Travis Scott “made history” performing the same song 14 times in a row at a concert in Oklahoma City last Friday.

Travis Scott‘s Bird’s Eye View tour has been making headlines for delivering the unexpected. Fans being allowed to rap with him, people jumping from balconies and Scott himself enticing riots have been some of the things people have seen. But ticket buying fans in Oklahoma City were treated to many minutes of monotony recently.

During the show, Travis Scott up and decided to perform his single “Goosebumps” 14 times in a row without asking anybody in the crowd if they wanted to sit through that. At times it seemed that the crowd was enjoying it, but after a while, it looked like they were over it.

When Travis reached 13, he wanted to know the record for performing a song multiple times in row. He was told Jay Z and Kanye West had the record for performing “N*ggas In Paris” 13 times in a row. Actually, it was 11, but the misinformation is what drove him to do it 14 times just in case.

Watch how the crowd reacts below.


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