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The 10 Worst Grills In Hip-Hop


Whether embellished with platinum or the 32 they were born with, rappers are known for having some of the worst teeth in entertainment.

While some choose to upgrade their look with veneers like T.I. who reportedly spent $30,000 on his teeth, others insist on some of the worst platinum, gold and just plain rotten chompers we’ve ever seen.

Check out who made the list below.

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  • princess of tx

    Aww, why did yall have to include my boy Paul Wall!? And RIP to ODB, but he should have been on this list…

  • Ms_Ukraine

    Grillz are out of style anyway, but sometimes I think some of these rappers used them as braces to hide their real ugly teeth…As far as Paul Wall goes – I like his green grill, but the yellow – OMG! The color is too Fawked to have a grill for! C’mon – if he had been darkskin he can get away with that, but other than that that just makes him look like a white boy with nasty yellow teeth…Real talk

  • purple love

    Diddy lame and late as usual but dammmn gucci new mouth is gorgeous ima need to see his dentist N ewwww what is that on the side of flav’s mouth

  • Vtalbert

    Fabolous really needs that chip tooth fixed how u gonna make all that money and walk around with ya tooth looking like that LmFaO!!!!!

  • Miss tahbee

    Flava flav looks like he had bad breath

  • Walter

    That deserves a definite good night in the morning.

  • durrr

    LIL FAme needs to be on this list. His grill looks uncomfortable.

  • Krissy

    Wtf!!! Why yall leave out Biz Markie???

  • dani

    KUDOS to 50cent for actually getting his teeth fix. it takes a lot of courage to admit your teeth are a mess and to get them fixed.

  • Nastyville

    You forgot to include Lil John…….