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Top 10 Cities For African-Americans To Live (Did Your City Make The List?)


9. Atlanta, GA

Black Population – 30.8%

With easily one of the biggest black populations in America, Atlanta is one of the fastest growing cities right now. As it grows, jobs are continuing to increase and so are the opportunities.

Atlanta is also known as the new Black Hollywood, so all you inspiring rappers, actors, and entertainers might need to head down south.

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  • Lovely Me!

    The QC (Queen city) is a GREAT place for african amercian families! Not suprised it made the top 3. It has it challenges but being a transit myself from NYC its still awesome!

    • gffddgf

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  • Baybaybay

    What no cities in California make the list what’s up with that? San Jose,CA is a great place for blacks so is Sacramento,Ca.

    • christina


      don’t kid urself. o_0 Sorry but the truth hurts.

      • Young Fred

        California sucks for black people. There’s 20 mexicans 10 asians and 7 whites for every single black person in California so how could any city in Cali make the list when California is the most populated state in the u.s. but has one of the smallest black populations!

      • detwo313

        so true i’ve been there 3 times in the past year and a half(Southern cali), and i’ve rarely groups of black people, maybe a few here and there.

    • Cookiebrown

      BAYBAYBAY, Asked why Sacramento Ca. was not on the list..Sac is Whack Boo Boo…

      • Kenner_tiff

        u aint neva lied….sac don’t love us. Good place for the kids but if you want to eat, drink, laugh, or a place to chill wit other black folks it aint easy to come bye…womp womp from sum1 from sac

    • Carrie

      I am so confused as to how Sacramento was even mentioned in this thread. Racist with small pockets of blacks or maybe I am just under the illusion of exclusion?

      • Pamela Kennedy

        Nope, you got it right!

    • 2goons

      2 goons say: Don’t come to Atlanta.

    • I was in Sacramento few days ago.. pls.. don’t bring up that name.. ever again. Even the mexican girls that went with me was so disappointed in the way few blacks are living. most of them jobless. very few blacks.. majority are mexican. NIGHTLIFE IS 100% SUCKS!

  • srs

    The black population in DC is MUCH higher than 22.5%. Where did they get that number? DC is still majority black, over 50%.

    • What?

      Whoever did the research for this article needs to be fired.

      The Black percentages of these cities are 100% FALSE.

      DC is over 60% Black and so is Atlanta.

      Its called census bureau people!!! Smh

      • The percentage was based on people making 100k or more so it was accurate

  • southernlivinahhhhh!

    @bronze, well i dont know wut parts of the south your talking about but i love southern living! We’d make you feel right at home, fix you a good ole southern style meal n show you that southern hospitality that you wont find in the city! As far as church goes there isnt just one denomination here and i dont think folk get mad if you dont partake in any! Dont count us out, come and enjoy the comforts!

    • Nibbor

      I  did not feel Loved down south. I wanted to go South. But just speaking online, I get the feeling I am not welcome. I live in Boston, and it is very, very , very  Spanish.

      • Vincent

        Boston is the worse place to live if your African American, I moved here for college and regret everyday of it. I feel like I have been transformed 60 years in the past, blatent discrimination. I am College educated, but it doesnt matter, I feel invisible here.

      • Paige

        As Native American, when I went on my college tours I turned Harvard down just because of the “vibe” I got there in Cambridge. As if I was going to be treated “like Black” which was something they didn’t like or really want around – the “oh ANYBODY can get into Harvard these days” meaning “if YOU got in, so can ANYBODY.” Yeah, anyone who went to a college-prep elite suburban high school and got straight A’s there…..but I digress. Boston and its surrounding areas were THAT racist. To this day I wouldn’t live anywhere in Massachusetts except Salem since the Wiccans seem more open and tolerant than anything that calls itself “Christian.” No, you’re right. Massachusetts isn’t the place to be if you’re Native American because people there with the aforementioned exception of Salem are racist a**holes and call you “black” to your face every time you say you’re Choctaw (or Chickasaw, or Pueblo, or Cheyenne, whatever tribe you may be). And being called a liar doesn’t make for good interpersonal relationships, let me tell you!

        FYI I picked Yale over Harvard because I thought the “vibe” was better in Connecticut…..even though it’s New Haven, which is another story.

      • Pamela Kennedy

        A fellow Wiccan from New Jersey coined the phrase “Massholes” to describe them. She meant “everyplace but Salem,” too.

      • kimmykimmy

        I understand about invisible. I felt like that iN. Huntington Beach, and Newport Beach, CA. It was in the air. They aren’t use to blacks at all! I felt normal back in Los Angeles though. Orange county which is 45 minutes outside LA is very racist. california is funny. Each city can be extremely different. Night and day. Stay inside LA.

      • Zake

        I resided in the N.E and Mid Atlantic States
        before moving to Southern California, by far
        the Los Angeles great area from Downtown and surrounding City like hawthorn to predominantly black City
        like Inglewood, Lynnwood, and even the San Fernando Valley, Long Beach are the
        best black Cities with greater opportunities
        if you ask me. However the
        culture is very different from the
        Southeast. Good Luck.

  • boiled peanuts

    please don’t come to the 904 it is not as good as you think

  • Felicia

    Here ! Here !

    • drunkenpastor

      It’s “hear, hear.”

  • Felicia

    Nashville?!!! Are you serious? How many blacks are in the city? Five? And how, exactly, do we try and meld our culture with country music’s exclusionary tendencies? I wouldn’t give to cents for Nashville. Anywhere in Tennessee for that fact. There’s a reason Ford jumped ship for NYC.

    • me

      Have u ever heard of Memphis?

  • Lindsey

    This article is so weak!! Why are there no statistics listed? No background information. Just anonymous great black businesses?? Def needs a take 2.

  • handabgok

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    Where you can go along with world trends.!

  • Fiskite07

    Nashville? Oh honey! I live here and ain’t too much of NOTHING goin on here.

  • frankiestage

    I’m orignally from NC but have lived in the Twin Cities (Minneapolis/St.Paul) for a few years now. Black popuation is small (perhaps 125,000-130,000 out of 2.5 mil total), but vibrant, with a fair number of professionals. Other than a few super cold days during the winter, it’s a nice place.

  • Bayo

    Recently moved to Jacksonville, Fl. Very nice place to live, highways easy assessible, no traffic, job situation is ok. A little tinge of racism due to being mostly south Georgian mentality. Beautiful city, clean, beaches, low crime rate in the southside, beach area. Northside is the highest crime rate in the city, but overall it’s not a bad city to live. I moved from the ATL sodom and gomorrah. JAX is more promising!!!

    • Willtaylor456

      I know this an old post, but I was looking through it. I am from NYC, and currently living in Atlanta, but have been offered a management position, with my company, but the Job is in Jacksonville. I am married with 4 children (17,15,10&8 yr old). Would you honestly recommend the city? I am concerned with racism, what is a tinge?, I have heard the south side is nice, and to stay away from the north, any feedback you can provide will be helpful

    • Willtaylor456

      @ Jax, FL I have also heard some nice things about the 32218 zipcode, but I know First Coast High School is in that zip code and that school seems to have some issues. I am thinking about moving from Atlanta to Jacksonville, I am originally from NYC, and I am not impressed with Atlanta, and would like to move to an area with upper middle class blacks, I don’t mind diversity, but I want my children to see other families that have black professionals like ours. Any additionally feed back you can provide would be helpful. I have been offered a management position with my company and the job is in Jacksonville. So finding a good job won’t be an issue.

  • KeithB123

    DC is like 60% Black. This article is wrong.

  • Nashvillian

    @Felicia, I was born & raised in Nashville & you’d be surprised at how many beautiful black people are here. With Fisk & Tennessee State Universities, which are great HBCU’s we have plenty of us here to make you feel at home, dont get it twisted you will see your cowboy hats but thats anywhere in the South. Its plenty of great jobs for us, even felons get a shot. All my family have stayed employed through these hard times which is a huge blessing. Dont count the Ville out you guys I totally agree with the post!

  • doc

    The black percentage printed in the article is not the percentage of blacks living in dc. It is the percentage of blacks who meet the criteria listed at the beginning of the article ( income over $100,000, homeownership, etc)…their percentage is accurate when you factor in all of that.

    • von


  • DrLaura

    Co-signing with Southern Bella. AMEN! AMEN! AMEN!

  • gg

    Umm, what are you all talking about. Prince George’s county,Maryland is number one. Not D.C. There is a huge difference, get it right and give us props

  • von

    I hear a lot of bellyaching on here about why not my city and this and that, First check the criteria , income does matter do you have an education. I’m from the STL. and I love Charleston, SC. but Jacksonville, FL. can get it to.

  • koffybrown

    Dallas is a great place to live…although we face some of the the same hardships as other cities.

  • Get Real

    I can only vouch for the two TX cities. TX has the best economy of any of the 50 states period right now, just look it up. It is the best place to live regardless of race. Your money will go a long way. Unemployment is below national average. Anybody can make money here. And yes more and more companies are moving here because it’s cheaper to do business. I believe TX has more Fortune 500 companies here than any other state. I did grow up here so I’m used to the heat. There’s more black people moving here not just because of Katrina but because of jobs. Louisiana residents have been moving here but now a big influx of Cali and midwesterners are moving here are well.

    • furious

      @get real…. that is true… but I dont like San Antonio. I have been here for 3 years. I have not seen so much racism coming from other minorites(so to speak) idk what the problem is… but I am not feeling San Antone as a black woman seeking a professional career and the politics of it all, is some bull. The Riverwalk and the Alamo are nice places for touring, but not to mingle and raise a black family in my opionion.This town is mostly military which is probably where most of the percentage of blacks came from,by the way is only 8%… I do want to stay in Texas, but I am in search for educated, professional blacks who have a real chance at proving their skills and abilities, not just because of who I am, but for what I can produce….

  • christina


    Folks in northern and Central Cali hate it when they are confronted with the lack of blacks and black affluents there. San Fransisco is actually my favorite city in Ca however, they are currently going thru major urban gentrification which does not promote the uplifting of those on the come up or making under 80K/yr. In the south-east, we just got it like that because of the dense population of blacks and bcs of that a greater sense of identity. There are religious fanatics in NY let alons SF or Carolina. And all in all, we you are right now is what counts make the most of it.

  • christina

    DC’s black pop. approximately 56.05%.


  • J-Jizzy

    I’m glad Columbus OH is on the list there’s a lot of great jobs there and I know a lot of people who don’t have degrees do well there. And the fact that O-State is one of the biggest colleges in the country makes the city attractive to professionals and businesses looking for professional people! Not to mention Columbus has some of the baddest chicks in the country

  • c.moses

    california is the worst place to live for black people are u kidding me, im from queens ny , and been living in los angeles for 5 yrs now, please , black people out here are out dated , stuck in time, have no real strong profound sense of awarness and they get treated like trash by whites, mexicans and other blacks that have an inferiority complex and think that they are white , there is nothing in california for black people , please…………….and most of the women out here are prostitutes.com

    • MS. CA


      • Mist D

        I was born & raised in LA, lived here for 31 out of my 32 years, I’m SBF & I cosign with C.MOSES on everything. Most of the women out here are or might as well be prostitutes – they act like it. There is a pecking order in terms of race & most Blacks exhibit the crab syndrome or inferiority complex. If you’re upwardly mobile black looking for the same in your mate & the company you keep DO NOT COME TO CALIFORNIA

      • Mist D

        I forgot to mention… the fact that so many women devalue themselves here has a significant impact on the dating pool for women who don’t. 

      • That’s great for u just cuz u are educated from cali don’t mean everyone else is I been in cali my whole if I would say the people I have met in 30 years few percentage is educated

    • Black Woman

      People better listen. California is over-rated. Unless you are white, Mexican, or a pornstar, don’t think you can go there and make it.

  • Gallup did a study last year, and again this year, that asked people how accepting they feel their city is of blacks and other social groups. If you’re looking for information about what people in your city feel makes it good, or bad, check out http://www.soulofthecommunity.org.

    Follow us on Twitter @KnightSOTC

  • Katrina

    Raleigh-Durham. that is great

  • Armondo Eduardo

    Those percentages are based on the metropolitan area population area as a whole. We all know cities like DC, Atlanta, etc. have higher percentages in the city limits, but when you get outside of the city, there are other races of people.

  • Movin’

    OMG….this list is sooooo horrible. 1st of all ATL has the best PR person EVER!!!! LOL….I am from Philly and moved to ATL a few years back. It was horrible and couldnt wait to get home. I agree with one of the previous posters. Partying and Socializing :Yes!!! Living a fulfilled Life: No!!! Every state I have visited our people are buying into the hype that a better life lies ahead if they only move to ATL…IDK where this myth started…2nd The writer who composed this list did not give good reasons to move to any of these cities. “…one of the fastest growing cities” does not mean I want to move there. Philly is not that great either, so I am searching for a new home, HOWEVER I will consider other factors like crime rate, school systems, african american culture, accessibility to commerce and public transportation and I hope you will too… Good Luck Everyone!!!



  • PRB

    I live in Raleigh. Its a nice place to live if you want a good education and to start your own business.The price of renting your own home in good neighborhoods is high but there are plenty of Condo complexes on the good side of town that rent out rooms..(you share the common area) but you have your own bath in your room and a big walk in closet… at a low price…$450 a month lights and water included in the renT..nice lake nearby/shopping center,resturants/College oriented.Theres lots of singles here from India,Africa,China,NYC,Jersey ect. Raleigh is cool we just need more minority businesses in the downtown area.

  • AtlmestuckinDC

    Please do not encourage people to move to Dallas before I get a chance to go. If what happened to Atlanta happens to Dallas, I’ll have to move to Canada next since home ain’t home. Trust me when too many people from other places (especially those that do not respect the people or culture before they come) your city will go downhill. Just look at Atlanta, a bunch of weirdos and wannabe celebs.I respect Texas and would blend on in, please hold it down til I get there! LOL

    • Matt hall

      Texas has nothing for backs

      • Pamela Kennedy

        I’ve been told here in New Mexico that you can’t even DRIVE THROUGH Texas with brown skin and not be harassed by the police for little or no reason or some made-up little nothing reason and even wind up in jail just for “driving while Indian” or “driving while Brown” (no matter what your actual ethnicity is) so — to LIVE there?!?! I think not. I’m trying NOT to lose my Math teaching license over being jailed just for driving with brown skin, thanks anyway.

    • MRC

      If your a house Ninja come on down Texas is full of them. It has knocked my socks off. And you’ll do great if you want a min wage job sincw Texas has more of them than anywhere else in the country which is the ONLY reason the numbers are better. Not to mentio. The cost of living has doubled since the influx of people who have come looking dor jobs and been unable to find one..better check the real facts on Texas.

  • MizMy

    IDK I live in Denver,Co born and raised and never had a problem finding a job. The schools are great in some areas and there are plenty of black folks out here…Probably not as many as some southern states but I love my people but I love all people so I dont mind being around ALL people. Dont get me wrong I lived in Houston and LOVED being around so many of my people…but I didnt mind coming home to CO niether…lol..I think as black people we need to step out our box so that they will quit putting us in one. Come try the Rockies…lol…you will have a job and the ghetto looks like the suburbs…from the ghettos Ive seen….but dont get it twisted…We my live around a whole lotta white folks and talk a lil proper but……We do go HARD IN THE PAINT..

    • Pamela Kennedy

      I have noticed that Colorado Springs and Albuquerque are about the same size in terms of population but WAY different demographically……

  • Somebody

    Seems like everyone has a complaint about most of the cities on this list. Atlanta has gone from being the hip hop party city to being filled with disgusting dykes and fag.gots. You all say the south is boring, so what’s left? DC (also being over run by queers)? Let’s face is black people, we may as well move to another country for a good life. The U.S. just plain sucks.

    • Sdarkins

      Don’t come here to Chicago, There’s alot of black straight black men there turning tricks pretending being homosexual while being married to their WOMEN with kids.  

  • lilmiss

    I am not surprised at all to see Columbus on this list, I live in Cincinnati, and I have many friends in Columbus and every single one just loves the place, and are doing very well financially. I am thinking of making a move there myself

    • Kenny

      then you must not have heard…………..the truth.

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  • Chell

    Live in the SE, but moved from NC! Lived in TX and all over because of military.

    * I can truely say NC from Charlotte,Greensboro to Raleigh these cities have very educated African Americans, great colleges, a piece of the South and North Flavor, some of the best Hospitals, Jobs(Raleigh) and the cost of living is very affordable and in a good location whether you want to travel up North or Further South! I can say African Americans in NC are representing nicely!

    *Dallas, Houston TX Cost of living is very affordable(get a lot for your money) but the only thing to me is the Black people in Dallas seems to be not as close, there’s a seperation, not as friendly like people in ATL , NC…. but great schools, churchs and Jobs!! I didn’t like Dallas though at all, should have went to Houston!

    *ATL has very educated African Americans as well, along with great HBCUs and cost of living is affordable but jobs right now have taken a toll because of the economy! Great place! Lots of style

    *DC very educated African Americans, high cost of living but if you have the right job you can make it!

    (Where there’s great HBCUs you usually have very educated African Americans) but live where it suits you for your career and lifestyle! I just love the East Coast or Southeast (peoples, scenery and the style)!

    • gmwhite

      I live in cleveland, I am a educated african american man. Your saying the job market is better in tx for me

      • Kenny

        YES!!! I’ve lived in both Ohio and Texas. Texas is one of the greatest states….. Ohio, one of the worst.

      • jlworld00

        If you choose to come to Washington DC. You’ll notice black represent a huge portion of the underclass. They are overrepresented in the homeless shelters, living under bridges & in the by ways. They overwhelm the welfare system and the criminal justice system. Older workers in the govt. doing well along with some professional blacks. But it is very bad. The DC MD & northern VA = DC metro area terrible. Don’t believe the hype. Overly expensive, crime is rampant & the racism is real.

      • Matt hall

        Plz dont move to TX they don’t like outsiders FYI you say your educated well Texas ain’t for you they don’t capitalize on education here! Most of the Yong African American people who move here really regret it.

      • MRC

        I know im late to this party but I TOTALLY agree Dallas TX is not for outsiders. Texas people are very unwelcoming to outsiders and will make it difficult for you to even get a job if your not from here. Also the economy is great if your looking for min wage jobs ONLY. Black people here are WELL TRAINED and know their place. I could go on….but in short I regret my move and will be moving again. Think we will give Florida a try.

  • joy

    I’m not sure how Indianapolis, IN made the list. Housing is affordable( a plus) with av home price of $110 for 3b 2b … This city is great if you are already married, To the single ladies.. the men here are intimidated with attractive black women. You have to have fake eyelashes and jelled babyhair to get a date here. Downtown Indy caters to the white population and the few black nightclubs are ghetto..crime is fluent and dont dare live on the westside around 38thst…james and florida evans wud run from this area!

  • Jay

    I’m surprised that NYC is not on this list. There are tons of jobs here and tons of Black professionals doing well. They mostly live in Harlem and Brooklyn. Of course, the cost of living is indeed very high, but aside from that, it is a GREAT place for Blacks to live. Not to mention the nightlife is exceptional, there are so many places to go that you pretty much NEVER have to hit the same place more than a few times per year. Jacksonville is #1???? I never thought of that as a good place for Blacks, can anyone cosign?

  • Kelly

    Chell – You mentioned that you didn’t like Dallas. I was wondering if you could elaborate on that? I have been contemplating moving to Dallas or Houston, so I’d love to hear more about your experince in Dallas. I currently live in the Raleigh/Durham area, but I’m originally from the DC metro area. I miss MD/DC, but the housing prices have gotten so outrageous there and it’s just not an affordable location for me anymore.

  • WTH

    @ gg, did you just put up a whole county?!?! It said cities! DC has the most professional black ppl with an income over $100,000… @ Shawn Carter, you should have kept your mouth shut! You just made the “A” very proud… Smh

  • mechelle

    I have lived in atl for about 12-13 yrs. It was ok the first couple of years, but after 911 it went down hill. The jobs started laying people off and raises started to slow. If you are trying to meet someone to have a family with it is very hard to do. Because there are so many women and few non-gay men here ,it is hard. Most people come here to party and take advantage of the numerous single professional women. There is racism and sometimes blks make less than whites on purpose, but it depends on the company you work for. I can say that there are many people unemployed degreed and non-degreed. Most of my friends left because they were layed off jobs multiple times, which made them loose homes, cars and that never happened to them up north or on the west. Also there are a lot of gay men here…I have been to one of the clubs on gay night and there were a lot of men in there..no lie..but there are some good men here…just be selective and screen people. At this point in time I would not suggest anyone move here..the cities are broke from forclosures and jobs moving over seas.

  • rick boyd

    I’m not shocked that Cincinnati didn’t make the list. Cincinnati is overly conservative and racist. Cincinnati don’t cater enough to blacks. It’s going broke now so it better change it ways or it won’t be city anymore. a declining population, college students graduating from univ of cinti on a Saturday and leaving Sunday(the next day) it’s really a pathetic city with a limited or almost non-existing night life. Again I’m not surprised that Cincinnati didn’t make this honorable list and it never will.

    • Kenny

      Columbus too, should not have made this list just for being racist also. The state of Ohio is top ten (10) in racist states (check it out since you’re already on-line). I’m saddened that such a reputable BLACK magazine would overlook this! Also, check out the percentage of Ohio State University (The) students who leave the state upon graduating!!! Those two factors speak volumes for me.

    • jlworld00

      My brother’s & his boyhood friend moved to Ohio. Friend went to Cincinnati and is really doing well. It’s all about having opportunities presented to you and taking advantage of them.

  • blaze


  • t

    I am thinking about moving to Charlotte as well. I have nine year old. Have the same background as yours. My daughter and her husband and child will be moving as well. They ar a mixed couple he is white, she is black. I will-not go back into social work though. Was black listed , decided I did not want the poverty wages I was getting any way. Pursuing marketing now..love it. What do you think of us moving to Charlotte…I have degree in psych and new MBA..I hate it here in Milwaukee but thought charlotte would be better

  • darren


    • darren


    • jlworld00

      The “black crab” or “crabs in a barrel” syndrome exists wherever there are black people as my father would say.

  • Marana

    Please! My East coast family, stay away for Dallas!!! Dallas isn’t ready for any East coast person at all! Once you either open your mouth or answer, you’re from the East coast, you are outcast period!

    They aren’t ready for professionalism!! I came here with experience, professionalism and excitement, only to discover I wasn’t welcome! I was viewed as not knowing my place!

    Sister from the East coast leave you’re Essence innovation style at home. Dallas sister’s will have that green eye monster jealous attitude. Smile in your face and down you once you’ve turn your back.

    Houston, I’ve been told is better. I’m going to check it out.

    Oh, If you want a silent investor, the Dallas brother, have that investment technique down pack! Until they meet an East coast sister.

    Keep moving my sister! Next town!

    • Yodle

      I agree. The Dallas blacks treat out of town blacks like we don’t belong. They aren’t welcoming at all. I vs lived in Dallas for four years and not ONCE have a fellow black person invited me to church. I have been invited to churches by white people though.

      Stay away from Dallas. I’m sick of it and in three months when my lease ends I’m moving to Houston.

  • Marana

    Can someone tell me about Houston? for example… Houston’s human service career in counseling & mental health services market? Plus, Housing, Community services and culture acceptance?


  • Madison

    Nashville, foreal!!!? I will tell you about Nashville. We lack diversity and it’s obvious that they are trying to keep it that way; the club scence sucks, it’s mostly whole in the walls; we are so far behind on transportation, if you don’t have a car you will have a hard time gettintg around; the schools OMG are ridiculous, if it’s not in a wealthy neighborhood you can forget it; the pay is ridiculously low; a lot of blacks here aren’t driven, if you are, they think you are trying to be “white”…TN as a whole is so behind on everything and it’s country as hell. A white person who loves country music would LOVE Nashville. I’ve met plenty of whites from other cities who even says Nashville sucks for them. So imagine what it’s like for a black person who is trying to get far and be around different people. After school I’m out, this is what lead to me finding this website because I need to relocate soon. The author of this article must be white. I’m just saying….

  • @Chell and Kelly. Concerning Dallas TX…moved there 5 yrs ago from San Diego and have to agree with Chell, with most blacks there you will find an extreme disconnect especially being the new person. I don’t know if this mentality is out of fear or what but making close friends didn’t happen for me. I have since moved back to San Diego due to medical reasons; I’m a Veteran and the VA system is better in San Diego. My sister has lived in Dallas for over 30 yrs, she loves it. I’m thinking of moving back to Texas but this time…Houston.

  • And I forgot to add about why I’m leaving San Diego (my home) again. The white people who handle this city did their best to get rid of most blacks between 2003-2005. My aunt who worked for a person of power here would go to board meetings and tell us how they would vote to close certain black owned clubs, restaurants etc. In my case I was working for a college from 2000-2005. In 2003 you would notice job listings that would say “must be bilingual”. Around that same time television commercials on English Speaking channels were now integrating Spanish commercials. My treatment at work got bad. If I was out on vacation they would bring in a hispanic work study student to take over my desk. When I’d get back everyone would say how great the workstudy did. I was the only black in the office at that time. We all just left the city. I came back due to my grandfather being ill. He passed in December. My hometown makes me sad. There is no tolerance for blacks here. I’m a natural sistah (hair) and get stared at like I’m a freak show. Whites and Hispanics are close now, and the hispanics are just as racist as the whites.

    • Yodel

      I believe you. With Hispanics getting more power many are becoming just as racist as whites. I’ve seen this too here in Dallas.

    • jlworld00

      Sad story stay strong. The whole point of unlimited & unregulated Hispanic immigration is to dilute black influence and population. Wake up! Know what time it is for the last 2 decades.

  • notorascistvlle

    Where do I began. Jacksonville is a no-go. First, the school system is horrendous!!! Secondly,the “good” white folks, look at you like your a science experiment if your educated. They feel intimidated if you have a higher degree, or more job experience. Black folks don’t stand up for anything, so they for everything. This article should have never been written if it includes Jacksonville. Born and raised in Jacksonville, unfortunately.

  • hmmmm nice, Thanks.

  • scotty

    whatever you do stay out of Atlanta!!crime is ridiculas and mostly blacks doing each other in by killings or in other detrimental ways..why do blacks feel the only way they can become sucsessful is to move to Atlanta ??dont buy into that!!your problems are only beginning if you move here..racism is off the chain but blacks here are so blinded by material possessions and status that they cant see it or dont want to see it..these crackers in the metro area have no use for you and very up front and vocal about it!!Atlanta,has horrible traffic and poorly planned infrustructure making it even worse.. high unemployment,record foreclosures highest among blacks and education in this state and the metro Atlanta area is pitiful!! Atlanta was the best kept secret in 1980 to 1985 then folks from new york,chicago,st.louis,detroit swamped in moving here bringing their ghetto northern slum mentality here and thier crime and other baggage with them and ruining the great quality of life that metro Atlanta once offered and now after 31 yrs of living here i,m looking for a more diverse city that offers quality of life and safety(Seattle is my place of choice i,m one that dont have to be marinated in black culture to live happily )i just want to be able to live a quality life without the heat and horrible crime and suffocating traffic and phoney blacks and poor planning and 1950,s style racism that Atlanta has..black folks listen carefully if you want a good job and quality of life dont move to predominatly black cities instead do the opposite ..last but not least Atlanta is now strickly the new Detroit half live here and wont rest till it starts to look like detroit ..avoid Atlanta by all means this is a warning!!!!!

    • Cynthia

      Scotty – I hear what you’re saying about Atlanta: terrible infrastructure! Specifically: no street cleaning, sporadic garbage pick-up; non existent code enforcement ->block after block of abandoned overgrown burnt out houses; one officer per police car; don’t even mention the school system…
      The part about northerners being the cause – you lose me there. I barely see any native-born Atlantans bothering to run for office or take the helm at major businesses, or in school leadership. I’ve found the native of Atlanta to be poorly informed, lacking in ambition, rude, real quick to “cuss around women-folk ‘n’ don’t even know their name” (Sorry Scotty, but it’s just the way it is!) Atlanta attracts those who weren’t successful back home, but somehow climb to the top here, thus creating a culture of grinding, oppressive mediocrity. In short: it’s over for Atlanta. Don’t come looking for the dream. I’m wondering where to go myself which is how I found this blog! (Scotty, I bet u could tell me where to go 🙂

    • Theresa B.

      Totally agree wiith you and I’m from New York! That’s why those in the South dislike us. We don’t know how to leave the Northern negativities behind, we instead INFECT new territory!

    • Black Woman

      Great, let me know what you experience in Seattle (sarcastically)

  • AZ

    there is Nothing wrong with Atlanta ,it isn’t perfect ,But hands down it is the Best City for a Black person to live if you have ambition to be somebody or something ,you thereis the pale grant for free education,you have black people in high positions that can assist you if you really want to do something with your life, don’t get me wrong?You have haters too? But you have so many different types of black people ,with different life styles and dreams that you can find a life there ,one person may say no .but if you look around and stop thinking bottom and get up off your asets,you can make something of yourself.

  • MSam

    For the record people, that black percentage is for MSA, not just the city. No one thinks in terms of just the city anymore. It’s all about the MSA

  • Cct

    I have now worked in several cities. I’m from Dallas and can honestly say I will make dallas my home. I’m acutally in LA right now and hate it…..can’t wait to leave in a few weeks. Dallas upscale nightlife is amazing now that I have been able to visit other cities. There are so many professional black events, happy hours, comedy shows, lounges……just so many places to meet eligible black men. Professional black men…..I graduated college with tons of them. In Cali…I have found it very hard to find nice black upscale club or lounge….and if they are upscale and play hip hop is 95% asain. I loved Atlanta when I was there….I’m sure there are down low men everywhere. In Cali I find the men a bit more girly for my taste. I’m looking forward to DC…..haven’t been there yet.

  • VFB

    After reading this blog all I have to say is WOW! Personally, the ENTIRE UNITED STATES is DONE:) It (U.S.) will never be great again but on the flipside it will never be the worst. There are toooooo many other countries coming up in ranks economically and socially. I went to United Arab Emirates this year and let me tell you, it change the way I think about life, my chose on where I can live, work/career, health, love, etc. God never told me I had to stay in the United States. UAE MAKES THE UNITED STATES LOOK LIKE A DUMP. Yes I plan to relocate from Chicago to Houston but you best believe, I will be relocating overseas after two years. My hopes is to one day live in Oman. I think Oman, Mayalasia, or Lebanon will be my final resting place:) One thing I did notice while traveling overseas is that NO ONE had anything good to say about the United States. Oh yes and make sure to learn another language besides English.

    • jlworld00

      I have dreamed about Oman for many years. Peace to you stay strong. Many blessings!

  • BlackCowboyStudBrett1953

    Where is the best place for older-I’m 58-handsome black (su)burban cowboys and MUCH younger-24-42-white and Hispanic cowgirls to meet?????(I’m mainly talking Texas,Oklahoma,Arkansas,Louisiana,the
    “cowboy/cowgirl corner of the U.S.”)

  • GEO

    Why the attention on what race lives in what major cities? North America is a “melting pot” of all races.. European Americans, African Americans , Asian Americans, and the hardest hit “Native Americans” killed my the thousands in the early days of this country.. America, don’t forget~!

  • kim jones

    Don’t believe the hype about Atlanta or any other major city recommended for blacks to live! ALWAYS.. make sure to do your own research. Don’t beleive you will live better in one city than another if you don’t have guaranteed resources available before you move. Think before you make a decision to relocate!

  • powertothepep

    I little surprised Chicago didn’t make list. However, it is a very segregated city, and at times the crime element gets way out of control. Especially during late spring and summer. ALso surprised not to see Denver, CO or any of the cities in Minnesota growing rampantly . Overall, I think list was very on point.

  • mike ramon

    Why wasn’t Detroit mentioned, or do you think there are too many blacks living ther already, and whites are needed to prop them up socially. Total racism.

  • Taystee S

    I agree..all trailing hardly any leading.

  • Selassie

    Isnt anyone concerned with moving back to AFRICA……I mean it has about 55 continents and belongs to ALL BLACK PEOPLE…how soon from now will that be?

    • Chrispullins

      I’VE BEEN KEEPING UP WITH CURRENT EVENTS AND NO YOU DON’T WANNA GO BACK… not now any-way it might suck here but it’s safer.. plus alot of the AFRICAN people don”t see the blacks in america under a positive lite alot think they are better then us.

    • If you haven’t noticed whites, arabs, and asian are buying up African land from the people to steal resources.

    • LOve

      You wish wed move, Americas land of the free did you forget?, hope your racist ignorant buts not hopen to go to heaven,cause blacks and every other race is up there<pluss you must hate yourself cause every one came from Adam and Eve wether you like it or not, the truth hurts dont it?

  • Chrispullins70

    Whoever said  Indy was a good place for black people..Is clueless and i’m surprised cross burning is a thing of the past here…

  • Chrispullins

    the area in the pic above of Indy is a pic of the downtown/canal area/mass ave… ect.This area at on time was the hub for black culture in this city.. Jazz grates like West Montgomery performed on a regular basis at the jazz clubs on Mass ave  here(seeing this was his home town) and even the great Jimmi Hendrix was a regular before he got big.. DID’NT MATTER! THROUGH RACISM AND GENTRIFYING THE AREA WHICH YOU SEE ABOVE  IS THE AFTER RESULTS OF WHAT  USE TO BE  BLACK  AREA OF TOWN THAT WAS  MADE WAY FOR THE WHITE YUPPIES AND THIS IS YOUR FINISHED PROJECT. this is still happening to this very day to black neighborhoods to  in Indy on a large scale. moving all the blacks out of the center of the city to the east side and west side which changes the votes in center township (center Indianapolis) to conservative.. still think Indianapolis  is a good place for black people now?

  • Chrispullins

     the pic you see above is a pic of the after-math of a black community after it has been gentrified and its now being advertised as a groovie place for us to live…. how low down is that?  WHERE R DA BLACKS AT IN THIS PIC  I SEE TWO OLD WHITE PEOPLE WALKING IN THE BACK GROUND…….. BUT NO BLACK PEOPLE.. INDIANAPOLIS should be taken off of this list cause it kinda discredits this survey. its good  for old retired black people that’s it.

  • Shawntayhicman

    Dag y’all, dis heah citys lizt beez sayin bouts Altanta beein reel goods fo’s us. I be libbin in Lanta fo round 20 yeers and it’s been reel good. Fancy wine bees in a box but my likka sto still habs my Ripple. I cans drinks it now becuz it’s good and Obammy gibbin me fo hunned ons mines EBT card. Dats what’s up. Dey gibben me hawrd time cuz my pants is saggin but ize screemin DATS RACISST! Dat beez my culture!!! Don’t beez actin like a cracker and tellin mes dat! Iz lubbin white wimminz and deys lub meez too! Iz make dems pays for ebbreythang! Gimme dat munny!

  • Boss904

    Wow, these facts are totally inaccurate!! How in the world is such a racist city like JACKSONVILLE, FL. a best place to live for African-Americans! The majority of the African-American population in Jacksonville lives in poverty or is incosirated. JSO is constantly harrasing honest law abiding citizens and profile you depending on what side of town you live. The job market here subjects you to customer service jobs and medical field jobs which don’t pay much and everyone else is in school to become an RN, LPN or something else with an N. This city has nothing to offer, escpecially for young African-Americans looking for a future. The murder and crime rate here is redundantly rediculous.

    • Trilli

      Wow. I live in Jacksonville and I clicked on this article to find a new city… :-/ dissappointing

      • jlworld00

        Try community service to build up your resume. Go to school in another state or country while you’re young. You can work off some of the debt by joining Americorps or Peace Corps. Learn a trade or skill travel while you can then come back & compare. Lots of things a young person can do.

  • Bullshiniuga

    How about going back to Africa an retrieving their culture. Here they will always be a N word and that is a fact. Their culture is not here all that is here is basket ball rap music and Hiphop garbage. In Africa they have a chance to empower and educate on a natinal scale and bring capitalist ideas to africa and uplift instead of rob and drivae in Cadis like curupted Blacks do here.

    • Lena

      I can only speak for one Black person. I was born and raised here in America, My dreams and ideals are based on what I was taught in White America and their schools and on their jobs. I have no idea how to even exist and survive in Africa. Most of the Africans that move to America don’t even like American born Blacks and act totally different than we do. In other words America not Africa is my culture but I was born with caramel colored skin instead of white skin. That is where the prejudice against me in my country and culture begins. I have lived in east Texas and Dallas all my life, people here are prejudiced and rude, Black sisters take your dreams elsewhere but I personally happen to like basketball, rap and hip hop beats.

    • april

      I live in Minnesota and all the africans are moving here so why the hell would i want to move there, they rod steal and curupted people everywhere! Africa is a land of sooo many resources why is it the poorest country and our people over there starving? You go back to africa and tell us how it worked out.

      • sikai

        That is just the thing. I have been living in Africa (South/East/West) and I love it. We should fight ignorance with all our might. If Africa was not such a large continent, I would say keep it a secret from people like you. But Africans are some of the most friendly people I have ever met (I have also travelled in other parts of the world). Come to Africa and visit first. You will not go back home if you are the kind of a person that is down to earth. Karibu.

    • Pilar Abril

      White supremacist troll alert. White people make race relations out to be like rocket sicence, but in reality they’re better at rocket science than race. *waves* Stay basic!

  • Jamaalj

    Why not list places like Irvine California?  While the african american population is very small, just about every black person you see is successful.  There’s also very little racism here.  Certainly it costs more to live here, but I don’t think that’s the topic at hand.  Move here, get a great paying job and raise your kids in a very positive environment. 

    • Truth Teller

      Trust me you don’t want them alot of them living around your families crime goes up. Check out maywood il. Was all white till white flight happened now you can not walk down the streets only took 20 years

  • Mcornner1

    Are you serious? My husband and I are thinking we want to relocate their we have the same professional background. Is is better now.

  • Psyrenee4

    How is it living in San Fran…..I bet it is expensive as all get out!

  • Sdarkins

    I’m a Black man from Michigan and I absolutely agree with you about Issue with ATL.   Few of my female friends moved from MI to ATL for that nonsense reason and they’re now Single Moms. lol  

  • RL

    Yet another generic list. But if we have to be general and average. DC Metro should be number 1. Jobs, government center, highly educated, great schools,  breathable air and drinkable water, large AA population, minutes from culture, arts etc…  Cons-traffic and high cost of living. 

    True if you want to act, go to Hollywood, but if you want a good life for your family that you are WILLING TO WORK FOR,  DC metro. 

  • Mrsljwatts

    I love your post. My husband, myself and our two children are looking into relocating from Alton, Il to Houston or Austin TX. So this information is good to know but I am wondering what you meant when you said Austin is landlocked?

    • Mrsljwatts

      Sorry that question is @ come to Houston

    • jlworld00

      You will find in Houston what you expect to find. You’ll bring to Texas what you had in Alton, Illinois it’s all about the attitude.

  • Ded

    Cosign. Mexicans illegals & 1st-2nd generation immigrants make up the majority of foreigners, asians have a high concentrtion of wealth, so together they have the numbers & money. In effect, immigrnts are the new “white” in California. This has the greatest effects on Blacks in California when it comes to everything: jobs, housing, education, quality of life (did you know illegals can get financial aid for college?) Be prepared for “must be bilingual” (mostly spanish but mandarin, korean, & chinese also) in 80% of your job hunt.

    • Pamela Kennedy

      In all fairness the only financial aid that “illegals” are getting is for the Cal States, not the good universities like Stanford, USC, Harvard, Yale, Princeton, Cornell, Johns Hopkins, et al. (And actually anyone gifted enough with high enough grades and test scores and low enough income can get not only into the Ivies but a “free ride” as well) It’s not Stanford the “illegals” are getting for free; it’s Cal State Hayward.

  • Anon

    Atlanta is the worst for Black folks. Boring, racist attacks from White folks, etc.

  • furious

    that is so true… I am from Michigan and live in San Antonio, TX…. I hate this place. I am really trying to find a place where I can get atleast half a chance at life. Mostly populated by hispanic and for the most part, they are not very friendly and they stick together no matter what… dude stay away of San Antonio. Its not for us at all. Everything is run by Spanish and it is hard to get in when u just dont fit in….

    • @Furious you hit the nail on the head. I am from Detroit, Michigan and noticed the same thing. This is a mexican town and Mexicans do not see themselves as black or even colored with a relation to us they all stick together. The mexican girls do not even look at black guys and the ones that do are so ugly that even “raw vodka” and a hard di(k will not cause you to want to “f” them. This is coming from a 6’5″ handsome lightskin black male who is 235lbs of solid muscle and has swag and charisma. Never before in 40 years of my life have I went into a supermarket and not had chicks of all races sweat me. The black girls down her are confused Aunt Jemimah’s and actually have morew loyalty to whites than blacks. very sad. I will move from this place!!!

      • jlworld00

        Last insult saved just for black women? Why is it that a Black man can’t ever say anything positive about a black woman? I don’t know.

      • fakehair

        Cuz he’s a typical fool. Thinks he’s al that.

      • fakehair

        Lol just cuz ur “lightskin”doesn’t mean all black girls will sweat you. You’re actually too tall and old. We aren’t confused we just know white men are better educated,handsomer and better husband material. I for one am a black woman who finds white men more attractive, and more laid back. You sound like a typical simple minded black man. Proly got like 29 baby mommas and a wife tucked away.

      • detwo313

        so, u basically responded with reverse prejudice and stupidity. Keep yo white boys, cuz they can have you.

      • Young Fred

        sounds like you got another issue. The I’m light skin so everybody supposed to want me complex LOL. I’m just saying.

    • jlworld00

      Hispanics can be very racist.

      • Pamela Kennedy

        I’ve discovered that the Mexican-descended ones, especially here in the Southwest, are the worst of all. All my life, I grew up around Philippinos and then the Puerto Ricans in the Bronx, I never imagined such racism coming from Spanish-speaking populations. Puerto Ricans and even Cubans are dark skinned like us Native Americans so they’ve never treated me badly – then I came to New Mexico and — WOW. It’s not the language they speak. Like I said, I’m used to Philippinos.

      • Young Fred

        that’s because the majority of Puerto Ricans, Dominicans, and Cubans have some percentage of black in them or have black parents or grandparents. Those islands are located in the carribean therefore they are descended from slaves, Spanish, and native indian meaning they eat similar food like sweet potato plantain rice beans etc. but Mexicans and central americans are descended from Aztecs native Indians and eat tortillas as a staple and have little in common with blacks as they are mestizo meaning indian and Spanish. Cuba is right above Jamaica, Dominican Republic shares an island with Haiti and Puerto Rico is right across from the virgin islands. We have things in common with Afro carribean latinos. Food music etc.

  • furious

    I know this post is rather old… I was thinking of moving to the dallas area from san antonio where there are more of us according to the demographics. I only have an associates degree, not sure if I need to continue schooling. Will i find a decent job in the dallas area. Degree is bus. management..anyone please send me an email as this is the site I stumbled on and most likely wont return… tamara.baldridge@yahoo.com

  • Jacksonvilles black population is actually 29.5%

  • Peej

    Have you ever been to or spent any time in the South? I spent an early part of my life in Long Beach, California, so I understand completely that out West you will find some of the most laid-back, liberal-minded people in the world (which is a great thing to me). But i’m from a city called Lynchburg, Virginia and if you are unfamiliar with who Jerry Falwell was, well he was one of the most controversial, conservative, Christian leaders of the 20th and 21st centuries!! The city is also home to his world-renowned Christian university called “Liberty University”. And basically my point is that even in this city, run by overzealous conservatives, there are still plenty of liberals who see right through all of the madness. As a matter of fact, religion plays a small to no part in the lives of a good majority of it’s young population, a trend becoming common everywhere in the United States. My point overall, is that anywhere you go you may find a large number of people who see Christians as elite, but because of this new generation of adults coming of age, you will also find more than enough without these views to keep you comfortable. Come to the South sometime!! It’s a great cultural experience for everyone! 


    A proud representer of Alabama, California, Georgia, and Virginia

    • jlworld00

      This attitude is what is why blacks are endangered race. If only blacks could put into practice some of the Bible teachings. Y’all eaten up by hate & selfishness endorsing gay rights, doing drugs ect, following the sins of the world. Blacks can’t afford these garbage lifestyles. They are Not getting married and building families. The ancestors would be ashamed. This is the end?

      • detwo313

        wtf u talkn bout

      • A Blessed Brown Person

        Your Soo Stupid If You think that White People Need to know the Bible Instead Of The Virgin Mary. We as black people are very educated, and busniness owners, we also handle White People Business as well. So think about that before you speak on My race. And F.Y.I its not black people, It’s Brown people. Dummy.

  • Brina33

    I loved what you have said…good point..

  • Cocotrinail

    Please…… PLEASE do NOT move to Indianapolis based on this article. I not sure where they got these stats from. But just do the research yourself. 

  • I have lived in Atlanta and Philadelphia and I don’t like either. Atlanta has a bunch of ignorant professionals. People are very malicious and rude towards each other. Also the jobs are scarce and don’t pay. I have a bachelor’s and currently working on my masters. I have faced so much racism and jealousy because I am diligent, and intelligent. I wouldn’t move to a city based on it’s black population because racism is a reality. I wish we would band together and create wealth and not continue to murder and berate one another. I didn’t like Philadelphia because it was a racist state.

    • KingKELL!

       this is in truth the only way we can ever truly live the american dream. we must start as individual black communities around the country. we must begin to keep our wealth in our own communities and then buy back our hoods. in addition we must begin to change the way we represent, by keeping our poorest most impoverished areas clean and safe by self cleaning and policing our streets, parks, and rolling up our sleeves and investing in restoring our houses and buildings in our own hoods,we will do this by reaching out to all of the poor and troubled and bringing them home and healing the damage that the choices we make in life have done to them.we must first cleanup ourselves, healing and loving and teaching and sharing building up oneanother from the inside, that will begin to overflow into the streets of our communities. then we put our foot down hard!, and say no and back it up with whatever force we have to to all of the negatives so readily found in our hoods.       then we can go to the local city, and then state and then federal governments and say, hey invest in us, hey help us . give us grants and fix our streets and bridges and do what you can to help us to continue to transform our neighborhoods. then we will be much more attractive to big business. they will see us as a new and safe marketplace. and we can negotiate with them about access to our communities on far more favorable (for us that is, the black community) terms of mutual profit. then we can employ our people with newfound opportunity in their own community. working in and taking care of their own neighborhoods. with safety and liberty and justice and fairness and opportunity and cleanness and fun and freedom for all. all we need is first vision, then leadership, then unity and a collective quitting or giving up or not sticking together and fighting and working it out to the end is never an option kinda heart and mind. then we can make things truly better, and not just for ourselves, but for our country and our world also. are there challenges? of course! but what is that to us?!!!, JUST SOMETHINGS  WE WILL OVERCOME!!! DO WE NEED GOD? YES OF COURSE!!! but ,,, WE CAN DO THIS AS A PEOPLE!!!!! everything  we are and have been doing IS NOT WORKING FOR US AS A PEOPLE!!!!! let’s have a change of mind,heart,will,and most importantly direction. let,s give it a shot black people what do we have to loose? we can get organized and get started there are real ways to do this thing people. i don’t care if you read this an steal my ideas, or try because you don’t have the full vision of the step by step, that was given only to me. but this is the path we need to take,NOWWW, LET’S GO PEOPLE IT,S TIME TO MOVE QUICKLY!!!    so speaketh, THE ME THAT I AM!

      • lena

        sounds great but if you can’t even get your families to stand with you how can you get your neighbors to support a wonderful plan that could help us all

      • King Kell!

        we won’t worry bout who won’t, cuz eventually, when dey c progress an feel secure dey will join in. A single snow flake fallen from heaven can be the cattallist to a monstrous avalanche. If a man walks long enough, eventually, sum1 will walk with him, and they’ll tell 2 friends & they’ll tell 2 friends and so on & so on! there will always b a million reasons why not, but the need far outways the fears and doubts. where is the sense of urgency? Our communities are virtually under marshall law, where we are discouraged from congregating in our own communities and we are treated like criminal rats in a cage in our own hoodz. when black people hav 2 by barbeque from an asian man in the heart of the hood, in a once thriving black owned business location, an den go to the corner store an help support habbib’s familly with your purchase all the wile his camera’s and 1500 mirrors all over the store are movin wherever you go, an then b4 u can leave your hood you have to get gas from his cousin, and if you have a flat den you have to get a spare from javier. So every dime you jus spent goes to sum other hoodz, but not yours. And on top of that your giving it all 2 people who have no regard bor respect for you. the system iz busted, let’s help it get back on track by doing what the government and big business won’t. If we heal black america OURSELVES, we will go along way toward helping heal the rest of the world. Don’t u c that the other oppressed parts of the world need 2 c a sign of hope an we can do that and bring about a much needed new golden era of promise,hope and enthusiam, wich iz the climate for great advances in the world to take place. Ok we did tha gangsta thang 2deaf!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It’z not taking us anyplace we want and need 2 go. the prophets of hip hop told you when you all first decided to go on this very unwise tak, that u were headed 4 self destruction! what will it take 4 us 2 c an admit that we were horribly dead wrong, and get back on tha path that our ancestors struggled and died to blaze out 4 us?! what happened 2 each 1 reach 1 an teach 1 that we used 2 live by? Bring back tha dayz of yea and nay!Can we please stop pursuing all these frivolous trivialities, an just do what needs doin? no dissensions no divisions an no doubts can we jus get it dun!? Nobody wants 2 admit it, but we r loosing or have already lost a whole lot of what made us unique and outstanding, everybody wants 2 b accepted and just blend in, U fools u r being assimilated out of existence!!!!!!! Let’s Go people we can make it better 4 evrybody, WHUT UP?????

      • Yodle

        I have often said the exact same thing. Integregatiom has not been that good to blacks. Our communities were stronger when we were separated . We need our own communities and we need to control ALL the commerce in our communities.

      • jlworld00

        With integration have been many opportunities. We as black people have been missing those opportunities. Many hold attitudes that are in the past. Inferiority complexes that are passed on to the next generation and so on.

      • PlatinumGoddess

        I live in Atlanta as well and there are good opportunities for blacks business owners. Why must we always work for someone else. I was born here been here all 32 years of my life. People come here expecting this black people dream. Blacks here are like everywhere else but like anything you have to want ot to get it. Atlanta is very competitive so if you have to have the hustle. You can make a living standing on the corner selling fruit or cds and dvds. Job wise it’s all about who you know. It is a large amount of gay and lesbians. The public school system sucks but there are plenty of parent led charter schools. Like kingkell was saying we need to build own communities schools jobs ect. There are so many vacant homes for sale in the black neighborhoods. The neighborhoods that were ours whites have moved back in the city fixed them up raised the value and taxes forcing the blacks that are left to move out ofto their homes due to lack of knowledge credit finances resources and education Why do we look for this dreamland for blacks. We got all the opportunity we gotta want it to get it. I can keep going. Atlanta is a great city for blacks just stay focused on your goals wherever you go and things will always work out

      • jlworld00

        Black church sold out black people. They build bigger buildings where they can hold parties & events instead of pouring the $$$ back into the community where it can do the most good for the Lord. Blacks don’t live the Bible–many preach, quote & shout about it but they don’t walk in the Word. The solution is in the Word of God.

      • G. Williams Sr

        1 . I was moved by ur passage, Im from New Orleans. I feel where ur coming from. Quick question, do u no any 1 willing 2 invest in a business. I have business plans & everything. Thanks in advance….. G. Williams Sr.

      • jlworld00

        Get a franchise and find some more investors then you’ll learn how to operate a business with far, far less risk.

      • jlworld00

        Well written post long but thoughtful. But we can buy franchises,copyright & patent our intellectual property form our own non-profits & teach the value of ownership in relation to citizenship. But we must 1st learn respect for one another. We need to know how to Love =agape the kind in the Bible–not the carnal kind.

    • jlworld00

      I agree with your statements. Wise observation from someone who has done some living.

  • Nibbor

    Hmm. I am from Boston, Massachusetts. I look for Black people everywhere. Mostly Spanish have taken over my Boston. Also Cape verdean, Haitien, Jamaican. etc etc… So the ratio is 10 woman for every 1 black man. ATL seems like a dream, all those black people. Even Chicago.
    Seems like many spanish are taking over our neighborhoods.

  • White Flight

    I know what places to avoid. I live in a suburb of Chicago and we need to get the hell out quick before are housing prices go down even further.

  • Xanqui1293

    Indianapolis should not have made the list. You have less chances of making it if you are a minority, than if you were white. I have seen a lot of educated AA individuals who eventually leave after the first year because they cannot find work or they are underemployed. Also, if you are a single AA, your chances of making it are slim. The city will most likely cater to you, if you are married with a family. This is because of Indiana’s traditional values and culture. So, if you want to stay single and be successful, I would NOT recommend this city. This is coming from experience.

  • Boston is a very racially segregated city. Which tends to encourage Black people to search for others to feel less vulnerable. So much racial profiling from every direction. Black people are often extra racially sensitive and are looking for a group of non-new englanders to get along. I would not recommend that city to anyone that is not from new england. There are some cool suburbs.

    • Pamela Kennedy

      Yes I noticed that especially blacks were hard-core racist there. I found that Salem was the only part of that state I could stand to live in.

  • Black Zac

    All of the blacks on here are trying to find that magical black neighborhood in that misty black city where everything is perfect and harmonious. Guess what? It doesn’t exist. Any mostly black area in any city in any state has a higher crime rate than surrounding areas that are mostly white, they have lower property values than surrounding areas, higher drop out rates than surrounding areas, and you know the rest. But do you know why? Because those neighborhoods are filled with blacks, and blacks in general don’t have the same ethics and morals as whites. The only way blacks can have the same quality of life as whites is to move to a white area without many blacks, and the hope not many blacks follow and cause the whites to leave. Whether anyone wants to admit it out loud or not, you all know I speak the truth…..too many blacks in one place will ruin it.

    • Pilar Abril

      You got a little White KoolAid on your shirt. Internalized racism is just ugly. Stay basic.

    • detwo313

      u definitely aint black, racist

  • AB

    I 100% disagree with Nashville being #6 on this list. I am searching for an opportunity to leave this city as soon as possible! I have been here for 1 year since graduating from college and there is no social aspect in this city that is catered towards the black community. Trust me I have SEARCHED for events and they all turn out to be less than sub par. Reconsider!

  • april

    ignorant people did this research is the the best place or a place where there are already a tone of blacks that live there..this is ignorant on so many levels

  • Yodle

    Lol.. You called it! My aunt lives in California and we all live in the South. She said she would never move back.

    • Zake

      I resided in the N.E and Mid Atlantic States
      before moving to Southern California, by far
      the Los Angeles great area from Downtown and surrounding City like hawthorn to predominantly black City
      like Inglewood, Lynnwood, and even the San Fernando Valley, Long Beach are the
      best black Cities with greater opportunities
      if you ask me. However the
      culture is very different from the
      Southeast. Good Luck.

  • Chalie00

    I’m surprised that Minneapolis-St.Paul didn’t make this list. Yes it’s cold and everyone thinks of the Chris Rock joke about Kirby Puckett and Prince but it’s surprisingly diverse. There are many African-Americans, African refugees, Asians etc. and no one bats an eye. There are many companies that are headquartered in the area so there are jobs and there are quite a few educational institutions so there educational opportunities also. I have yet to experience any type of racism and I constantly see mixed families (i.e. white parents with black kids, or black parents with white kids) and no one gives looks or long stares. It’s also a very community oriented city so if you want to do community things it’s much easier.

    I used to live in Phoenix and although I never had a run in with any racists there, that town was bad. The people are just mean and it’s that ghetto mentality of pulling someone down instead of working together to pull each other up.

  • i love it.

  • chilyt

    Bottom line, we li’ve in a world that is unfair and racist. We must continue to strive to be better no matter where we live. There is no magic city, I grew up in Oakland., CA and now live in San Antonio. I only have a good job because it is federal. Yes Hispanics and Asians support each other simply because their culture is not a white American culture like it is for blacks. We grew up being taught fairness and equality, they grew up poor and every man for himself. Both have hierarchical cultures that only respects who’s on top until they become on top.
    Like Asian we need to raise our children to be professions that have the highest technical skills or professional jobs like doctors and lawyers so the y don’t have to depend on another race for success. Like Hispanics we need to the same attitude and only hire family and friends (blacks if possible). You don’t see other races working in Arab or Asian shops and restaurants. Hire from blacks, support blacks but challenge us to do a good job or perform the best service. Don’t stop support, just push for excellence


  • Niecey


    • Niecey

      Southern California is my location…I love this place but of course not the racist people! Any other ethnicity is welcome in this world except for black, I just dont understand how people can hate us so much based on our physical features…

  • Kenny

    Columbus, Ohio !!! You gotta be kiddin me??? Look up ” the 10 most and least racist states” and you’ll find Ohio at the top!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • U_Luv_me

    I’m a black women and I would prefer to live in a neighborhood where there’s 65% whites and 35% every other race. I just think living around a bunch of black people ruins the entire neighborhood. Some Black people need to learn great morals, good ethics and have more respect for each other.

    • detwo313

      lol and you think whites and other races do?

  • U_Luv_me

    Very true. I’ve been living in the A all my life. I’m 32 years old and its ridiculous how many gay black men. A lot of undercover brotha’s too. I stopped dating these dudes because I don’t know who is who. I’m better off..

  • UltimateLadBrad1953

    It seems most of you posters are disgusting,stupid homophobes with fat a**es (especially the broads!!!!) and 68 IQs.BYE!!!!

  • Ren

    Wow the comments on California are spot on.

    I lived in San Francisco for 3 years, while pursuing my higher education and although I loved the city. (Great food, nice sights, etc) It was the most disappointing…out of all the cities, I’ve ever lived in. I agree with several comments on the fact that “immigrants” are throwing more racism at us, than whites. Asians have taken over SF and they despise us! Ha! Not to mention, a major issue I had with SF, is they claim to be “so liberal,” but they’re really not. Unless your from the LGBT community, extremely wealthy or White and Asian…they could care less about you. It’s disheartening how many homeless are in that city and how the blacks have been pushed out of the area, to the East Bay. So, visit SF, but don’t live there!

    I’ve lived in L.A too…and although, I didn’t really experience the things people were talking about (was only there for half a year)…I can believe it as well. There may not be a “perfect” city for us to move too. Unfortunately, we may just have to move wherever we find a nice job, that’s a decent area and push through all the issues. (Racism, lack of black community members and etc.)

  • Nate Higgers

    Otherwise known as the top 10 most n1ggerfied cities to stay far, far away from if you are a human being, and do not enjoy getting robbed, raped, and murdered (not necessarily in that order) by a bunch of primitive, subhuman n1ggers.

  • Nate Higgers

    OF course it’s like that…it’s Apelanta lol

    • jlworld00

      Your name says it all—about you.

  • Tom Jones

    NEW ORLEANS is a great place for blacks to live… If you like getting arrested for walking down the wrong street.

  • jlworld00

    AGREE with you are posting the truth!

  • jlworld00

    What are you searching for or what are you running from moving to & from all those places?

  • CALIFORNIA IS THE WORST FOR BLACKS YOU TRYING TO BE SUCCESSFUL IN LIFE. You trying to start from the bottom and walk your way up.. NO NO.. California is not the place. You hardly see successful blacks in San Diego. Maybe FEW.. compare to ATLANTA


  • MRC

    If your considering Dallas TX you better think again. Years ago it probably was land of opportunity but now in 2013 it is overrun with people which has driven the wages down and the cost of living way up! I wouldnt recommend coming here in 2013. Texas people are also very unwelcoming to non Texans and it even affects you in your job search. When it comes to White people; The Black people here know their places and they gladly get in it. Move at your own risk…

  • Reality check

    These comments are hilarious… “this city has too many hispanics… this city is too racist… this city has too many blacks who not trustworthy… this city doesn’t have enough blacks…these people are too church… these people…. those people….” I guess there just are no places to live then. Or maybe just learn to make the place you live better.

  • Paige

    Dallas, really? That’s where one of my fellow Yalies got “the black treatment” in the job market: enthusiasm over his resume and his telephone interview, and the jaw-drop eye-roll stunned silence when he showed up for the interview, “black.” He got the “he showed up Black” treatment and naturally didn’t get the job. Dallas employers expected all Yalies to be WHITE. So, I reiterate: Dallas?? Really??

  • Mike

    the black internships in DC are because of Howard U and all of the other HBCUs around the area

  • Pamela Kennedy

    These places all have huge GHETTOS and anyone who even looked Black (ie dark-skinned Latino, dark-skinned Philippino, dark-skinned Choctaw/Chickasaw Indian, etc) would immediately get schlepped in with the ghetto-trash bad areas, the drug dealers and the gang-bangers and the rappers and all that. And how do these places rate for the acceptance of a dark-skinned Native American with a white Jewish boyfriend or husband, that’s a list I’d like to see. Something tells me NO American or Canadian city is really going to be what I’m looking for….a city where I can get a job as a Math teacher (and I mean somewhere BESIDES the ghetto or the Rez) without anyone asking me “what’d YOU come HERE for” in that not-so-subtle racist way…..

  • Pamela Kennedy

    They think Jews are the “anti-Christ.” And I happen to like my Jewish boyfriend more than I like or care about the approval of people I have nothing in common with but skin pigmentation.

    • detwo313

      really and you think those jewish or whites care about you,or will treat u better?

    • Zake

      pamela you are fool…

  • Pamela Kennedy

    If you think Chicago is the most segregated city in the US (and you may be right) you haven’t tried living in Brooklyn yet. Just TRY to get a place to live WEST of Flatbush Avenue and you’ll see what I mean. Flatbush Avenue is like a bloody Berlin Wall, if you know what I mean.

  • Pamela Kennedy

    Emphasis on the “where you FIT IN” part.

  • Sweet Southern Peach!

    And the south draws one large collective sigh…. you won’t be moving here! One less ignorant, stuck up person from Cali we DON’T HAVE TO DEAL WITH! Thanks Big City!… stay where you are … u ain’t ready for the south! and “The devil is a liar! everyday and in every way!”

  • TotalPackage

    Dallas should not be on this list! I am a recent college grad and I moved to North Dallas a few months ago for graduate school. Now, I will say that it is a very industrious city with plenty of opportunities to start a career and make money. Also, it is relatively clean and safe compared to many other cities. Otherwise, however, I have been very disappointed. It has a “big city” demographic with no “big city” culture. Although it has an array of different races, there is really nothing in this city that you can’t experience else where. The nightlife and social scene are mediocre at best. I have yet to experience any form of customer service that was truly up to par. As usual, all the different races here tend to “stick together” (except in the case of interracial dating). I have encountered very few women my age, and even less who are independent and fun. Instead, they are more focused on getting married and being taken care of. Speaking of which, you are far more likely to see any given black man with an Asian, Hispanic, or white woman before you see him with an African American woman. From what I’ve gathered thus far, VERY few men in this city are even remotely interested in dating a black woman at all; not to mention there are very few of us here (and I fully see why we leave). Honestly, I plan to relocate to Raleigh or DC immediately after I’m done with my Master. ….And that is my take on Dallas

  • Young Fred

    those statistics are for unemployement for blacks are obviously going to be higher because the black population overall is higher. But blacks in California have less opportunities because lack of numbers and over representation of Hispanic illegal and legal population and they fact most blacks don’t speak Spanish so California isn’t the answer. That’s why California isn’t on the list! I live in L.A. and have a job paying very well and I’m the only black in my position and I’ve had to defend my position trust me!

  • drunkenpastor

    Nice list of places to NEVER live.

  • Zake

    I resided in the N.E and Mid Atlantic States before
    moving to Southern California, by far
    the Los Angeles great area from Downtown and surrounding City like hawthorn to predominantly black City
    like Inglewood, Lynnwood, and even the San Fernando Valley, Long Beach are the
    best black Cities with greater opportunities
    if you ask me. However the
    culture is very different from the
    Southeast. Good Luck.

  • mike

    I heard Boston has the best educational system for blacks, I’ve read great comments about living in NC and the religious expectation. I have folks in Durham and visited for Thanksgiving. I was shocked when they asked (or demanded) that I pray over the meal – It was cool though. I love DC and Miami, but coming from Detroit, I’d settle for any place warm with some nice black ladies to look at :).

  • Mr.R

    I rather live in the south where blacks have morals, aren’t wretched, and actually enjoy family. Give me the south over the north any day. The north is filled with upppity, stuck up, liberal elitist douchebags.

  • UrbanHippy

    How can you stereotype all black men in ATL?? Don’t be stupid. If you can’t tell a gay man from the jump then you have issues. There are plenty of straight black men in ATL.