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New Music: Ron Isley Feat. Lauryn Hill "Close To You" [Audio]


Ron Isley and Lauryn Hill have teamed up for a new track. Titled “Close To You” and a remake of the original from singer Burt Bacharach, the track is reportedly featured on Isley’s upcoming Mr. I album.

As previously reported, Ron was recently released from prison after serving three years for tax evasion.

In addition to Hill, he’s said to be working with T.I. and Rick Ross on his new album.

Check out the new track below.

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  • Pam

    Love Love, Love Love It!!!!!!!

  • Ron Isley is the uncle at the club who either doesn’t realize everyone there is half his age or doesn’t care. T.I. and Rick Ross? I bet if they ever do a video for the songs, Uncle Ron will be in baggy jeans and a fitted. Technically, he’s old enough to be Great Uncle Ron now…



    This is a very beautiful remix. I am going to buy it because both Ron and Lauryn Hill are gifted. You can’t keep real talent down. All the rest of these wannabes out there just wasting space need to say down and take a listen to how to really sing. I give this Five Stars. Glad to see Ron and Lauryn making beautiful music for us to enjoy. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

  • Lucretia Jones

    I really love this song I will played this at my wedding.

  • PRB

    THAT’S WHAT UP. REAL MUSIC NEVER DIES.Lauryn Hill sounds just like she has always sounded.LOVELY!!!! and so does Mr.Isley.DON’T HATE.This is grown folks music.DEFINETELY got my vote.

  • bay area

    she sounds wonderful!

  • becky bush

    This is so beautiful. Just what music is about. Lauren and Ron ??? OHH MMMM GEEE, I never would have guessed at this combination. However, it WORKS. Magic… Thank goodness real music might be on a come back… Damn he comes Beyonce shaking her A$$.

  • becky bush.

    Laren and Ron.. What a combination. The best music I have heard in years. Is real singing on the rise. Reminds me of my child hood, when music meant something. It actually touched you. It was you. DAMN DAMN DAMN… come on people support realism. Not the ash and trash that is out there. The reality is though that the Baby Boomer Generation is where the soul is, but they are retiring as Grand Parents, Generation X is confused, and Generation Y and Z have no CLUE. Lauren… Ron.. it is up to you all to bridge the generational GAPS with real music. The essence of our souls. God Bless! Thank You!

  • selahmoore

    this is grown folks music i love it !!!! it shows the vocal range of both Lauryn hill and and mr biggs!!!

  • XX

    Sounds better w/o Lauryn

  • Darren


  • Curlee Bird

    This is a beautiful song. But, how is a song like this gonna fit in with songs from T.I & Ross.

  • christmas808

    charlie and the chocolate factory right?….

  • Vee

    I LOVE THIS…OMG, I will play this at my wedding…I have been praying that LAUREN will make a come back. She is so talented and I like RON too, I can’t imagine what Ricky Rosay and Ron Isley…Mmmm.

  • countess

    Just beautiful So amazing brings tears to my eyes..I use to listen to the carpenters sing this alot when i was alittle girl…Im so glad artist step out of the r&b role and reach for some other music that we can remix and love..Thank you..

  • von

    Wow I got a Chill , that’s what real music does you feel it in your soul , not like all that Bull Ish surface music that’s played today.

  • Yusef Braxton Bey

    Aged, yes. Can sang? Most DEFINATELY. Like Ray Charles, Ron could do his own funeral. This song is very good. He loves Bachrac’s work and did this one on the “Bachrac Meets Isley” cd.
    Glad to hear Lauryn. When she’s rolling, she is the truth. I pray the time is right for her to reach back into that reservoir of hers and give it to us. I hear sumpin’. Like someone said, this IS grown folk music. Beyounce? Well. she’s not be the best cords in the chior but she can WORK a room (and everything she brings to it). She did make 80 million last year. Somebody like’n something. Thanks Nik. Love your work. Peace & Blessings to your Mom.

  • 1SweetGAPeach

    This song warms my heart and reminds me of all the elegant songs that truly define “the feeling of love.” Thanks Ron and Lauryn I will buy this one. The best of everything to both of you. This is music at it’s very best. I will fall in love again and I’ll listen to this song!!!

  • ode delvin

    love it all