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Chris Brown Lands First #1 Hit In Four Years


Chris Brown has officially landed the top spot on Billboard’s R&B/Hip-Hop Songs chart for the first time in four years.

The R&B crooner’s hit “Deuces” with Tyga and Kevin McCall slid into the No.1 spot today after nine weeks on the charts, tying with Monica’s “Everything To Me” for the fastest climb to No. 1 for Hip-Hop and R&B this year.

Brown’s last number one hit was “Say Goodbye” which held the No. 1 spot for six weeks in 2006.

As previously reported, Brown’s movie “Takers” also took the No. 1 spot in the box office this weekend.

Looks like his BET comeback performance worked…

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  • aleximaq

    Good for him…..I knew kicking Rhianna’s azz was gonna pay off at some point….HAHAHAHAHAHA…..I don’t like Rhianna….or anyone who has no talent but makes it in the biz……Now if we can just get someone to kick Nicki Manaj’s arse…..life would be better….. 🙂

  • Mr.C

    Boy is talented,Can’t stop God’s Plan.

  • That’s funny aleximaq! Good for him though. I guess his career is coming back to life.

  • missvalz

    Thats right baby boy like your Mom said keep smiling you not a thug you are God fearing young man. Tell those non believers to meet you at the top!

  • jamie

    i coulda sworn he had another hit after say goodbye.

  • cuzIsaidso

    I knew he’d make his way back. He’s young and talented and people wanted to squash his entire career because of one incident. He was ABSOLUTELY wrong for what he did to Rihanna but as long as he can entertain people with his gift in dance and music, he’s going to shine. Time to move on people!

    PS I saw Takers and he’s got a long way to go on the acting skills.

  • jojo

    so what?kick brown’s career is still over…

    • givemetwominutes

      you sound stupid …

  • sunshine

    I am happy for him he deserves it he is a good person everybody makes mistakes. He has talent and no one can deny that.

  • durrr

    Back to my niece playing his music really loud.

  • mitchell ballah

    Talent never fade

  • Michael

    Lol!! @aleximaq I dislike Nicki myself.. But I;m glad my boi chris is back on his feet

  • Lady A

    That is the cut!

  • cotton124

    Thats what I’m taking about. GO head young man.

  • ahsatar

    thats my ish

  • Cali951

    Loved the takers and love dueces both are bangers

  • Dirty Diana…Let Me Be ♪


  • ston gon

    if the white eyes can forgive charlie sheen, mel gibson and tiger woods and give them a pass. then we as a people aka blk folk need to circle the wagons around our on with forgiveness and support instead of wanting to stone him like the barbaric folks in iran.


    I’m so proud of you chris…not many people would’ve continued after that situation. He has really grown and matured and is reaping the benefits of hard work.

  • Ciana

    Congrats Breezy now just keep them hit songs coming 🙂

  • Anti-believer

    aleximaq… i agree with you.

    Someone needs to kick Nicki Minaji A$$! Str8 garbage.

  • get them Chris.

  • Greeneyedbandit

    Im so happy for Chris brown! Love u Chris! God is Good!