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Keyshia Cole Upset That She Wasn’t Invited To The VMAs


Keyshia Cole is calling out MTV for not allowing her to attend this year’s Video Music Awards, saying that network executives stopped her from attending.

Taking to her Twitter page, Keyshia told her 38,000 plus fans that when she asked to attend this year’s ceremony she was told that she was not an “MTV artist.”


When her fans asked her what exactly an “MTV artist” means, the R&B songstress tweeted:

“Idk they’re perception of who [I] am,” she says. “i haven’t crossed over yet…. i only sell 1.5 every album.. thats only 5 mill. in 5 years.”

She also added,

“Whatever GOD has planned for me, i plan on doing. Other than that Im good.”

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  • It may have something to do with the fact that the first performance Keyshia Cole had since being out of the limelight and on maternity leave, she has a lackluster performance at the BET Awards. I miss the old Keyshia from when she first came out. Back then, she sung with raw emotions and true feelings. Not too many singers can do that.


  • That’s some BS

    KC, trust and believe, you were better off not attending. It was wack!! MTV is the devil!!!

  • ohyoudidntknow

    Basically, she’s right…she’s good “NOW” that she married a baller (no hate). But I respect Keyshia’s attitude and to hell with MTV because they’re raping our kids minds with all the terrible things “THEY” are putting out there. This is a good look for her, and she handled it…like a lady. Keep it up Key and congrats on the new addition.

    • PB

      KC makes more money than her “baller” husband when she is on tour.

      She would have been better off marrying a lawyer or doctor. A good lawyer/surgeon makes more money than most “ballers” and will be employed for more then 10 years.

  • ~ChynaPeach~

    She didnt miss anything. She shoud be more offened if they invited her. A waste of airtime.

  • thesaneone

    MTV awards was absolute bullcrap…keep ur head up keyshia…u were better off not attending! get your revenge at the Grammy’s..!!

  • CaramelKisses

    Keyshia is not a mainstream artist, like Rhianna, Beyonce or Ciara. The MTV awards have been garbage since 2007 when Breezy performed.

    • CaramelKisses

      Still no reason for MTV not to allow her to come.

    • tiffany


  • Ms_Ukraine

    MTV artist is the one that sold his soul to the devil (Illuminati)…Proud of you, Keyshia – God is the truth!

    • nomo


  • Kenyatta

    It really isn’t just that she hasn’t crossed over, it is simply that MTV doesn’t cater to R&B performers as much. You have to have a pop feel. Most R&B singers get no love. Rappers, rick stars, pop stars and R&B singers that can do pop like Usher, Beyonce, A. Keys, Destiny Child, Rhianna, etc. get love. I might not seem fair, but many stars don’t go to MTV awards and have Grammys. Which one would she rather have? Its like Gabby not being on the Vanity Fair cover because she is large and darker skinned and just a black woman. Well, she had the Oscar nomination. Which one meant more. It is sad you have to look at it like that, but K. Cole is fine. Trust, you didn’t miss that much.

  • bren

    she should be home wit dat oogly azz baby!!

    • sasha

      Keyshia be happy they didnt invite you! Please don’t turn into them. You’re refreshing and you still make money so screw em

  • Bopa

    She shouldn’t worry half of the people who won or performed last night no one is going to remember who they are 5 years from now. She should take “you’re not MTV” as a compliment. MTV isn’t about longevity.

  • Anti-believer

    MTV is about pop artist. Keyshia is R&B. Plus she doesn’t have anything out right now.

    • Kapri

      I agree. Mtv has the plan, organization, and structure for their program – like all award shows. When you don’t fit, you must skip, quit or become equipped.

      I thought KC had retired into motherhood and live-in. Otherwise, KC needs to keep singing and leave family out of the spotlight

  • Chrissi

    ok who cares about how she is feeling its a lot of people who wasn’t invited to the awards don’t mean u got to tweet about it, she barely gets invited to any award show she shouldn’t be shocked she should be use to it by now

  • Greeneyedbandit

    Forget mtv,She worried about not gettin an invite,i love keyshia cole,but its time for her to get bac to work.But at the same time,i understand she a mother and a wife now.I just dont wanna see her return with a album fail.

  • Jessie White

    Keyshia Cole keep your head up high and don’t let nothing or no one get you down. God will continue to work everything out you just continue to praise him and honor him like you been doing. And congratulations on your marriage and little Jr. I’ll continue praying for you and your family!

  • jj

    she shouldnt even worry about them clearly she is alotmore successful then half those artist
    they plaster katy perry everywhere but that girl can barley go gold
    this is why music is diminishing to many artist are concerned about awards and recognition and not about the music
    trust me honey most of those people will be forgotten within years if you stick to your true talent and make good music you will have loyal fans and a real legacy to fall back on

  • I Love Keyshia Cole, that’s my girl.

  • megafly

    Don’t worry baby girl, you didn’t need MTV, you’ve got BET and all of the others.

  • Sunshine

    MTV is wrong for that, KC is awesome there were plenty of people that didn’t deserve to be there that were in the spotlight…they owe her an huge apology for that.

  • Rose

    Ummm dont you have to be chronologically relevent to be “invited” to an awards show! I do love Keyshia Cole but she doesnt have any music out and her show is on Bet (repeats) not MTV so why would they invite her? I dont understand. Besides MTVs idea of hip hop and RnB is the same damn cookie cutter artists over and over (Beyonce, kanye,Jay-z, Drake and Usher) They dont know shizz about RnB !

  • she she nina

    well i wouldn’t even trip if i was her because “newsflash” your not a pop artist you are an r&b artist so u actin real envious right now u cant be the light to everything