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50 Cent Pledges To Stop Dissing Diddy


50 Cent is apparently turning a new leaf now that he’s pledged to stop dissing his latest enemy, Diddy.

As previously reported, Diddy and 50 have been going back and forth for months  with Diddy sending a subliminal diss towards 50 at the BET awards and 50 calling him the “Hot Beyotch” in Dirty him in radio interviews.

Now a truce has been made however and the two NYC rappers have reconciled.

Prior to calling off his diss campaign, 50 took one last shot at Diddy posting a picture to his Twitter account saying,

“I’m back mother*ckers! So ima bust a shot to let u know Shyte is real. this that dirty money Pow!”

Following that Fifty said he’d had a convo with the Bad Boy head and they both decided it was time to move on.

“I talk to puffy he said n*gga da Shyte you be doing is bad for business we can make a lot of money together. so that’s the last puffy hit lol.”

50 also said he spoke with Puff at Jay-Z and Eminem’s “Home And Home” concert in Detroit and the two decided to come to an agreement.

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  • danimoni

    Man 50 you are so funny for this one.

  • BarbieKilla Fivethousand

    Nicki Minaj looks cute in the middle of Puff and Vernon Davis……money and bright colors will distract you and make anyone look good…Hello!

  • Prichard

    I love diddy & 50 but 50 need to chill he act like he is a major hater. There is room 4 all of u. If I had to only look at one of u all the time umma turn off the F _in tv.

  • Ryan CBS

    Looks like a day at Lennox Mall in the Dirty A…spending that dirty money.

  • Da Angel

    50 do you need a genius to tell you that you can’t stop diddy? He has been around for so long and still relevant. go try someone else