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Murderer Of Juvenile’s Daughter Gets Two Life Sentences


A 19-year-old Georgia boy was sentenced to two consecutive life sentences Friday for the murder of his mother and his two younger sisters, one of which was the daughter of rapper Juvenile.

Anthony Tyrone Terrell pleaded guilty Friday to murder charges for the February 2008 deaths of his mother Joy Deleston, his half sister 11-year-old Micaiah and his half sister 4-year-old Jelani, the daughter of the New Orleans rapper.

Prosecutors say Terrell had an argument with his mother, a Gwinett County Sheriff’s deputy, that lead to him grabbing her service weapon and killing her before turning the gun on his 11-year-old sister who witnessed the shooting and began to scream.

Following that, prosecutors say the young man went upstairs to find Juvenile’s daughter who he kissed before shooting her twice in the chest.
According to the Atlanta Journal Constitution, Terrell read a statement in court after his sentencing that read,

“I never planned what happened that day…My mom and I got into a disagreement and things just spiraled out of control…that night my plan was to take my own life, but in the end I was unable to shoot myself.”

Juvenile did not attend the trial and did not attend daughter’s funeral in 2008, reportedly for fear of bringing “media attention” to the solemn occasion.

He has yet to release a statement on the murder case.

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  • coldh3artsclub

    Sad case… But he didn’t attend the trail or funeral? That’s kinda trifling in my humble opinion. Where’s the love and support? God bless…

  • baybaybay

    What a disturbed young man killed his own mom and younger sisters how sad. Im glad he got convicted I hope it provided Juvenile with closure.

  • ohyea

    That’s very sad. Extremely.

    On Juvenile not attending the trial and funeral… everyone deals with death their own way. Not everyone can bear burying loved ones, neither hearing of their slaughter.

  • sonjae

    So sad that a child could or would kill his own family in cold blood like that… ??? Was he on drugs prescribed r nonprescription?…as far as Juvenile everyone grieve in there own way… I respect him for keeping the Media out of his personal business…Everyone need there privacy sometime!

  • honeebeez

    Very tragic story, however, justice was served, as it should have been. I can respect Juve for what he did. He did not want the attention on him because he is a rapper and was part of a hot rap group. He did the right thing. The attention was where it should have been. I hope God continues to hold Juvenile in his arms and contines to heal his heart. Four lives (mother, 2 sisters, and killer) have been lost here with one tragic, foolish, act. A parent should never have to bury a child.

  • Bizz

    Oh heeeeeelllllll naw! He did not attend the funeral? I could somewhat understand the trial (for fear of whipping ole boy’s a**), but damn, the FUNERAL?