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10 Shot, 2 Killed At Chicago Vigil For Man Killed Same Morning


An eruption of gun violence in Chicago took place at a vigil for a man who was killed earlier in the day, leaving 10 shot with two people dying of their injuries. The shooting took place Sunday (May 8) and police say that the incident was gang-related.

According to police reports, Daniel Cardova, 26, was fatally shot by two men carrying rifles early Sunday morning in the Brighton Park neighborhood in Chicago’s South Side area. First Deputy Superintendent Kevin Navarro says that the incident was connected to ongoing gang warfare. As reported by the Chicago Tribune, a vigil for Cardova was erected near the site of the shooting later that afternoon. Around 5:20 PM CST, gunfire rang out and two people, a man and a woman, were fatally wounded.

NBC Chicago has more:

As a response to the shooting, Chicago police moved additional gang and tactical teams into the community to “flood the area,” Deputy Chief Kevin Ryan said.

“We have a fairly good idea of the conflict involved and where we need to be deployed, so right now, we’re trying to saturate the area and ensure that nothing else happens tonight and going into the next couple days,” Ryan added.

The outlet spoke with 15th Ward Alderman Ray Lopez, who mentioned an incident where two city officers were shot with similar assault rifles that were used in the Brighton Park shootings just two miles from the incident.

Lopez has challenged the city to address the rising amount of crime across the Southwest Side. Police don’t believe the shootings of the officers and the Sunday shootings are connected.

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