Jason Weintraub

5 Cheap Meals To Stay Away From


Friendly’s Grilled Cheese BurgerMelt
1,500 calories
97 g fat (38 g saturated)
2,090 mg sodium

Many of you guys may not have a Friendly’s restaurant in your area, and for that you should be thankful!  Along with Denny’s wonderful creation, Friendly’s also lives by the “you can never have too much cheese” rule.  Since buns are not enough for Burgers anymore, this grilled cheese sandwich mixed with a cheese burger  comes in a whopping 1500 calories and is just begging to clog your arteries.  Equivalent to eating 20 Snicker granola bars, it seems eating ANYTHING else would be a better idea than this.

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  • Thick&SweetLike Jiffy

    ALL of those meals look good!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • see there, this what happens when folks forget they roots, good ole down home cookin never do a body wrong.

  • BobTyranT

    Stay off dat fake ish and don’t EAT D**KS turd nuggets! I for one EAT rapperz, politicians, and pop stars ALIVE everyday on wax! It’s a good diet too!! And I CAN ACT! yeah ya boy got GIFTS! Now check out dat BobTyranT 2Pac Biopic Audition on Youtube NOW!

  • Keisha

    Unfortunately people are going to still eat these types of foods even if it means being overweight,having several health ailments,taking several medications and breathing heavy after walking up a flight of stairs…….