of it is owners don’t want their franchise tagged with that. But I still stand by what I said (on Twitter), that he’s the best quarterback in free agency. He’s better than all of those that got signed, the Matt Barkleys, the Nick Foleses. I think that’s a fair assessment, honestly.”

“Kaepernick did a silent protest and he’s being blackballed,” Marshall said. “Some guys have done worse, DUIs, domestic violence, and they still got opportunities, you know? Kaep didn’t break any laws. And so that’s why I don’t understand.”

Marshall and Kaepernick played together at the University of Nevada and have maintained a close friendship since their collegiate days. Like Kaepernick, Marshall was attacked by the media and fans for his involvement in the national anthem protests to the point of death threats and racist taunts. He added in the profile that while he lost endorsement dollars for his stance, he doesn’t regret standing up for change.

Kudos to Brandon Marshall.

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