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Dipset To Release Song Dissing Kanye, Jay-Z [Video]


Cam’ron and Jim Jones of the newly reunited Dipset have the Internet abuzz now that a new video has surfaced of them recording a diss track aimed at Kanye West and Jay-Z.

The video appeared on Twitter late Tuesday night and shows Jimmy and his old accomplice in the studio with an unreleased track playing in the background over Kanye’s new single “Runaway.”

The lyrics to the song can be heard saying,

“And Kanye you a sucka n*gga/ dissed Dame so my attitude is Fawk a n*gga/ Jigga how u gonna live with that?/ Took the beat now come get it back.”

Check out Dipset’s new diss track below.


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  • ummm

    hating A$$

  • DJ

    Hell Yeah…Get’em Jones

  • cbstar

    PATHETIC!!!!! when these girls gonna stop cryin?

  • danimoni

    Gettem Dipset let the truth be known.

  • DJ

    Damn no love for Dipset. Underground Favorites. They suppose diss people. Thats what they do.

  • T-Barz

    Garbage. Jones is just dirty. Cam’Ron did have a fan in me. But that verse he was just spittin was whack. Kanye would eat him alive if he was a diss rapper like that.

  • Manjy

    Go away. Jim Jones and Cam are garbage and can not see Jigga and Ye lyrically. They are so whack and no one is checking for them.


    Jones…..go shower, Shyte, and shave and maybe then we’ll pay you some attention. Get off their nuts already, damn!!!

  • ddot

    this is what washed up no flow haterz do…..this is what u you do when you’re a failure….They’re aren’t underground lol…they can’t get signed….nor can they get anyone to sign real distribution deals for their own failed labels….Santana is the only one anyone is still checkin for…..

  • gasoline

    these guys are still allowed to rap?wackest crew in hip hop except for jelz santana, bunch of nursery rhyming idiots with nuthin to say..

  • missvalz

    OK this is a classical case of “Writing a check your azzz cant cash” They better leave Jay z alone, but YE azzz dont like him feel sorry for him but dont like him only a few songs. Eat him up Jim Jones and Cam’ron I like these dudes tear up YE red suit wearing azzzz.

  • Gee

    Dissing is played… Make some music and stop crying… Jay said he is already gone…. lmao

  • Jay

    Really Dipset, you are going to go at people so far beyond your reach lyrically after just reuniting. I sure hope Jay Z and Kanye don’t respond, I am not a Jay Z fan that much anymore but I know he can diss miss these two in no time. Kanye you might think isn’t a battle rapper but he can actually handle his own if need be. Not the best decision Dipset, maybe set your sights a lot lower I think Soulja Boy might be available for a battle as well as JD.