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Are Black Athletes Being Targeted In America?


In a recent poll posted by Qscore.com, the six most disliked sports personalities were revealed to be all African-Americans.

Ranging from Lebron James, to the obvious Mike Vick, the list covered most of the major sports and most of our major athletes as well.

Does this list show however that America is racially biased towards Black athletes?

Have there not been white athletes who have acted or participated in crimes far worse than some of our athletes labeled below?

Take a look at the list below as we examine if Black athletes are favorite to be disliked more than white athletes.

Most Disliked Athletes:

1. Eagles QB Michael Vick

2. Golfer Tiger Woods

3. Bengals WR Terrell Owens

4. Bengals WR Chad Ochocinco

5. Lakers guard Kobe Bryant

6. Heat forward LeBron James

As we look at some of the names below it is quite obvious why some of the players have made the list, especially the top 2.

At number one, Mike Vick, who no matter how hard he tries to change and better himself will always be one of the most hated athletes period.

Tiger Woods however is catching up with Mike after cheating on his “beautiful” and “supportive” white wife, of course Tiger is the most recent public enemy number one in America.  Although these two do have justifiable reasons to be hated the rest of the list is questionable and quite frankly ridiculous.

As we look at teammates Terrell Owens and Chad Ochocinco, it starts to seem that this list may be targeted to African Americans who are simply in the limelight more often and have slightly egotistic characteristics.

Both known for their idiosyncratic and sometimes over the edge antics on and off the field, I can see why some may not be fond of the two, but is it fair for them to be number 3 and 4 on the list?

Never have these two ever hurt anyone and have done anything detrimental to the NFL.

While some may not like the history of these two’s touchdown celebrations or even attitudes, guess what people?


The NFL makes its money by endorsements and by fans like you filling the seats.

Just because Chad and T.O. are a bit excessive sometimes doesn’t mean they should be some of the top hated athletes.

Both on and off the field antics by these two spark controversy and entertainment for the NFL which leads to more money, and with both of them just finishing their first seasons of their own reality show, it’s obvious that the entertainment industry sees the potential money makers these two are.

So, is it okay to hate on athletes based off of their attitudes?

What about white athletes like Ben Roethlisberger who has been accused of rape twice just within the last year alone.

Is that not a situation that would make a fan not like someone?

Just imagine how the fans of Pittsburgh feel right now, with their franchise 2 time Super Bowl winning quarterback having to sit the first 4 games due to a suspension, both embarrassed as well as worried of the future for their team.

What about someone like Roger Clemens who not only lied to everyone about using steroids, but also lied to Congress about it and is now under investigation to receive jail time for it.  Does that not hurt the integrity of the MLB?

As we move on down the list we see Kobe and Lebron with the number 5 and 6 spot.

While Kobe can be argued for different circumstances, why is Lebron on this list?

According to Qscore, before leaving Cleveland for Miami in free agency this summer James had been the most positively viewed athlete in The Q Score Company history.

However, many athletes have done this before and have not been one of the top disliked athletes.

Brett Favre was the face of the Green Bay Packers for 16 long years, in the process winning a championship and multiple MVP’s.

However, once Brett retired he only came back to the league to play for the division rival Minnesota Vikings, and specifically only wanted to play with them.

It is obvious that the fans are not fond of Brett Favre but why isn’t the rest of America?

In fact, Brett ranks in as one of the most liked athletes.

Is this not a similar situation to Lebron’s?

I am not saying that everyone on this list should be liked, nor am I saying that there should be White athletes on this list, but I do feel that some of our most well known and prospective athletes are being disliked for the wrong reason.

While people like Nascar driver Kurt Busch, who was considered to get dropped by his sponsor even AFTER he won the championship because of his horrible attitude and sportsmanship, are being overlooked. people like Ocho Cinco are being targeted for bringing a spark in the NFL.

So I ask you, do you feel that African-American athletes are more desirable to hate on?

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  • Shortcake

    I believe it gets under the skin of alot of people that black men are the top athletes becoming millionaires so to tear them down validates oneself however I still don’t quite get why Tiger Woods is so hated over infidelity? He had affairs he didn’t kill anybody, the people hating him have done worst to their spouses.

    • imcafeaulait

      You hit the nail on the head! They think these young black men need to “shuck and jive”, and act grateful that they’re ‘allowed’ to be where they are in their careers. On top of the fact that they’re getting money (more than most), and there’s NOTHING they can do about it! Just like they’re mad because Obama was elected POTUS… All they can do is make stupid a** hater lists, STFU and be mad! HAHAHA

    • Matt

      im white and im not afriad of blacks in fact i box with blacks whites hispanic who ever wants to box im there, but the fact is it dont tear whites up inside at all. We dont care, its just all these blacks out there saying its not right there saying something bad about them. If you look back at the years they have said bad stuff about white celebs/athletes think about it. They said it to get poblicity and ratings you dumba$$ they do it to reel you in and blacks are the ones that get so ticked when they say something about another black person its so stupid. Grow up and take it like a man if you are one and if your woman grow up and attually think before you act. I mean really they say equal amounts to whites and blacks. This artical is so baised and if you really think it isnt your insane.

  • Lord Montgomery

    I work in corperate America and I see this non sense every day. America is bais toward everything white and since African Americans are the furthest thing from being white we receive all hate that comes with it…..

    • Mugu Yaro

      Your spelling tells me you do not do much in “corperate” America. LMFAO!!!

  • White people don’t want to see rich Black men sleeping with their women. That’s all it basically is. What white guy wants to see a Black man who’s making way more than they’ll ever make getting more white women than they’ll ever get? If Tiger’s jump-offs were Black, he wouldn’t be on that list.


  • Great blog on the NFL . I love coming here and interacting with others. Sports is just what the doctor ordered. Keep up the great blog.

  • JR

    the sooner America realizes that we still live in a racist society the better off we will be…none of this surprises me at all and it won’t chance unless some athletes speak up on it

  • butch ingram sr.

    yes it,s been going on for the 59 yrs.i have been a sports fan and do not forget that we live in america our country.

  • ana

    They hate on BLACK ATHLETES because they are the most desirable,talented,educated,and damn good looking.so dont hate the player hate the game.the same accolades goes for the black woman we rock steady! we are the kings and queens of the universe stop hatin!

  • J-RACK


  • i feel you on that…it does come off that way. at the same time i feel that people hate on ANY one thats in the limelight regardless of race. being that a lot of the athletes that are out there like that are black, it’s hard to tell the different between just hating and racism. it can go both ways

  • Dub

    all good points

  • V-jax

    Very valid arguments.. It’s only a fact that there is passive dislike for black athletes, and this is evident sports around America..

  • HEAT

    How can a “Most Hated Athlete” list not include Favre or Rothlisberger…and Ochocinco never even gets in trouble. Dude does a lot for his fans and his antics only promote the league. Hate him or love him he just entertains. Hell even the Williams sisters experience the hatred just b/c they are good. Guarantee if they were 300 in the world no one would care.

    On another note I think Corporate America is even worse b/c I notice the higher up a black man gets the more disgruntled a lot of the white folks get and if you pay attention you will notice that the black manager decisions and management style is always challenged a lot more than the white counterparts. See it time and time again in almost every job I’ve worked.

    Some white folks just can’t stand to see successful black people.

  • Well put. That mention of Ben hurt as a Steeler fan but the issue still stands.

  • real ness

    has it ever occured to the writers of this article that some of the people hating are other blacks as well?

    furthermore, has it also occurred to them that people hate them because they are successful, and in particular successful against the franchises the people who hate them support.

  • Mabel

    Tiger isn’t black, he’s ‘Cablasian’, his word not mine.

    Interesting OJ Simpson, the wrestler who murdered his family, the hockey player who viciously attacked the other and had to sit out 2 yrs did not make the top 5…hmmmm. Not sure if money is the motivator for the hate, but black ppl will be hated whether rich, poor, thin, fat, educated or uneducated, good-looking or ugly.

  • Yeah, agreed.
    Not sure about money too.

  • All good points…that Big Ben mention hurt because I’m a die hard steeler fan but its all true. Plus now that Tiger got in trouble they identify him with being black…didn’t he use to be cablasian?



  • This kid

    also people do realize America is racist its just that people don’t want to change.

  • c

    WHY!!!! Does black America be truthful to themselves. I am soooo sick of everone defending these men!!!!! ALL of these men have commited one sin or another. Are we as black people supposed to be proud of them? I am not proud of none of them. Yes Roethlisberger is wrong, wrong! TO and Chad are just looking for attention that were not given as children. Vick had no reason to be running a dog fighting ring or associating himself with the illegal mess. Yes we all encounter racism, but this does not give them a pass for their behavior. I am disappointed in my black people behavior in general. Killing each other, poor parenting, no education, lazy, no morals, no manners… I can go on and on.

    • carmen

      You have all of the answers right. That is exzctly the problem that African Americans have in this country, if you know the problems lend a hand and stop critizing so much.

  • jhana

    sounds like a bunch of hating to be me…lets theses dudes be.ya they have all made some mistakes! but you know what we all have. you people r just mad because they have swag and money..they r good and bad people in every race..;-)

  • tppp

    Guess what Majority of BLACK ATHELetes are JERKS! that has nothing to with RACE but with EGO…they tend to be very selfish and have no concern other than what car they will driving from the game….SMDH…ugh

  • Oldskool

    You’re right, Favre didn’t create an ESPN special. He created a whole MONTH AND A HALF of ESPN talk, including about 5 segments solely based of his decision.