B.O.B Preps For Obama Concert Tonight [Video]


B.o.B has officially released a video to celebrate his performance at the Gen 44 kick off.

As previously reported, B.o.B will headline the inaugural National Gen44 Summit kickoff concert today with special guest in attendance, President Obama.

Gen44 is the fledgling program of the Democratic National Committee, “created to cultivate and empower a rising generation of leaders for the Democratic party.”

In the video, B.o.B explains the purpose of why this generation needs to continue their political involvement that began with the campaign of then nominee Barack Obama.

“Gen44 is a program created by the DNC to empower future leaders for the Democratic party,” B.o.B states. “President Obama will be there and I am very honored to be at this event to be a part of the change that he started in 2008.”

Check out the video:

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  • Shay

    Sigh…George Washington would be _so_ proud…

  • lcs

    Yet another good reason to vote Republican.

    • ChocolateCougar

      I see quite a few comments here from what are clearly NOT black folks… What losers (WELFARE/UN-EMPLOYED) you must be cruising black media websites 24/7 to pedal your mindless propoganda… PROGRESSIVES UNITE.

      • Martin

        I didn’t know we were segregating the internet now. Judge a man not by the color of his skin but by the content of his character.

      • Liz

        Keep it up Barry O.

  • ralph

    Obviously the main purpose of Gen44 is to attract more nig*a. I guess Obama isn’t black enough to suit the bruthas.

  • DR

    Who really cares what this Nig*a says or does. This also shows how much in trouble the Democrats are in to go after a bunch of mind numb idiots to vote for the Democrats. What has he floowed through on that has benefited the blacks. Nothing that I can see and you stupid people keep voting the Democrats in to office. They have done nothing for you and they are in control of congress and have been since 2006

  • LEL MN

    Crudeness celebrated.