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PETA Upset With 50 Cent Over Treatment Of Dog


People For The Ethical Treatment Of Animals have set their sights on 50 Cent after the G-Unit rapper posted  “disturbing” pictures of his dog on Twitter.

The pictures show the rapper with his dog “Oprah” who he also created a Twitter page for, @OprahTheDog.

The dog, a miniature Schnauzer, was shown in a photo with 50 wearing a leg cast with the caption,

“This is my dog Oprah Winfrey. I broke her leg cause the PETA people threw paint on my coat. Fawk that!”

Following that he posted another picture showing himself holding a knife towards the dog.

Obviously not amused, PETA’s Michelle Cho slammed the rapper saying

“Sorry 50 Cent but that pic is not funny considering how many calls we get from ppl (people) alerting us to dogs who really have been stabbed.”

To which 50 responded,

“Now this is to the Peta people: Stay off my motherFawking Twitter page I don’t give a Fawk!”

Did 50 take it too far?

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  • mrsjackson

    Wow!!! I believe he was just Fawkn wit them cuz they was all n his Shyte… He loves that dog n its well taken care of as u cn c n the pix.

  • mspeach

    this is not funny at all! He needs to stop trying to get a rise out of ppl really! Even tho i dont believe he broke her leg this is very disturbing that he would say he did !!! I like 50 but he always goes too far

  • D.

    He is so always seeking attention just like a woman, he so weird!

  • Ck1

    I love Oprah!!!!! She’s cool

  • Crazy Lady

    Those pics are too funny who names thier dog Oprah ctfu…That dog is taken care of better then a majority of humans. PETA needs to stop hating over a pic.

  • bylaw99

    In the voice of the Joker (Heath Ledger) “Why So Serious”, thats why the world is so f**ked up people are too damn sensitive, erybody know 50 aint gone hurt no damn pets ( a human maybe) but not no damn pet. C’mon Peta it aint like he’s wearing a bear trench coat with an alligator vest on or something. Give the man a break, a mans clocks half a billy goat and wonts to have some twitter fun so be it.

  • Concerned

    First, let me say that I am very sesitive about the topic of animal rights,however, the photos of the dog and 50 had me rolling! LMAO! Please forgive me if I offended anyone.

  • Cristyle


  • bklyn lady

    fck peta! lmao at 50. Those crazy mother fckers at peta eat meat! TRUST! Wear it, eat it all the same.



  • understandingoverignorance

    He is young black and rich so keep doing you because white haters just like black haters want to take you down.

    Hi Haters

  • Karryn

    You know how they say some owners look like their pet….Lol

  • Ms Ghostface

    That’s Ciara Dog not Curtis

  • Bonnie

    The best thing we can do is to NOT purchase his music. I don’t understand how these pics are supposed to be funny.

  • Betty the Boop 518

    Hes and Idiot, why even follow his dumb A$$!!! Wanna be thug…get an education!!

  • franco

    50s expression of disrespect of the PETA organization is not that serious..if PETA cares about that…it. further reveals the mindset of the org PETA. You already knew it was strange when it started targeting people for wearing fur…that’s like going after people who eat KFC because “someone” is pumping hormones in the chicken…Please PETA give me a break..I rock a 50 beat most days but Please 50 give me a break on that lame joke..I kno u betta than dat