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Doctor Apologizes For Performing Oral Sex On Female Patient During Pelvic Exam [Video]


A Kentucky doctor has issued an apology after admitting to performing oral sex on a female patient who came to his office for a pelvic exam.

Dr. Ashok Alur admitted to performing the act on the woman being treated for a wound on her pelvic area.

According to the police report, “while he was treating the woman he pushed her pants and underwear down and performed oral sex on her. She told him to stop and had to push him away.”

The citation also says Alur admitted to the offense and said,

“He was distracted and tempted and that caused him to do this.”

According to the citation, Alur said it lasted “30 seconds to one minute” and told police he was sorry for the incident.

He has been charged with sodomy.

Dr. Alur

Check out FOX41’s coverage on this story below.

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  • shortcake

    A friend of mine had a doctor try something like this on her too I at first thought she was over exaggerating now reading this it makes me ponder do these doctors get so tempted that there willing to do this knowing all that they have to lose? Shocking!

  • uganda

    Hes not a Muslim . Hes a Hindu they are totally different people . It took her over 30 seconds to tell this fool to stop . Women should go to Women Gynos

    • Jasmin Halberstadt

      I agree but it’s just creepy getting one well I’ve never had one but I’m not waiting for it.

  • Mabel


  • Shabba

    These people are stupid. They are defending a man who has already confessed to the crime and they say” there’s no way he did this!”. Dumbasses!

  • vk

    People are people no matter what their rligion , belief etc. This is a crime. The criminal should not be ever allowed to practice medicine again and serve some time in jail ( atleast a year or two). Money maynot excuse such a behavior..

  • Jasmin Halberstadt

    Wow now I’m really scared to go get my first one