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NAACP Seeks Pardon For Two Women Serving Life Sentences Over $11 Robbery


The NAACP and several other special interest groups urged Mississippi governor to pardon two women serving life sentences for a their part in a an armed robbery that netted $11.

In 1993, Jamie and Gladys Scott, sisters, played their position in a robbery by cajoling two men down a central Mississippi road where they were struck in the head and robbed by three teenagers. The net from the heist was $11.

The repercussions were mush worse. After the teens that were involved were caught and ratted out their female accomplices they were given reduced prison time, only serving “several months” while the women – 19, and 20-years old at the time – were given life sentences.

The Scotts have been in prison for the last 17 years.

In the nearly two decades that the women have been incarcerated, well-wishers and supporters have written letters to the parole board in their support.

A rally was held Wednesday in an attempt to convince Mississippi’s sitting governor that the women deserve another chance, citing the time they are serving being much too harsh for their involvement in the crime.

Especially since the woman had no police record prior to the incident.

On Wednesday, nearly 200 protesters including Representatives of the Mississippi ACLU, civil rights veterans and several other groups marched to the governor’s mansion and the Mississippi Capitol to call for the release of two sisters. Ben Jealous, head of the NAACP had this to say,

“We’re looking for the governor to be a humane person in the situation. It is a hideous event in the history of Mississippi.”

Haley Barbour’s office has said the governor is waiting to receive a recommendation from the state Parole Board before making a decision.

This is not the sister’s first attempt at a pardon. The first pardon request was made to then-Gov. Ronnie Musgrove, a Democrat, shortly after the sisters were sentenced.

The Mississippi Supreme Court refused to hear their appeal in 1997.

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  • JCredible86

    They didnt deserve life BUT 25 yrs YEP. They didn’t know if he had half a mill or $20. Robbery is still robbery no matter what you get away with. I wish the story would have been on the news so ninjaz. Would see what they life worth n do right.

  • cleopatra

    Hearing stories like this make me happy to be a law abiding citizen you can make one mistake and it is over for you.

  • missvalz

    This is a damn shame, if these ladies have been in there since 1993 for that and never had a record before. This goes to show you that MIssissppi needs some city folk to come down there and inform them that this 2010 and you just can’t do black people any kind of way anymore. I hope someone see’s this story and do something to help these ladies, because that a shame. And the sad part is theymay even wind up back in there because they have had there 20’s take away from them and they will not no how to cope in this cruel azzz world. If any of you who read these blogs believe in GOD when you read these articles pray for them it works.

  • Mabel

    Shocked!!! They deserve to be out, 17 yrs is more than enough time for this crime.

  • BobTyranT

    There’s MORE to this story than just racism and a corrupt government. Who exactly WERE these women to get treated this way? Itz 2010 and there’s ABSOLUTELY no way this could’ve been under tha radar tha past 17 years without top officials knowing about it and TRUST ME….They know EVERYTHING. Youtube BobTyranT & peep dat 2Pac Biopic Audition itz tha BEST on tha net no diggity no doubt! Luv

  • Lv Alex

    It’s time 4 a change…..WAKE UP AMERICA …… That’s Y they remove flags from our school… God’s n 2 b n CONTOL…. LET’S PRAY AMERICA…..!

  • ShavonDenise

    Man listen… The $11 part is null and void because they obviously the intent was different YET the judicial system has so many stories like this that have people locked away for life and the crime doesnt fit the time up to modern day standards. I know people who are out of jail on attempted murder charges and spent like 5 years. I mean Mississippi doesnt have the best history when it comes to Blacks especially back then so it is def about time for them to get out! Matter of fact it was time 15 years ago.

  • juciara

    I think everybody deserve a second chance…This state has to understand they don’t have in his hands the keys to change the world… This decision is stupid and this punishment is brutal… Perdon for the sister’s

  • VenomouS

    They wasn’t gone be $hit anyway. Had they not been in prison I’m 99.999% sure they would have eventually done worse.

  • jhana

    let theses women out!!

  • Mick

    Anyone who thinks this is about race, money, or anything else as ridiculous as that, needs to have their head examined. This is about ARMED ROBBERY. It doesn’t matter that they were dumb enough to rob someone that had only $11 in their wallet, this is about the threat of using deadly force against another citizen. How dare anyone reduce this to a racial issue!