CNN Anchor Don Lemon Admits: "I Was Abused By A Pedophile As A Child"


CNN anchor Don Lemon has spoken out about being a victim of molestation when he was a young man.

The revelations occurred on CNN during a segment on Bishop Eddie Long when Lemon said the alleged words of Long are similar to those he heard as a victim of pedophilia.

“I am admitting something that I have never admitted on TV…I too was a victim of a pedophile who was much older than I was as a child. The words they used of ‘you’re not gay if you do this’, are some of the same things my abuser said to me.”

Lemon also states that although the news was shocking, it was something that he was only able to discuss recently.

“I have never admitted that on television,” Lemon stated later in the broadcast. “I didn’t tell my mom that until I was 30 years old [about the incident].”

After receiving much praise for his brave decision to come forward with his testimony, Lemon addressed viewers and fans via Twitter for their support.

“Thank you all for your kind words. I had no idea I’d say that on national tv. It just came out. Sadly, it’s the truth for so many young men.”

Check out Don Lemon’s confession below.

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  • Don Willi

    Nto for nothing but u know Don Lemon was tight about these kids following the pastor blindly like that. I would be too.

  • Don Willi

    Not for nothing but u know Don Lemon was tight about these kids following the pastor blindly like that. I would be too.

  • jaclyn

    I think its so great that Don Lemon was able to be open about his experience. I think its very typical that the followers follow the bishop blindly and refuse to believe he would ever do anything like this. When it comes to someone’s faith and especially the faith that some put to God and its member especially those like the bishop…many think they are close to God like and “chosen” and to put doubt on them would be like putting doubt in God himself. God doesn’t make mistakes and sadly I think they believe the same applies to the bishop.

  • Shotcake

    Don Lemon is a champion! Despite going through that awful incident he still made something out of his life and did well way to go Don! His childhood nightmare just goes to show you boys get molested too but they are so ashamed that they couldn’t defend themselves that many don’t come forward.

  • Kapri

    I am glad Don is an overcomer. Many have experienced such things.
    Good for everyone to be an overcomer

    Never let the weaknesses of others dictate your life and imprison your ambitions.

  • JL

    I have watched Don Lemon on CNN for a while now and I must say that I have a new found respect for this man. I truly appreciate how he was able open up about the past abuse in his life. When Don made the announcement on air the other day, it literally sent chills down my spine. I am a black male who was also molested as a child and to this day, I have never spoken a word about it to anyone. Living with the pain, anger and confusion of past abuse has been something that I’ve privately dealt with all my life. I thank Mr. Lemon again for opening up about this issue and it gives me some hope that one day I may be able to do the same.

  • t

    the unfortunate thing is SOOOO many yooung black men have and still are dealing with this sick behavior but our culture wont allow them to show any emotion so they carry it forever. that has to be hard. im a female thats been molested and i didnt tell anyone until i was much older. i never told my mother or really any family. just a few chosen friends…