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Dove Apologizes For Racist Ad Of Black Woman Turning White After Using Soap


Personal care company Dove has come forth to apologize for a recent Facebook ad featuring a Black woman transforming to a white woman after using its product. While Dove was attempting to showcase diversity in beauty, the company admitted that it missed the mark after a makeup artist pointed out the racist angle of the ad.

The company’s Dove Body Wash campaign caught the critical eye of makeup artist Naomi Blake, better known as Nay The MUA, on Friday (Oct. 6). Blake noted the Black model wearing a brown shirt removing the garment in a series of grids before a white woman in a white t-shirt is revealed and asked the reasoning behind the advertisement on the company’s Facebook page.

Through Blake’s public posting of the discussion, news of the ad went viral and the company eventually responded before officially pulling the ad and issuing an apology.

Despite Dove’s apology, the company has been under fire all weekend by social media users who say that this has been a pattern of racial insensitiviy.

We’ve collected some of the responses to the ad below and on the following pages.


Photo: @NayTheMUA/Facebook

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