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Chris Brown Feat. Drake, Andre 3000, Kanye West, T.I., Fabolous, Tyga “Deuces” Remix [Audio]


Chris Brown is bringing together an all star cast for the remix of his hit single “Deuces.”

With help from Andre 3000, T.I., Fabolous, Kanye, Tyga and Drake, listen to Breezy’s “Deuces” remix below.

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  • I listen to the remix today and I really enjoyed it!! Drake is always hot! I loved Andre3000!!! Chris brown is doing his thing right now!!!! Keep coming with those hits!!!!

  • Jasmine

    here we go again….must it be always tht 1 douchebag thts gotta hate on Chris Brown??? Damn he made a mistake and youre gonna constantly hold that against him???

  • CJ

    Chris brown is awesome forget all y’all for holding grudges against him like that. He I’s a human being and he made a mistake and it happened to be a big one. But don’t critisiE him for over 12 months people move on. and you need to do the same

  • CJ

    Awesome song chris keep making good music. Support you all the way

  • Jasmine

    Chris needs to be forgiven. Yes he Fawked up but he apologized and its time to move on. I mean does it make any sense to destroy a man’s livelihood/career over ONE MISTAKE?????

  • Greeneyedbandit

    We aint gotta keep takin up for Chris brown,He already been forgivin. Much love to chris brown! ‘Deuces’

  • koffybrown

    I don’t like it….all of the lyrics was weak.Coming from all the big names it could’ve been better but what do I know.

  • urbanchica

    I luv d!s Sh!t!!!!

  • selfhelp910

    3000’s part was surprisingly wack…too coffee/shop/open/word-ish.

  • selfhelp910


  • Really????

    I think it’s funny that he had all the ppl accused of smashing Rihanna (minus Kid Cudi) lmao. So funny “Chris Brown Famous Girl” says…..
    ‘Ye (Kanye) woulda said youre so “Amazing”
    So how could you be so “Heartless” girl?
    “Live Your Life”,
    (Take T.I.)-M-E
    “Day ‘N Nite” just like Kid Cudi
    You’ll think of me you will
    Drake would say that
    You’re the “Best he Ever Had”

  • peachcobblerNY

    Kanye’s verse the “best”, even if he’s a little zany at times, LOL. …Like the “original” better….Chris Brown made a choice that night, but he “finally gets it” on the BET AWARDS his raw emotion and humbleness says “i’m sorry”. He deserves another chance, grown AZZ people have done worse than that and we forgive them, why not a 19 year old kid!

  • Bonquisha

    Really good – like the dance to this that is in my mind Girls, Great for high heels and a wonderful flowing skirt. Chris don’t pay my rent – make that music baby!!!!!!!! Ya’ll stop acting like you know these artist. You gonna bail one love one feed one?? Damn!