Man Shoots Teen In The Butt For Sagging Pants


A man in Memphis, Tennessee has been arrested after police say he shot a 17-year-old during an argument over the teen’s saggy pants.

According to published reports, Kenneth Bonds confronted two teens outside his house by yelling at them to pull their pants up.

When the teens ignored the request police state Bonds responded by pulling out a black semi-automatic pistol and firing several shots striking one teen in the buttocks .

“You want to do something, but you’re not going that far, “neighbor Cowboy Ward told press, “A clear-minded person wouldn’t go that far, to hurt somebody over how they dress.”

Bonds was arrested and has been charged with two counts of aggravated assault and as of Monday afternoon, was released on bond.

Police say Bonds admitted to them to shooting the teen after a heated argument over saggy pants.

The teenager who was shot was taken to a hospital where he was treated and released.

Meanwhile, Bonds is due in court next week.

Ken Bonds

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  • Mabel

    Okayyyyyyy..I hate sagging too, but shooting or getting physical about it is just wrong. I can only imagine the abuse that was meted out to his children.

  • missvalz

    Can you say “To damn Far”. come on know I dont like when people act like they never went through a stage when younger. He needs to be prosecuted.

  • Shebad

    Can you say lawsuit?

  • Shebad

    Btw, I don’t agree wit extreme saggin but when u start tellin ppl they can’t wear this and they can’t wear that, I do not agree!! Government will b tellin us we have t wear blue on Saturday and white on Sunday! Not

  • I feel fascism coming on!

  • Caucasian Kryptonite

    This guy and Joe Clark aka Batman are my new heroes!!

  • caramel

    @realfox- ur pants sag to give other dudes access to the booty….. learn the history of how ‘sagging’ began….. u won’t tell any1 to kiss ur *** and u’ll pull them pants up!

  • He should’ve shoved a 1/4 stick of dynamite down the guy’s pants instead.

  • CuteLittleMe

    For all of the idiots who are applauding violence based on someone else decision to dress a certain way are morons. Maybe next time you are pulled over for speeding or running a red light, a cop should shoot all four of your tires out. Lesson learned follow the rules of the road, right?!? You knew you shouldn’t speed, history tells you that speeding can cause accidents that result in death. Right? So I guess you will take the punishment and accept it as a lesson learned. I swear some of you don’t have the logic of a gnat. *yeah google it*

    The punishment does not fit the crime and he isn’t an authority to be doling out punishments no way.

  • kokoclark

    Everyone whom is saying what this dirtbag did was right, I really hope you run across someone whom doesn’t like ur clothing, for whatever reason and puts a cap in ur a.s.s.// I don’t like sagging pants either but to shoot someone over fashion is insane. A young man’s life should be worth more than clothes. People wonder why the youth of today is so screwed up, it’s learned behavior from pathetic adults like the d.o.u.c.h.e.bag pictured above.

    • Mizuha2009


      I would shoot a guy who came around me in sagging pants too. They deserve it. You wanna know why? Because I have yet to meet someone who wears sagging pants who wasn’t a hoodlum or gangster. I’d simply be protecting myself. If his pants were falling down on accident it would be one thing but to ignore someone who asks you to pull up your pants when you are on HIS property shows you have no respect and therefore are a delinquent. And all delinquents deserve to be in shot or in jail.America is too freaking soft on these scumbags.

  • Niktacular

    Give that man a cigar!

  • Zion

    Why didn’t the kid just turn the other cheek lol!?