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Brooklyn Man Chases Down Wallet Thief, Posts Hilarious Encounter On Facebook


Talk about putting someone on blast. A Brooklyn straphanger actually chased down a man who stole his wallet and streamed the confrontation on Facebook for the world to see the face of the would be thief.

The Brooklynite who goes by Cee Da-Prophet was riding the B train on his way uptown when he accidentally dropped his wallet only to see the sticky fingered man reach under him to retrieve the wallet and make a run for it just as the train doors closed on the 7th Avenue station.

That’s when the Prophet decided to get off on the next stop on and hoof it back to the scene of the crime. Once there he ran into the bandit who stood stationary for whatever reason.

The New York Post  reports:

“By the time I got back to the platform, it must have been 15 minutes later,” Cee said. “I didn’t expect to see him, but when the train was pulling up, he was right there by a garbage can…I grabbed him and started cursing at him. He said, ‘I don’t have your wallet.’ So I told him to empty your pockets and he wouldn’t.”

After hemming him up for a live broadcast on social media, Cee puts the man on blast saying, “This dude stole my wallet – look at him good. You see that face? That look like a man who steal wallets, right?”

Even after pressing the thief to empty the pockets, the man refused to do so. That’s when Cee decided to have fun with the situation and clowned him – and himself – on multiple fronts.

“You tried to run, you thought a big n***a like me couldn’t catch you,” he says. “Look how slim you are look how fat I am…I’m mad f–king fat, how you let me catch you? How you let me catch you?”

Cee asks the man where he’s from, to which he replies: “Africa.”

“You’re from Africa?! You’re supposed to be able to run, bro. You’re supposed to be able to run,” Cee jokes. “Get the f–k out of here. I’m trying to go to work today. How you feel about yourself right now? You feel your stomach in your f**king nuts right now, right? Yea, yea, yea. It’s alright. Me and you sharing a nice little hug. You’re gonna be on IG by the end of the day. You’re gonna be on World Star…You’re gonna be everywhere.”

At one point, Cee begins asking bystanders to take pictures with the men — several of whom happily oblige.

“Come on, we gonna pose,” he says. “Y’all wanna get in it too? Where y’all from? Y’all from Denver?! Oh, ‘yall got a show today!

“I’m from Brooklyn, this n—a from Africa,” Cee adds.


Cee filed a police report and the “man from Africa” was arrested for possession of stolen property.

Don’t be surprised if this unfortunate situation turns Cee Da-Prophet into a star overnight. We know we’re loving him right now.

Photo: Facebook


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