Finally, Ice Cube has confirmed that he is actually working on the fourth sequel in his Friday movie franchise.

After years of rumors, denials, and Photoshopped flyers Ice Cube has finally come out and said that there is a Last Friday movie in the works. But, that’s all he is saying for now.

Billboard reports that he leaked the news during an appearance on the Late Late Show With James Corden. He was a special guest with singer Jason Derulo who told him that Friday is one of his favorite movies of all time and that he used to watch it every Friday when he was younger.

“We’re working on one right now,” Cube responded. “We’re gonna call it Last Friday.”

This is the first time we’ve actually heard this coming from Cube. Earlier this year actor/comedian John Witherspoon who played “Pops” in the movie said that another Friday movie was coming, but Cube never backed him up on that. Before that there was a wave of fake movie posters advertising a Last Friday movie with Cube’s son O’Shea Jackson, Jr. and Young DC Fly being the new Craig and Smokey.

If you want to watch Cube talk about the first time his mother heard “F*ck The Police” and his new BIG3 basketball league, watch the clips below.


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