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Update: Co-Host Of Michael Baisden Show Files $100 Million Discrimination Lawsuit


George Wilborn, the famed co-host of the popular Michael Baisden Show, has filed a $100 million lawsuit against a Chicago couple who refused to sell him a home because of the color of his skin.

As previously reported, Wilborn and his wife were attempting to buy a $1.7 million home from Daniel and Adrienne Sabbia, a white couple.

The U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development filed a complaint on behalf of Wilborn however after an investigator told them that Daniel Sabba declined to sign the contract because he’d “rather not sell to an African American.”

Now Wilborn and his wife Peytyn have officially filed a $100 million lawsuit in federal court for the discrimination they faced trying to buy the five-bedroom home in the city’s Bridgeport neighborhood.

George And Peytyn Wilborn (Brian Jackson/Sun-Times)

According to the Chicago-SunTimes, Bridgeport has been known for hostility to Blacks and when asked why he’d want to live there, Wilborn replied,

I didn’t care where the home was. It was a specific type of house that my wife and I felt that we had earned the right to live in…It just happened to be in Bridgeport.”

The Wilborns’ offer to the couple was reportedly the highest they’d received in two years.

Rather than sell the home to the Wilborns, the Sabbias took it off the market only to put it back on in March with an asking price of $1.799 million.

Wilborn’s attorney has since spoken out on his behalf saying,

“This is the year 2010, and to go through what they’ve had to go through, to suffer the mental anguish they’ve had to deal with because they were discriminated against in a way that nobody should have to deal with in this day and age. They were discriminated against in the worst way.”

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  • Walter

    Why do people always say that it’s 2010 or 2011 people shouldn’t be doing this and that? Like really…Just because the year changes, people won’t.

  • thrillticket

    It’s the principal of the matter. He didn’t just walk away from the situation like most Blacks would have done. He knows that his actions now will affect future decisions by both Blacks and Whites in the future. That entire neighborhood will think twice about not selling to minorities from now on. Big ups to George and Peytyn Wilborn.

  • dfiestyone

    Get em George!!!! Drain them dry!!!! Damn right!!!!

  • her birth name could not have been Peytyn

  • loveallpeople

    They were Jealous of george n his wife because there black good looking N had the DOUGH to by a house that the previous owners who’s white could probably not afford anymore n the Wilburns gave them a good offer if it was some white folks they would have offered them wayyy less than the wilburns it’s 2010 people about they money no matter what color n it’s funny how they went up on there asking price after the Wilburns tried to buy the house it’s because Black folks got good taste so they upped there price for the next person who try to buy it they just some money hungary JEALOUS/HATERS

  • meme

    good I hope they are given some sort of settlement

  • Concerned

    Unfortunately, George and Peytyn Wilborn don’t have a legal leg to stand on. Private owners can refuse to sell to anyone, for whatever reason, because they own it ! Again, George and Peytyn Wilborn— good luck with that.

    • Stacy

      @ Concerned…Ummm you might want to check your law books and re-read the Fair Housing Act for buying and renting. They have EVERY legal right to sue….I doubt they’ll get 100 mill. but they will win. Just as many patrons, that have been refused service by privately owned restaurants, have sued and won. HUD has a special department specifically designed for cases like Wilborn’s. They send out an undercover investigator. In George’s case the owner admitted to the investigator that he didnt want to sell to a black person. I had to use HUD myself for a discrimination issue when first moving to Chicago.

    • mthrland

      I don’t think HUD would have filed a complant if there were no laws guiding some sort of illegality on the homeowners part. Good for the Wilborns, for standing up for themselves. I also read another article that indicated that the homeowners were willing to sell them the home fully furnished AFTER they learned of the potential lawsuit. needless to say they rejected that offer.

    • D. Moore

      @Concerned — fortunately, the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development does not agree with you since THEY filed the suit on his behalf. So… you might want to rethink that opinion.

    • CeeBee123

      True, but if the sellers advertise the house on any public listing, such as Century 21, Remaxx, etc, they have a case. 

  • terry

    This is prohibited under the Fair Housing Act. You can not refuse to sell your house based on race, color, etc. Based on what I’ve read, race played a factor. They may have been private owners but the rules must still be followed under this act. I feel you have the right to buy a home in any neighborhood and to be denied that right is a Shame.

  • Yeah, but with all the affluent neighborhoods in Chicago, why live in the trashiest one of them all where the Whites (especially Italians) have committed hate crimes regularly against Black people? The Willborns could have found their “dream home” anywhere but there.

  • princess1013

    It is still the principle. Even if private sellers may have that right, I am pretty sure they don’t appreciat being put on blast. And who would want to move into the house anytime soon after this?

  • lotto-milli

    The court is now in session…..@concerned….

    The only legs the Wilborn’s will need to “stand on” are the ones they will use to walk inside the bank and cash their newly written settlement check from the Sabbias.

    Trouble passing the bar, anyone?

  • Babygirl

    Antijemima, please change your name to Coon for saying some dumb azz ish like that!!! And Concerned, how many times have you FAILED the bar exam in your state!

  • Babygirl

    @antijemima: Please change your name to COON for saying that dumb azz ish! @concerned: Read a first year law property book and look for the Shelley v. Kramer case. Even though the courts never banned a person’s right to exclude, the Shelley case stands for the position that the legal system will not be used to enforce racial discrimination in housing. Also, whatever caselaw may have forgotten to consider the F.H.A covers pretty much all other forms of racial housing discrimination. So, I would suggest you go read a book.

  • missvalz


  • Faith Britton

    They owners would not have been put on blast if it wasn’t for their ignorance and stupidity.

  • Wg930810

    What in the name of God does the origin of the name ‘Baisden’ have to do with the article?!