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Beanie Sigel To Be Charged With Tax Fraud


Apparently, rapper Beanie Sigel hasn’t been speaking The Truth to the IRS.

The Philly rapper could be in deep water after being charged with tax evasion, today. According to federal prosecutors, Sigel failed to pay taxes on the 1.5 million he earned between 2002 and 2004.

Sigel’s defense attorney Fortunato Perri Jr. says the Broad Street Bully could get in trouble for something that he thought was handled by others.

According to Perri, the rapper was incarcerated following his 2004 arrest for gun charges and had other individuals handling his finances.

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  • GreenNYC

    You need lawyers to look after the lawyers to check on the accoutant. Never trust anyone with your money.

  • Manjy

    He is such a loser. He is so busy hating on Jay-Z he hasn’t even paid his taxes. Bye-bye you idiot.

    • Jada

      haha that makes perfect sense!


    This is when you see that all the money in the world dont make you smart. What average hard working mofo not going to check there bread and make sure its all good. That lets you know there are a lot of dumb azzzzz entertainers. Talk about they dont trust no one or nothing. But be white and put on a suit and have a brief case and state a few word to sound smart. And the dumb azzzz entertainers forget about trust no one. I am just saying.

  • champhf

    great artist if he can only manage his money and stop putting all his friends in positions where they can rob him blind. you cant buy an education…. wait you CAN…LOL what biggie said “money and friends don’t mix”

  • Keyshawn

    I guess Beans is gonna blame Jay for this one too huh!?! “When keeping it real goes wrong”…crazy talented artist always finding ways to stay in trouble! SMH