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Willow Smith, Daughter Of Will Smith, Signed To Jay-Z


The 9-year-old daughter of Will Smith is set to be music’s next pop singing sensation, now that she’s officially been taken under the wing of Jay-Z.

The preteen has had the internet abuzz for months with her eclectic style and this week released her debut single titled “Whip My Hair.”

The song which has garnered widespread praise, is set to hit airwaves soon now that Smith has made an appearance on famed radio show host Ryan Seacrest’s show.

Seacrest confirmed last night that Smith would be visiting him in the studio and also confirmed rumors that she was signed to the Roc Nation head on Twitter saying,
“Lots of buzz about Will Smith’s daughter’s new song so i’m having Willow come on the show tmrw w/ her label rep… named Jay-Z. Stoked!”

Willow appeared this morning on Seacrest’s show as promised and offered an explanation on the message behind new pop anthem saying,

“It means be an individual, you can’[t be afraid to be yourself…and you can’t let anyone tell you that that’s wrong…My mom and I we’re very strong…and I just know that because lots of people don’t act like themselves so they’re not happy.”

Willow Smith

While Seacrest remarked that Smith was “9-years-old and still learning her times tables,” her label head Jay-Z called in to express his praises for his young Roc Nation signee.

According to Jay he knew immediately that Smith was a star after the first time they met.

“I heard the record first before I knew that it was recorded by a 9-year-old and J.Brown said “She’s 9” and he said, she’s Will and Jada’s daughter….I met Willow and the first thing she said was “I’m really nervous,”..I knew right then she was a star.”

Jay also compared her to the late Michael Jackson saying that the King of Pop may have had the same mindset as the focused singer at her age.

“She’s a child, she has child innocence but she has clear vision of what she wants and who she wants to be…I don’t wanna go too far but I imagine that was how Michael Jackson was as a child.”

He also offered her one last piece of advice.

“Just enjoy it, enjoy the process and have fun doing it….I’m gonna try to help her not let the music change any of those ideas. Stick to those ideas of who she is as a person.”

Listen to Whip My Hair below.

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  • missvalz


  • J’s World

    A good example of a well rounded kid that’s not acting grown



  • Brave Chic

    OK OK OK SHe got something. And she Sure got them EARS Like her Daddy! Go Willow

  • Shawnee

    Lil Willow is the BOMB. She is going to make it Big. She has style and smarts. You Go Girl!!!!!

  • S.H.

    Waaay too young for this song, this style and to be preaching about individuality…not healthy

  • maria

    I love to whip my hair back and forth, try it you will love it. This is what lil girls should be singing .

  • Brother man

    Illuminati. That’s what u need these days? Famously rich parents to push your product. SMH

  • word

    @ Brother man

    get a life, get off your couch, no one is out to get your broke azz.

  • kalifa

    hope he doesnt turn her into a $lut the way he did with rihanna….for the sake of selling records 🙁

  • Catherine

    Willow seems very mature for her age, and has it’s refreshing to see that she is very confident and aware of herself. As she grows and changes over the years she’ll be aware of the need to question herself and make sure that she’s staying true to who is she. I hope this confidence will stay with her as she goes through her teen years. The song is maaaaaad cute! I believe her career could mirror Beyonce’s in success, her parents are very knowledgeable when it comes to business, and they seem to have excellent child-rearing skills because Willow and Jaden seem to be confident and respectful kids.

  • Dariush

    Real talk, she sounds better than Rihanna–Willow can actually hold a not.

  • Wow she already has a major label record deal. I heard the song and she is impressive. I expected to see her on the Disney channel but I guess she’s rockin with Jay-Z now!

  • thesaneone

    this song is adorable and she is very talented! goooo willow!!

  • well bizz whize we will know whos jay’s new fave is going to be, and i think her voice resembles rihanna but way better, and if willow blows up and will be the new face of jay’s company i wonder what will become of rih..
    for atm willow songs seems constructive and rih destructive songs wize atleast,,

  • Exodaria

    Utterly disgusting. This little creep will never learn to work for anything. It will all just be handed to her.. this is cute HOW? I hate this perverse celebrity culture where their spawn is treated like royalty. Don´t you?! They will grow up to become vile people with nothing but the most profound distaste for you and I, the peasantry.

    Great parenting. Instilling them va£ue$ I see… Is there anyone here who sees with eyes unclouded? Okay then.



  • Kola

    @Exodaria..lol..seriously? Thank God she’s not your child and IS the child of successful people. I’d hate to have another child in the world who’s parents does not encourage or motivate them to do what they love and make’s them happy. Too many of those in the world. You sound quite bitter dear? How are you doing?

  • Da Angel

    She sounds like a grown girl… i love the song….this smith family is sure smart .

  • Nikki of Atlanta

    I thought it would be garbage but I may say that I am impressed…go willow!

  • realdwn2erth

    I’m going to keep it real…this is a nine year old, little girl, right? So, tell me; how? Is it that, she’s so, mature? At, the age of nine, a child should be just that, “A CHILD!” And, not have the right to wear/dress like he/she, desires?! Neither, should they be able to make their own decisions. This is what’s wrong with the world today! Parents are allowing their children, to make their own choices/decision. The children are portraying the parents role, and the parents, are stepping down, and allowing them to be the parents. And, I do not like the way that, this beautiful, young child dresses, or her hair styles. Whatever, happened to; ponytails? or Shirley Temple curls? Will & Jada, both; need parenting, 101 classes.

  • Exodaria

    I don´t hate Willow, but I do hate what she represents. I admit to being sick to death of being told what to like and what to spend my money on! At 9 years old the last thing on earth you need to be doing is posing at awards shows and releasing singles. As you can tell I´m not completely uninterested in her well being!

    Music Lesson # 1: If it needs autotune, it is not music!!! Regular kiddies don´t get record deals now do they? The answer is of course that daddy Smith bought it for her. This is nothing new, but it should never be accepted.

    If you think her childhood is going to help her become a respectable person, then I don´t know what to tell you. It´s a testament to greed, famewh0r1ng and failed parenting. Children are robbed of any chance at a childhood these days. And it is all the adult worlds fault!

  • Whatev

    THIS IS REALLY SAD. She’s going to look back and realize she had no childhood. That ‘s the one thing she’ll have in common with Michael Jackson (Shut up, Jay Z).
    Anyone can sound like that with computers. Their parents are pimping these kids HARD.

  • Visa!

    like move out the way Rihanna!!!! i love it!!!!

  • kia

    It’s a cute song.. and I doubt if she would be given such a spring board if she was not Jada & Will’s kid.. That being said I think I could support this more if she said she knew her timetable and had regular schooling.. but she doesn’t and that’s troubling to me.

  • danimoni

    I am so sick of people always trying to compare a young artist to MJ. Know one can ever replace MJ I don’t care what you say or do there will never be another that man was true to his art and could really sing and dance and continue to be copied by so many others. PLEASE STOP THE MADNESS!!!!!!! I also think that her parents should let her enjoy her childhood and decide on her own what she wants to do in life.

  • Twinkle*

    I love it cause my wig stay whipped!

  • MochasouthernBELLE

    I sure hope that Will and Jada are pushing academic achievement as hard as they are pushing entertainment. They eat their young in Hollyweird……

  • feel

    mmh thast great shes will be a great star

  • kl

    All you negative idiots are the haters she’s singing about.
    Go Little Ms Willow!

  • Mrs. Griffin

    I am sitting here shaking my head at all of these “adults” passing judgement on someone else’s parenting skills. Are youthe hater to whom she refers? I think you just might be!!! Quit passing judgement, hating on this child (who is still learning), encourage your kids (or yourself…some of you seem to need it, or a hug) and do what OutKast said “get up, get out, get SOMETHING”…Y’all are the disgusting ones!!! Oh yeah…Will and Jada still work…they aren’t broke…so how are they pimping the kids? I think all of the negative comments come from you bums living check to check and wishing you were in their shoes…..Hi Haters!!! I am gonna’ be Whipping my hair

  • Dream

    I love da fact dat willow is signed wit jay z….ughhhh im lovin it. But its a shame grown people on her hatin on a child…pleaaaasssseee,and then had a nerve to say her parents r pimpin her how dumb did dat sound,like be for real will and jada is crazy rich their kids dont have to work a day in their life if they dont want to but they choice to chase their dream and their parents support them all da way. I love the smith family a powerfull black family,i know dats right!!

  • Joella Parson

    Whip her fake disgusting black people hair back and forth, hate the song, never liked her parents and it’s sickening that she’s being thrown into the spotlight over regular everyday kids who have more talent in their little finer than she’ll ever have. Consider the source. I was in Subway when this song came on and everyone was saying, turn the station, what is this crap? I had to agree.

    • Shawnita


  • VavaTRU

    Uhmmm,im sad 2 b in a world were ppl r so brainwashd dat day evn accpt such mindless nd meaningles music then have the nerve 2 cal themslvs artists.wilow is y0ung 2 y0ung,it simz 2 me lyk ha resp0nces whr rehearsd afta al ha parnts r actors…im c0nfusd as to hw nd y any parnt wud do such a thng?..bt then agan sacrificing famly membas 2 gain m0re fame in h0llyweird is n0rmal