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10 Rappers With The Most Ridiculous Chains In Hip-Hop


-T Pain

A list of ridiculous chains wouldn’t be complete without Teddy Pain.

The Florida rapper debuted his Big A** Chain before proudy showing a chain in the shape of a bottle of Nuvo.

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  • GEE

    What about Lil Jon’s “CRUNK AIN’T DEAD” chain or Yung Berg and dat dumb azz Transformer chain or Pharrell and his chain I could go on,just don’t have the time

  • Keepnit100

    Pure unadultered ignant chit!

  • I don’t think it’s necessarily 100% the rappers’ ignorance, I think it has a lot to do with the money hungry jewellers who keep feeding the obsession.
    Plus, why are there so many pop culture characters being done up in jewellery? I’m sure the jewellers aren’t paying the original copyright owners to use their images.
    And they’re using such designs to appeal to rappers who, maybe, haven’t had time to enjoy the simple things in life as children.

  • MannComeOn

    Nigg’rs love chains. And white folks have found an ingenious way to market this shyt to them. That’s why it’s all in the media. What better way to show the world that you are still a slave?

  • dhunt512

    The saddest thing about the excessive waste of finances by these young brothers, is you know as well as I do, they have family members and close friends, whose lives could be greatly impacted, by the money they arbitrarily spend on jewelry. It’s also, such a shame, knowing the value of the jewelry depreciates considerably, by the time they walk out the jewelers door!

  • RubbinonMiHead

    Am i the only one who wanted a port after looking at Nore’s chain SMH excuse me I’ll be right back

  • CaramelKisses


  • quilombo

    all these dudes have serious daddy issues. they need real father figures in their lives. grown a$$ men still playing with toys and trinkets. what of the next generation!?!

  • CaramelKisses

    That’s what I’m saying Kimmie. I had this boss who brought his kids non name brand sneakers and not the best gear Meanwhile he brought his kids to work and most of the black employees laughed saying, “how is he making all this money and his kids gear is wack. Well how bout a month later he brings in picutes of his new home that he brought for almost a half millions dollars. Black people would rather look the best, than think about what the future holds. It’s sad.

  • PeteRocks

    Humm, there are childern who will die today because they will have anything to eat. When you are bless you should help the ones who really need help.

  • top ramen shotta

    waka rocks the fozzie bear chain cause that’s where “wacka wacka wacka” comes from.

  • How did Rick Ross not make the list?


  • Dizzle

    all of yall wtf y shuld yall care wat other ppl do wit there money go and shut tha fucc up and go get sum


    @top ramen shotta

    thats sad that u know that, but it does make sense!!! lmao

    they’re all idiots!!!! i like Pety’s tho, Brain is hilarious!!!!!


    hunnie pie no1 says that they shouldn’t spend their $ on whatever they what, but i think the general is WTF DID U GO N’ DO DAT 4!!!!??? IT JUST DOESN’T MAKE SENSE, ESPECIALLY WHEN THE ‘LIFE SPAN’ OF SOME OF THEM AIN’T GONNA BE WORTH WHAT THEY SPENT ON 1 LINK!!!!!!!

  • AjWhite1

    Out of all of em, the slowest dude has the chain that makes the most sense. Waka. What did Fozzie Bear used to say? Waka, waka, waka!!!!