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GLC Says Kanye West Always Needed White Acceptance To Feel Successful


GLC, rapper and old friend of Kanye West, says what a lot of people already thought of the iconic producer/MC.

In an interview with WGCI’s The Chicago Morning Takeover, GLC kept it 100 and a couple more about his former rap partner. GLC goes back with Kanye to his pre-Roc-A-Fella days when they were both in a group called the Go Getters.

He says Kanye has always been a “sponge” who soaks up energy from who ever he’s around. He says Kanye isn’t around the right people these days, which is why he’s far from the person he grew up with and the person Hip-Hop was introduced to back in the early-2000s.

“Once you lose sight of the culture, you’re no longer in tune with the culture,” he said. “Kanye’s a sponge. Whatever he’s around, that’s what he becomes, so if you around a certain group of people on a regular basis, you begin to look like them, you may begin to act like them.”

He also insisted that keeping up with the Kardashians has warped his mind as well.

“If I’m chillin’ in the crib and I got a father-in-law, but then my father-in-law becomes my mother-in law, it might cause me to go a little crazy,” he said, referring to Caitlyn Jenner. “Because every day, I’m like, ‘What up bro’ and now I gotta be like, ‘Yes ma’am. That right there … you might need to see a shrink for that.”

Then, he dropped the gavel saying Kanye always needed to be accepted by White folks.

He said, “Ye has always equated success to being accepted by the caucasian masses. So if the caucasian people embraced him then that means he made it.”

Kanye is definitely around Caucasians these days. He is reportedly holed up in Wyoming working on new music.

He also went on to talk about Kanye’s behavioral changes, especially the times he’s yelled at the paparazzi.

Is GLC coming off sounding like a hater or a friend who knows what he’s talking about?


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