Family Finds Dead Mouse Baked In Bread


A family in the United Kingdom received a shocking discovery  this weekend when they sat down to make sandwiches for their kids.

According to published reports, father Stephen Forse found a dead mouse in a loaf of bread he was using to make sandwiches for his children.

Forse, who said he had already used some of the bread when he noticed ‘a dark-colored object embedded in the corner of three or four slices’, states that upon the discovery he notified his local environmental health agency.

As if finding a mouse in the bread wasn’t bad enough, Forse states that the situation became even more disgusting after the environmental agent discovered that the mouse was missing its tail.

“Her comments made me feel ill once again as there was no indication as to where the tail was,” Mr. Forse told the UK Daily Mail “ My question was, ‘Had it fallen off prior to the bread being wrapped or had any of my family eaten it with another slice of bread on a previous day?’ I instantly became ill.”

The bread company, Manufacturer Premier Foods, was fined $8700 and ordered to pay more than $17,000 in costs for failing to maintain acceptable standards at their site in Mitcham, South London.

A spokesman for Premier Foods issued this statement saying:

‘We apologize profusely for the distress caused as a result of this isolated incident.”

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  • missvalz

    WOW!!!!! Was the family compensated?

  • omce

    Ewwww, hope they didn’t eat the missing tail

  • GreenNYC

    Ahh man thats the nastiest Shyte. What if they would of cut the mouse in half and placed the meat on top of the it without seeing it.

  • cee

    ew that’s disgustingggg. I just ate eewww

  • deelucious

    lol this company is near where I live. Gross

  • TzDaGr8

    wtf…you’re sorry?!?! you’re fu€king sorry?!?! YOU ARE ABSOLUTELY right..How in the hell do you bake bread, slice it for packaging and not see or smell a damn rat, mouse, or any other rodent for that matter? whatever happened to inspections? color coordination? common sense?

    all is say is wow…smh @ that. I’m praying for that family.

  • BobTyranT

    Yaaay! Billy Bob has FINALLY killed Chuck E. Cheese 🙂 Long live tha mighty Rock-Afire Explosion!



  • Has to be in the top ten grossest things I’ve ever seen

    • sweetness

      i totally agree

  • james washington

    i wonder how the tail tasted lol

  • CooCooKitty


  • Lucylu

    That’s just like five years a go someone found a rat or mouse in a hotpocket u can’t even by food these days with at dead rodents n it that’s ridiculous

  • I like what you all have to say. Very straight to the point. All in all great blog

  • That is SICK , christ, I already feel like puking.

  • I agree, it’s quite disgusting.

  • I’m hongry

    • Ferrer

      That avi though… xD

  • Zombietinazza

    Hmmm… Delish. Add some soy sauce and you’ve got yourself a nice meal <3