Jason Weintraub

Top 10 Worst Cities In America (Is Your City On The List?)


# No. 2: St. Louis, Missouri

Rankings in Crime

Assault: 2

Murder: 4

Rape: 45

Motor Vehicle Theft: 4

Robbery: 4

Burglary: 13

Although St. Louis may not be one of the first cities you think of when you think of crime, it should be.  Ranking in the top 5 in 4 different categories, there isn’t a problem that St. Louis doesn’t have.  With failed reconstruction projects only making the city look worse, St. Louis is only a matter of time from becoming number 1 on the list.

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  • Sam

    Scary stuff.

  • WooWoo

    they definitely got Jackson right on burglaries. 169 burglaries in 4 days.. murder catching up too.

  • DivaStrut

    1. Glad Philly dropped off the list, it was getting real bad. Let’s go Philly. 2. Why am I not surprised that Camden, N.J. is # 1. I have family that lives there, and its just a depressed city with no dreams or aspiration. I always called it a “Big Stop Sign.” Its like, once u live there, thers no leaving. 3. I’m also happy to hear New Orleans is droppin. It needs a miracle and crime will not make it better.

  • tayy


  • Anti-believer

    Place shouldn’t be condemned. It should be rehabbed. Fix and clean up the neighborhood.

    These places are run down partially to jobless neighborhoods and people not taking pride in keeping their neighborhood clean.

  • ohyoudidntknow

    Why do the places listed look so d*mn run the hell down?? GEESH!!!! i’m from Jackson, MS (not living there now), and whilst there are parts of the city that do LOOK like this, but DAMN!!!!! not the WHOLE city!!!

  • Yall be trippin

    I am from Flint…its all true – so you better ask somebody how to stay alive in that hood…they even have a Facebook page called: B!tch please, I am from Flint

  • Loop Geareau

    What’s crazy is I’ve been to Camden so many times and have never experienced any problems but I’ve seen the possibilities.

  • Teresa

    Well I would never go to the projects in these cites. So I don’t care let these low- lives kill themselves…..

  • choklitdipt

    Camden is only on this list because it is so small. These stats are “per capita”. There is no way in hell u can expect me to believe camden is more dangerous than philly. No f’n way…

  • RG

    the Cleveland, Ohio picture is of a stripped honda CRX on park ave in the Morrisania section on the Bogie down Bronx.

  • Hotddeez

    Just FYI, that picture is NOT New Orleans. Oh & there are no more “projects” in N.O.

    • NOLA Baby

      I work in New Orleans on Earnhart and there are projects right across the street. Check again!

  • Tamika1412


  • chai

    These cities especially Camden, NJ are operated under incompetent city officials. Camden, Nj is terrible b/c their police force is like the show “RENO911” it’s a joke. Most of the cops are from Camden and they have family who sell drugs on the streets and they don’t bother to take them down b/c it’s their cousin or brother- it’s idiocrary at it’s finest! I say fire Mayor Redd, the rest of the city officials and the whole punk @$$ police department and hire people who are competent with no ties to the city such as family and the city will be better than ever until then it remains to be poop.

  • Nostradamus

    same thang i said CHICAGO should be 1..i dont know how old there poll is or if it’s just speculation cuz the murder rate for CHICAGO is way more than what’s stated.

  • keen

    This ish is not accurate, although Camden is a bit hopeless in terms of how it appears, we ain’t got ish on PHILLY and the ignorance going on over the blue,most dangerous city I doubt it

  • mspeach

    Camden has been the murder capital for awhile and its is for sure more dangerous than Philly. Philly is bigger but when they do these numbers it does account for the size of the city its adjusted for the amount of people. If camden was the same size it still would be more dangerous than Philly. I am from Philly and its no joke but its not as dangerous as Camden

  • loco

    what about Baltimore

    • V

      Trust me, I’m on West North Ave. right now writing a college paper. The only reason Baltimore isn’t in this is because of the grave danger of even mentioning baltimore on this list! Check out the Wire if you’re a foreigner

  • Ken

    I live in New Orleans and the crime is bad but can you guys pick a picture from a street that is ACTUALLY in New olreans next please!

  • Jizelle

    They forgot about East St. Louis, Illinois. Maybe for this article they considered it part of St. Louis, but East St. is even worse. I don’t even know if they have a police force anymore, the city is so broke.

  • q

    Chicago probably didn’t make the list, because the rankings are based on rates. Though Chicago has a high number of murders, it is not as high as some others cities when you take the total population into account. Notice that many, if not all cities, on this list have less than 1 milliion people, while Chicago has almost 3 million people in the city proper.

    • da female scarface

      most of Chicago’s crime is on the city’s southside, however St Louis ur not safe anywhere. These people here simply lack ambition!!

  • Tee-sha

    um no Chicago should have been number fu@!king one these ppl out here have gone mad!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • newjers11

    ATTN mr. WEINTRAUB – havn grown up in trenton and camden i can tell you aint nothin truer. both cities – each wons a peice of the 3rd world at th center of the 1st world.

    1 problem: the picture you put for new orleans — thats rilly camden – i know it well.

    good work tho,
    reggie reginald johnson

  • CaramelKisses

    I’m surprised Philly wasn’t on the list. Camden has been a bad area for years.

  • Justsayin

    South Central L.A. Good Job, we off the list. Stayed number 1 fro waaaay to long. Now Ima go walk to the store and hopefully I don’t put us up at number 10 between there and home….

  • Justsayin

    I’ve always heard that too. “People you know” absolutely. Im from South Central L.A. and most everyone I went to elementary school with was responsible for most the crime on the news. Almost all of them are gone now. But yeah, I guess I survived cause I was a friend of all the murderers however unfortunate that might sound.

  • beebuzz

    Acutally 504survivor since you know SO much about New Orleans, you would be able to clearly distinguish our projects from others. Thats not New Orleans, honey!

  • Mr.C

    The Chicago government not reportin all tha Statistics cause I saw on the CBS World Nightly News a few times this Summer were their talkin about the crime rate in the windy city. Haven’t heard much about these other city, only Camden N.J. It’s alot of unreported crime not bein reported by these Officials.

  • Jason Weintraub

    Thank you all for the comments! I have since changed the picture to New Orleans realizing that it was a picture of a different city. Thank you again, and please continue to discuss!

    Sidenote: The rankings are based on ratios, which is a reason why Chicago may not of made the list!

  • d james

    What about Miami, Dade County? NOT, South Beach, Miami.. I’m talking about Overtown, Liberty City; the entire town in general is horrible. White, Latino, Cuban, Haitian, Black, Asian etc.. The whole city is a cesspool of crime, drugs, murder, prostitution, kidnapping, and political corruption.

  • India

    What’s ironic is Detroit is #3 for vehicle theft and my friend just got her van stolen about two months ago! That’s crazy! SMH

  • MsGV

    Come on New Orleans, I’m rooting for you. Just recently moved here and I like it, but the crime is OUTRAGEOUS! We can beat this. Nice to see it dropping, though.

  • Vampire Bill VahChina Thrills

    The areas do not need to be rehabbed. It is the residents, rather, that need reprocessing. With a good mind comes a good environment, rich or poor. I feel shame that usually wherever blacks gather it is much the same a the whirlpool at the center of a flushing toilet. Why do our people gather like roaches rather than gather like a team?

    How do people sit and look at each other generation after generation while experiencing the same funk and filth? Doesn’t it ever occur to us that it really does NOT take so much brain power to, stop hip hoppin, stop joking around, stop trying to be cool, shut the mouth, open the brain, finish high school, GO TO COLLEGE, get a degree, make decent money, and maintain that tradition for the next human cycle?

    I am surprised Philly is not on that list with its 28% black male graduation rate. Yup! Twenty eight percent! That means that 72 out of every 100 men, I mean, males that you see is possibly a loser. This is us in the stats above but we are always hootin’ and hollerin’ about our rights, our needs, and our respect. It starts within. Or didn’t you know that?

  • b!rd

    Im moving out of Memphis. Real soon…

  • ash

    i am also from the Bay Area, Oakland to be exact and neither am i surprised that we made the list, just pitiful, and it becomes a shame when you are used to hearing sirens and hearing about someone you know or a close friend know has lost their lives over something stupid and seeing your city on list like this a real shame…

  • MochasouthernBELLE

    Please do not come to Atlanta…..

  • tppp

    More articles need to be posted on these Fluff sites to insite conversation and spark change

  • Kelly Lonnise

    I was born and raised in Camden, NJ just like most of my family immediate and extended. Most of us made it out and succeded but others succumed to the violence and drugs. SMH I’m not surprised at all. It was history in the making.

  • Ted

    Yes, I as well, am surprised not see Chicago here! I recently left the city due to it sliding into a vortex of hell. My health problems have improved, I no longer want to shoot myself, and I can find a job in New York.

    Chicago needs to be completely overthrown, all of the leadership placed in stockades. It’s a sad state of affairs.

  • oaklandyep

    Leave it to the media to portray Oakland in such a disregard. I cant comment on the other cities but I love my city. The good the bad and the ugly. Home of the Black Panthers and a place that succeeds in cultural diversity. I’m downtown right now at a University in OAKLAND. I have plenty friends who drive Benz’s and live in Oakland. Whatever.

  • jade

    Where is BALTIMORE, MARYLAND???????





  • Marcus Hunter

    I don’t agree with the method used to rank these cities. How the fck did St.Louis outrank Memphis when Memphis has more of every type of crime except Burglary?

  • Darth H8ter

    Chicago does not report to the FBI, so their stats are not included.

  • sps

    all the stats for these are more than likely per capita. these cities all have small populations always look worse than bigger cities like n.y. and l.a. don’t let the numbers fool you. google per capita statistics.

  • so extra !!!!

    Now i live in camden and things surely do go on here just like in anyother state ,city and town don”t believe the hype people ……….these people and the bias statistics !!!! ohhh whatever !!!!! Oh and of course they would pick a place with a run down home , the picture works better along side feeding you the story ..how else would you have believe this crap ……

  • tasia

    As for the pictures of the cities….. I believe they got pictures from the worse sections of the cities to further illustrate the statistics given. Furthermore, most crime often takes place in the worse parts of towns and citites wouldn’t you agree??

  • da female scarface

    St Louis is just like Compton!!

  • polo

    that clevand pic is diff the bronx.better ask somebody

  • Kevin

    All controlled by Democrats. Everyone of them. I was raised right out side of Camden and lived in Memphis. I should know. Why do these people continue to vote the same people into office?

    • Black thought

      Like Republicans are any better. Although, they’re the one who agreed along with those previous democrats to make “public housing” number 1. Doesn’t matter what party your in, you will have bigots who don’t care and it should be up to the citzens to take charge of their own communities!

  • Kevin

    Have you ever been to the south side of Chicago? Where Barack Obama is from? What has he done to improve that area? I live in Chicago now and yes it has some beautiful areas but the south side needs businesses to get in there and help to generate employment. Obama did NOTHING to help that area. Nothing. I live in Chicago and have seen NOTHING that the man did. Yeah he wrote books – about himself. He was not even a real Professor – he was an associate – look it up and read about it in his book. Its all about him and the politicans in these cities are very similar – all about them not the people. People get the government they vote for. You need to for pro-business, pro-freedom people. These areas will NEVER improve with the same Democrats in their and Obama to an extent…

    • It’s NOT Obama’s job to fix every crappy city!! The MAYOR and governor ned to get off their lazy a$$es and do something Daley sucked as mayor and Blago was a JOKE so glad he’s gone! Blame them it’s THEIR job to fix Chicago

  • Nameless

    I’m from Bmore,Maryland and i just knew Baltimore was gonna be on the list,It’s more than 100 deaths a year.I mean the nickname is Bodymore,Murderland for god sake

  • Marquita

    I am a Memphian and I love my city. Everything about Memphis: the good, the bad, and the ugly. First of all, the first picture was not taken in Memphis but the second picture was. Memphis has improved a lot because we were number two not to long ago. Every place that you go there is crime, there will be crime, and some crime is not even reported because they don’t want any heat on that part of town that is supposedly good.

  • Marquita

    I just got through going through the pictures and the picture that I referring to belong to NJ, but anyway that really is messed that everyone of those places are majority black cities. We as black people have to do better and stop blaming THE MAN on everything that is going on our lives. You pick your destination in life, your the one that pick that road that you are on now, you are the one that decided to do a crime, you are the one that decided to drop out of school. Now with everything that you have done not THE MAN so now why do you think that you should go anywhere in life. Do the crime you have to do the time, drop out of school nobody is going to hire a drop out. They feel as though if you can’t commit to going to school you can’t commit to doing anything else. Right now I am just fuming and jumping from one subject to the next. Anyway this is the life that you choose and nobody put a gun to your head and told you to do those things.

    • dee

      I agree with you although i would like to add a counter point. 1. Many of these places are run like backyard BBQ’s with the “get in where you fit in” mentality dominating the entire region. I just so happen to be from one of the cities mentoined and i can say with all honesty that these people separate themselves from sucessful people.
      2. Racism is a private practice that is also a major principality in alot of crime stricken cities. Minorities kill each other and THE MAN comes up with a psuedo solution that wears off within one week and goes back home in their suburbs.
      3. Goverments in these cities often swith gears because they are constantly trying to do something new. I have seen witnessed several changes done to laws that were new one year ago and now old news. That goes to show how confused and dialuted these politicians are. Thats why it is up to YOU to homeschool your children even when they are home from school.

  • uknowwhoitis

    why are all most all the cities on this list in the black community its sad our government wont step in and do something….or maybe they are

  • tppp

    this is just shows how much U.S citizens needs to begin to make effective change in their own communities irregardless of WHAT city u live in. I CAN CERTAINLY GUARANTEE there is CRIME where u LIVE. We have to began Working with police, volunteering, and accepting responsibility for our own actions..

  • kikimora

    haha these photos are so menacing, except for that one of the completely normal looking playground, so they tilted it to make it look scarier. as a clevelander, i must say i’m d

  • kikimora

    haha these photos are so menacing, except for that one of the completely normal looking playground, so they tilted it to make it look scarier. as a clevelander, i must say i’m disappointed that we didn’t make it to number one. where’s forbes when you need them?

  • All5tar

    I realize that some cities don’t report their numbers such as Chicago and Miami. Don’t think Chicago is that bad? Notice that there were Chicago gang symbols on that building on that Camden, New Jersey photo(the #1 spot). Chi-town gang influence reaches almost everywhere in this country. Heck, even the largest city in America(New York) is dominated by a Chicago gang! CHICAGO IS NUTS! If you think other cities are that bad(including Detroit and L.A.), you ain’t seen nothing til you’ve spent time in the Windy!! And yes, I’ve been to all those other cities that I mentioned.

  • sam goon

    im from north memphis tn! Reppin dat 901 all day. And i just moved to east st louis, and st louis is not near as hood as memphis bruh! St louis is not even bad compared to memphis! U needa get ya facts straight.

  • It’s really no surprise that St. Louis makes the list, especially with their high crime rate. Overall, the St. Louis, MO crime index is 190% greater than the Missouri average and 206% greater than the national average. It’s a nice play to visit, but I wouldn’t wanna live there!

  • I’m glad that none of the two cities I live/have lived in ended up on that list. You know, with all this talk about these crime ridden cities filled with blacks and Hispanics, it’s nice to know that my hometown of Atlanta is a shining example of black folks seemingly getting their act together and that my current city of San Antonio is where Hispanics are seemingly getting their act together. At least that’s what I see. Maybe someone who’s lived in ATL or SA could correct me if I’m wrong.

  • rocko44

    I just love being from Michigan – two cities on the **** list. I live in Flint and I must say that things have gotten quite a bit better in the past few years, even with the total lack of jobs. Flint is tricky – the segregation of neighborhoods creates very clear lines between “good” and “bad” areas. So it is possible to avoid most bad spots pretty easily. TIP TO OUT OF TOWNERS: Avoid N. Saginaw! Trust me! =)

  • Brandon

    Sure am glad not to see Baltimore on there. The Closer makes it look so much worse than it is.

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  • Kris

    Yo ,I’m from around the way son

  • kiki

    chicago is way worst then half these cities when it comes down to it,its either chicago detriot or la.Chicago is the worst city in america it has more murders then in iraq but detriot is smaller and to have as many killings as it has is crazy!its either chicago or detriot was suppose to be #1 but what i dont get is how people are proud to know that black people are killing eachother over b.s

  • Helene Steinberg

    I grew up in East Camden. Born in 1952 & living there till 1970. When I was young it wasn’t so bad yes there were neighborhoods we avoided. Then came the cop killings of 1968 & my high school became a base for the police, scary times.
    I know my old neighborhood is terrible. They have tried to revitalize Camden, an aqarium, concert center & still one if the best hospitals & Rutgers. It is just so dangerous & quite sad.

  • RobNJ

    People, please try to get a better grasp on simple statistics- this mostly to all of you claiming Chicago to be the worst city. Let’s say for example that Camden(pop. 80,000) has 100 murders per year and chicago(pop. 3 million) has 300 murders per year. Now, see that Chicago has nearly 31x’s more people than Camden. Let’s do the math(and round down)- 30 x 100=3,000. This data is all based on statistics per 100,000 people, and per 100,000 people, based on the above example, Camden would be far ahead of Chicago in murders. I just made those numbers up, but you should clearly get the point. Cities like Camden, Gary, and Flint are so much worse off because there is literally nothing there. No jobs, no economy to speak of, etc…they are just completely broken cities. At the very least, most other cities have something to offer to those who stay focused, work hard, and earn it.

    Also, those of you who are so seemingly proud of how ‘bad’ your city is should be ashamed of yourselves. Get out there and do something to clean your cities up. I’m a white man, from a small white town in Jersey, but I have spent many hours in Newark, Paterson, Elizabeth, Camden, etc…volunteering my time to help clean up run down communities. It could be something as small as regularly sweeping a 20 foot section of sidewalk on a regular basis, just do something. No good comes from being ‘proud’ of how bad your city is.

  • garrick

    this list is totally false, miami florida is the murder capital, they dont have chicago either, or houston texas, or stockton california, i live in st louis and its ranked so high yeah fkn right, ive been to far worse places, and how is some place in jersey at the top, new york i could see but jersey, who ever made this list is on crack, these cities might be the poorest but as far as crime rate this is def inaccurate

  • garrick

    and @ RobNj, the heading is called TEN WORST CITIES, not ten worst cities per square miles

  • Jes

    1600 Pennsylvina Ave. Washington,D.C. or Just ALL of D.C.Cess-Pool Area !!

  • Mr. WTF

    To the person who says cleveland should not be on the list. There is no middle class! Your probably one of those people who are strapped to your ears in bills living check to check!. it may or may not be an improvment from your parents/granparents lifestyle. If you don’t own your home you are not middle class, if you own your home but its going to take you %200 30 years to pay it off you are not middle class.

    “Honestly Cleveland should not be on this biased list. It is not poverty filled and actually has sucessful sprawling suburban middle cl***** neighborhoods. That city has improved and continues to do so, Why PHILLY, BALTIMORE and CHICAGO didnt make this list is beyond my imagination. I dont believe in these lists anyway as good people exist any and everywhere and rehabilitation is always possible in ANY city. Im sure people in these cities are PROUD, HARDWORKING and STRONG!! SMH at the author as he judges others from his IVORY TOWER….”

    What planet are you on? were did you get your job? if you work for the upper echalons of the city you may have pocketed money for a while but cleveland is to broke to scam itself anymore. Please show me the light. everyone I know has a job and works hard. I went to school and can barely afford to survive with a degree. from my expirience your either in the enertainment business, Dead end marketing (it won’t last long”) insurance. rigged blood auto-worker.

    I work 2 1/2 jobs trying to pay back student loans. its going to take me 5 years of 2/ 1/2. its just a matter of time before I lose a job becuase my hours clash and there is zero tolorence for mandates being ingnored. not to mention I have arthritis and I cannot take opiate medications to deal with it becuase its a insurence risk. even though one of my jobs is just pressing a button every 15 seconds the pressing another button ever 13 1/2 seconds.

  • TheChiTownBabyDiva

    Also, I would just like to say that crime is an idiot’s career choice. Furthermore, there is nothing cool about violence.
    To the many fools who prefer to “rep their hood” rather than try to improve it or themselves, get a clue… no one has or ever will, respect or sympathize with the filth of society.

    Strong motivating black and latin people, I see you everyday… Thank you for your examples of what positivity looks like.

    The media may not prefer to put the spotlight on you but i do.

    One Love!!!!

  • Travis

    im from flint. the thing about the picture there is its a pic of the courtyard of the mott memorial building at mott community college before they redone it. they need to show a pic of our east side like franklin ave or new york. remember the dayton family rap group is from here. look them up

  • Y everybody think black people are the problem cuz yall act like other races don’t do crimes

  • flkint1

    The picture in flint is of my old elementary school. Flint is horrible

  • bookbabe

    Camden ranks only 41st in burglary because there’s nothing left to steal.

  • cat

    Ok, so I live in the Philly area, and its pretty bad so im gonna say Philly. Philadelphia is dirty, and alot of bad people, but i love it. it’s were i grew up, im not scared of it, Philly has some very nice areas, City of Brotherly love<3

  • brian yracheta

    Where is Chicago? It should be on this list.

  • jie

    Uhmm wheres philadelphia, pennsylvania.?! Nd Baltimore, maryland..There is a city right below philadelphia, pa called chester which i think is one of the baddest cities in the u.s. the thing is its very small so not many ppl kno about it..nd no one wants to visit it..nd i didnt kno any place in nj could be so horrible..I think philadelphia should have been at least in the top 5.. Nd Ohh nvr go to south west or west philly ugh








    I live in Chicago and I love it, but I see quite a few places missing. Where is:

    Miami, FL
    Compton, CA
    Baltimore, MD
    Gary, IN

    One city that will be on the list soon is Cincinnati, OH. I visited friends there and that city has severe crime, and is starting to look like trash.

  • Shawnmathewshvac

    I have been a truck driver for over 30 years and visited just about every city in America numerous of times.  I lived in South Philly all my life.  But the worst city i have seen is definately Baltimore by far.  I been to St. Louis and it is no where near as bad as Baltimore.  Detroit is right there next to Baltimore.   You can not go no where in Baltimore that within 6  blocks you are in some projects.

  • you

    Is it really a big surprise that 8 out of the 10 worst cities in America have a black population over over 50%?

    • The Scientist

      50? How is it 50? If its only 13% of blacks makes up in America? Last time I’ve checked more of these projects were meant for whites only due to the war and segregation. They still have projects mostly in Flordia till this day occupied by whites! I live in Oklahoma where most of the areas in Oklahoma City Metro lower areas are white! Looking like the sticks in the inner city.

  • niz

    You literally can’t even walk through Camden, period. Don’t ever go there, ever. A crime will be committed on you, if you aren’t a known resident, the first time you go there. I’m talking about real Camden, not the out skirts. You Notice no people
    from Camden are commenting right? None of those people even have a computer trust me, I’ve met plenty. Philly? Philly is paradise compared to Camden. you can’t walk through Camden, period.

  • MurderMittenMichigan

    Blah Blah Blah. Flint is always on the list.

  • Too true and stupid rude disgusting inner city dummies but downtown isn’t always so great either remember the restaraunt Daley got sick at? that place was supposed to be 5 star then and only then he started to crackdown on those salmonella dens and the cops don’t get me started.they should be wearing Nazi uniforms.

  • WTF is right!! you are REALLY stupid and make no damn sense please just shut the f**k up.



  • from camden and never had a problem, had more problems living in paterson, nj

  • Boom

    your an idiot.

  • All these cities in the USA are definitely frightening, yes. I’m from Vancouver, BC. I’m amazed that this article missed a very dangerous district in Vancouver that every local and tourist avoid: DOWNTOWN EAST SIDE also known as EAST HASTINGS. East Hastings is the waste land of Van, abandoned by residents and occupied by the mentally ill, homeless, and drug addicts. (Yes, they are people that have feelings I know but with the wrong choices made they end up in East Hastings.) The streets of East Hastings are filthy. There are USED syringes on the streets, garbage thrown carelessly, dark alleyways, dark street lamps, people sleeping in garbage dumpsters (poor people, just trying to stay warm), prositutes galore, etc. The worst part of this city would be the fact that Vancouver East Hastings is the FIRST city of North America to legally run a safe injection site. (you are legally allowed to inject yourself with crap, even hired nurses work there giving you injections safely. WTF? Right, instead of helping these poor people sober up, let’s feed their starved craving of DRUGS!) You can read more about my city, how F*CKED it is, on wikipedia. Type DTES. I still believe DTES is worse than this top 10 list of ghetto cities in the USA.

  • aw71

    Kind of stupid to bring up Dodson since he doesn’t live in Birmingham.

  • 504iscrazy

    I can promise new Orleans is the worst city. I’ve been to some bad cities. L.A. has its crime but new Orleans is by far worst. I googles the murder rate for new Orleans. It has been the murder Capitol since 1990 excluded 2005 due to hurricane Katrina. New Orleans is so bad. L.A., Memphis, Detroit, and all those other ones are bad I admit, but they are not touching new Orleans. Don’t judge until you visit first because I promise you, you cannot dare walk onto any of the streets of new Orleans unless you have a gun cuz it is a guarantee either robbery or murder just for no reason. Them dudes from the magnolia projects will kill you just to rob you and won’t even try and hold you up. Cops beware of the projects and dare not to mess with anybody in the projects.

  • Lollygaggin

    Like any other big city, you simply need to be street savvy in New Orleans. I am a white male who has always lived in the inner city. New Orleans has what so many cities lack in this culture. It has a sense of identity and is not full of transplants from every BFE in this country who think Applebee’s represents fine food and Wal Mart is the greatest thing in this country.

  • Jason

    seriously, even though NJ has a bad crime deal I think Chicago tops this list. We have the most corrupt scumbags in office who get PAID to design new clever ways to assrape the populace out of monies (just the other day I got a whopping $200 ticket for being a week late in buying a city sticker), highest gas prices IN THE NATION, highest STATE TAXES (10+%) and currently two ex-govs presently rotting in the slammer. And yeah, we have crime too. We have flash gangs attacking yuppies in mid day in our most trendy tour districts like they’re reenacting a scene out of Batman.

  • Poofs

    I’m not 100% positive, but I don’t think that Camden is the murder capital of the world. I think Mexico with the drug cartels has a much higher murder rate. I remember doing a paper for college and I read that Mexico had more deaths then U.S. soldiers in Afghanistan in 2007.

  • robbyb

    Richmond, Ca., especially North Richmond is out of control.

  • Barbara Gwen

    As a near lifelong resident of NJ, Camden does not at all surprise me as No. 1. I’ve been to most of the cities on this list, but they just have bad areas while Camden is basically one giant bad area. The photo above is literally what most residential streets look like. Even the downtown area looks like a total war zone at night (and as a former army driver, I have seen my fair share of battle torn cities). As a woman who must often travel alone, I am always sure to carry a knife on me when I have to be in Camden. Though I manage to not be bothered most of the time, I am sad to say that having a weapon has helped me on no less than three occasions. I also never, ever park my car there– it’s always public transportation in and out for me. Seriously, DO NOT go to Camden if you don’t have to. So much time and effort has been made to help this city, but alas, it ultimately comes down to the residents and their personal will to change and stop sitting around blaming the man for everything. Sure, many of them do want things to be better, but it takes a community, not just individuals and dreams that are never carried out.

  • Shaela

    The funniest thing about this list is that they all have one similarity…One main type of people living there…People that cause trouble no matter where they go…

  • ruger

    u forgot newark nj its worst then camden

  • ruger

    newark is the worst city in nj more robberies mo murda n everything else

  • commonsenseisdead76

    And Baltimore didn’t get mentioned once? So, choosing these cities doesn’t rely on talking to anyone in or from these cities huh?

  • There are million dollar homes and tons of nice neighborhoods in Oakland. It is also the second Gayest city. There are hundreds of Gay bars as we attend a lot of them when we visit. If you do your research , you will find the majority of neighborhoods are very expensive- and not to mention Oakland Hills is beautiful.

  • Marvin P.

    Camden is basically Philly, only smaller. Philly is just as bad as Camden, but because its bigger, the crime is more spread out per neighborhood. Basically, Philadelphia and Camden are sister cities.

  • Eddie EastSide