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Jay-Z’s “Decoded” Book Cover [Photo]


The official cover for Jay-Z’s upcoming book “Decoded” has hit the net.

As previously reported, “Decoded” will be a book about the rapper’s lyrics and the stories that have inspired them over the years.

Jigga also plans to appear at the New York public library on Nov. 15 to give fans a preview of his new literature penned by author Dream Hampton.

The cover for the book features an image made byAndy Warhol.

The image is also Hov’s profile pic on Twitter.

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  • Ms_Ukraine

    I see London, I see France – I see…..WTF????
    I see a devil in the middle embroided with Gay Z’s lips all over…..

  • Ms_Ukraine

    But the devil is trying to be a muscled up lobster in here…

  • Keyshawn

    Figures…”I’m a work of art I’m a Warhol already” LOL

  • missvalz

    Killuminati I think you doing to much!!! People artist have been doing this for years getting your attention in the most extreme ways. Okay lets say for argument sake that this “illuminati” crap is real dont you know that the devil is a liar. Dont feed into and stop giving it so much damn attention focus on the positive in life, because people are waaaay to extra with this “illuminati” ITS A WARHOL PICTURE NO MORE NO LESS PEOPLE !!!!

  • Killuminati

    missvalz: Ever heard of sarcasm? The postings above mine were trying to bring up the Illuminati angle. I simply took BS and made my own devil/illuminati connections. If it’s a secret, millions of people wouldn’t know about it. And when did they start allowing Black people in their white supremacist/atheist group. And if they WERE going to allow a brother, would the leader of the free world with access to nuclear and biological weapons be a better candidate than a rapper from Brooklyn? Anyway, chill out. I was having fun with the boogeyman conspiracists.

  • BobTyranT

    Don’t read the book! You’ll become possessed! They put spells & curses in the text! lol Fawk Jay Z! Old A** Nicca! Jigga suz Biggie’s package! Killuminati All Week!! Youtube BobTyranT letz get it!

    • Ms_Ukraine

      LMAO – he decoded these nutz! (From your comment on the previous article) *rolling on the floor laughing*

  • VirginMaryWasArtificialyInseminated

    DUH! Andy Warhol was an Occultist and Illuminati… LOOK IT UP PEOPLE! Why else would Jay Z put a painting on his book cover from a skinny white gay man that has nothing to do with Rap or Hip-Hop culture?…

  • missvalz

    The art is culture, and I was given a Warhol picture of something that looks like an black persons afro. given to me by a white person.

  • missvalz

    Killuminati, My bad just cant beleive people are really into this crap like that, taking a chill pill. lol

  • Killuminati

    LMAO at ppl always saying LOOK IT UP! How bout YOU look it up – YOU brought it up! Google “Illuminati” and “racist” and explain again how they let a Black rapper from Brooklyn in their secret hidden world domination planning cult that the WHOLE world knows about! Don’t blame it on the sunshine, don’t blame it on the moonlight, don’t blame it on the good times, BLAME ILLUMINATI!!!! Let me quit cause we know high doses of anesthetic didn’t kill MJ, the Illuminati did because he was…….singing!

    • jordon1

      Obviously the illuminati is using jay-z to entertain people so they don’t think about progression. When people are entertained by tv and music they don’t think about vaccines and cures. Entertainment delays progression that’s why entertainers get paid so much


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  • Amun Ra

    Yall dumb AF its an owel on the cover ..the main animal/signal for illuminati/freemason members… yall really stupid if you think Illuminati “evil” they only interested in money… get with it!!!! lmfao@ everyone here

  • sdfgvsg




  • Dennis Lee Baker

    Andy Warhol was so ahead of his time and depicted as oddball,this
    the era of LSD and studio 53 with the wealthy set, hunging out together.

  • don

    If Jay Z is a member of The Illuminati, then I am the 6th member of The Beatles.

  • kGGG

    the best from the east is the pope, he sits on 7 hills aka Vatican

  • jordon1

    Please tell these people. I don’t understand why mawfuckas is so ignorant when its in their face!