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Remembering Christopher Columbus: The Biggest Mass Murderer In History [Video]


Abolish Columbus Day

KKKolumbus no hero: He’s a murderer who caused the genocide of the Indigenous people!

“It has been said of the Spanish Conquistadors, that first they fell on their knees, and then they fell on the aborigines.” Eric Williams – Columbus to Castro.

Annually, on the 2nd Monday of each October, most of the United Snakes of Amerikkka celebrate the anniversary of when Cristoforo Colombo discovered that the planet wasn’t as flat as all of Europe then thought.  At the same time, many so-called Indians across the U.S. publicly protest the holiday, demanding that it be renamed ‘Indigenous American Day’.

The Italian-born mass-murderer is responsible for one of the greatest atrocities to ever occur – the genocide of 100s of millions of people, while in the greedy pursuit of material gains.  By introducing Europe to the exploitation and elimination of the Indigenous people who, for thousands of years, previously populated the entire Western-hemisphere, and also for being the catalyst for the trans-Atlantic holocaust of people from Alkebulan a.k.a. Afrika, he gets credit as perhaps being the most popular murderer to ever step foot on Earth.

“Cra%kers are always discoverin’ Isht cuz they’re new on the face of the Earth,” observed revolutionary factologist La Meh Nuah.

Since he was sailing under Spain he was known as Cristobal Colon, and by the time the story was printed in English his name had been Anglicized as Christopher Columbus.  The his-story books portray the European exploiter as some sort of hero when in actuality he is to the Indigenous people of the Western-hemisphere what Adolf Hitler is to the Caucasian Jews, magnified 100 times.

While some estimates claim that approximately 6 million Jews were killed during WWII, over 100 million Indigenous individuals and 100s of millions of Afrikans were slaughtered during the Afrikan/Native Amerikkkan holocaust.

The public school curriculum propagates that the exploitive explorer’s crew “discovered Amerikkka” while searching for a faster route to India where they’d find herbs and spices for their food.  The books teach that Killer Kristopher Kolumbus’ crew had gotten lost, which is an outright lie because the ships were being maneuvered by experienced Afrikan navigators who had been sailing around the globe for decades by utilizing their precise maps.  Plus, they utilized maps and a calendar which was thousands of years old.

They also say that the Europeans were seeking spices, which is another lie, because  the Moors had already introduced Europeans to spices centuries earlier.

“…You had secret evidence / and documents / on how they raped the continents!” RZA – 4th Chamber – off of “Liquid Swords” by Gza.

Europeans came to the Western hemisphere to exploit the people, while pillaging and robbing the land, just as they had already done to other original people in Afrika.  The first place they touched base on they named Puerto Rico, which literally means – rich port, because of all the gold they ‘discovered’ there.

While Caucasoids claim in their records that they had arrived at an uninhibited land with roaming scavengers, in reality they had just encountered high standards of civilization.  Although they destroyed most of the proof which proves that a highly cultivated civilization already was in existence, the pyramids and other monuments of the Olmecs are still standing in Central Amerikkka.

KKKolumbus Day initially began as an Italian-Amerikkkan acknowledgment in San Francisco, CA in 1869, even though the first full-fledged celebration wasn’t conducted until 1907 and by 1937 it had become more accepted.  In 1963, Roland Libonate proposed that U.S. Congress declare KKKolumbus Day as a national holiday.  The holiday is not recognized in 3 states – Hawaii, Nevada & South Dakota.

According to KKKolumbus’ diary, his 1st letter to the King and Queen of Spain read:

“Had taken some Indians by force from the first island that (he) came to,” so he couldn’t have discovered the land – the so-called Indians were already populating.

A fact which is often overlooked is that KKKolumbus never actually stepped foot on the continental U.S., only arriving in the Caribbean, nicknamed the West Indies because KKKolumbus thought he was in India.  KKKolumbus was not just the first person to “discover Amerikkka”, he wasn’t even the 1st Caucasoid to do so, as the Vikings had already accomplished that centuries earlier.

Also, many records were kept of some of the atrocities committed against the Indigenous people, such as, when the Spaniards would unmercifully beat their enslaved subjects from daybreak til the break of dawn the following day.  After being taught how to cultivate the land by the Indigenous people, the Europeanas turned around and committed mass murder against them.

Additionally, how the slave-makers took Indigenous children, bury them up to their neck in dirt, then run up and kick their heads off for sport.  Also to mention the implementation of the capitalism – via the Afrikan Trans-Atlantic slave trade, which also costs multi-millions of lives.

Below is a petition to abolish KKKolumbus Day.

To:  President of The United States, The U.S. Congress, The U.S. Senate

We, the undersigned, petition the President of the United States, The U.S. Congress, and The U.S. Senate to hereby change “Columbus Day” to “Native American Day”.

Christopher Columbus did not discover America, he discovered Native Americans living peacefully in their homeland. And, as history has taught us, Mr. Columbus was not even the first to visit America from Europe.

So, then why do we continue to disgrace Native Americans by throwing this “National Holiday” up in their faces? It’s about time we realize that as Americans we are continuing the hate cycle by allowing this to continue. We should be thanking Native Americans for taking us in and sharing with us their ancient wisdom.

We have never had a Native American holiday in the U.S. and that is truly a shame. We deem anything we want as a “Federal Holiday” if only for the benefit of government employees having yet another 3-day weekend.
Let us give credit where credit is due. We urge you to change “Columbus Day” to “Native American Day”.


Stop Celebrating Columbus Day!

End this symbol of racism and genocide, known as Columbus Day.

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    Abolish Columbus Day!! The Truth about Columbus:
    Enlighten, Uplift & Motivate

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  • Big Meesh

    No more Columbus Day! I HATE this man with a passion, he gives Spaniards a bad name :/ and he’s not even Spanish! Shame on him, and this capitalist government for celebrating him & his “accomplishments”.

    • willy

      so don’t worry about that since we ITALIANS ARE EXTREMELY PROUD OF COLUMBUS

  • ewrewd



    I would like to say something. First of all and even if some of the information is coming from Europe , USA or Central and South America. Spain has the original records and all the notes and the scribes whom were with Colon on his voyages documented pretty much everything. You people have to be careful because much junk and lies are bring spread out thru the internet by people whom first are bitter regardless of the color of their skin about life in general. I think that is wrong for people to make and write comments about people back in history when in fact modern man was not there and you did not got to see everything. Human nature is the same regardless of color , race and creed. Indians and Black people just like Caucasian persons are all the same and there is good and bad persons in each of the human groups. In regards to claiming that people were peaceful or not such is questionable. How can people be peaceful by taking the heart out of a human being and making the heart a sacrifice to a so called entity of their many gods. There is much info in regards to Columbus and propaganda that is false including drawings in different parts of the Americas. It seems that some people want to present the story one side it regardless who and where is being written. In regards to the victims whom were killed during those years be non or Indian because many Caucasians were also killed by Indians by the way or by blacks. I feel that such does not excuse reverse racism and hatred towards any person regardless of their group and race. Those comments claiming that people should become slaves and all that stuff are out of place. Also the tales that blacks built America are also wrong. Yes there were many blacks that were held slaves and such was not excuse for people to have held them as slaves. However those tales are very wrong. There are people working in all ways and forms in America while there were also black slaves working. The lie that only blacks work is just that period a lie. Caucasians regardless of their group also worked and not all plantations were planted and kept by blacks. As a matter of fact only a very small percentage of whites kept slaves. Is also an irony to blame Caucasian man for slavery as a whole when in fact blacks sold blacks in Africa to Europeans. Was it right for Europeans to purchase humans from other humans unless it was to make them go free? No it was not right period. There were blacks in the United States whom also were black owners such as Lousiana and Charleston. In all honesty just to see this type of jargon of human hatred with human hatred makes me feel like I want to vomit. People do not help the matter in any way with racist comments regardless and false proud caucasians do not make the matter any better period nor blacks or whatever group if Indian. This is written without intentions of offending anyone but people there are better ways and some of these comments regardless who wrote them are as destestable as the wrong doer whom under the so called confederate flag constitution committed crimes that were abomination before GOD. Therefore such entry on the confederate flag and those whom wrote it using their lies and blasphemy should be put on trial even if present today and one should let the mighty one of Israel make his choice on judgement day. Perhaps some of those men and women repented from their disgrace. Who knows. My condolences to the families of all those whom were done wrong and all those whom are being done wrong today by ignorant people of Indian or black roots or those whom are still persecuted by monsters claiming to be whites when in fact White is the color of the snow.

  • African

    I am an African writing to you from Africa.
    I would love to answer all those people defending Christopher and his genocides or ever admitting them but willing to forget it because it happened hundred years ago.

    I just want to remind you that what happened in Americas was just a start of many genocides committed by “Europeans” and in order to be brief i’ll Just mention Australia, and the colonisation in Africa and Asia that lasted for the luckiest country 50 years. and no need to mention how many people died.

    So for the ones that don’t want to talk about far history we may discuss the near one.

    But we Africans, Asians and Indigenous have only ourselves to blame for not being able to defend ourselves.

  • Lsn2Cheribims

    SMDH at everyone!

  • Dee

    Very bizzare commenst in here by europeans…i just want to ask “who in the hell left the gate open” lol
    But seriously, they invade…its just the european nature. For goodness sake they cant help themselves when they see something that is minding its own business and without much error, they want to investigate and “shake things up”
    They say you can never truely trust a European and that may be true but i try my best not to practice racism but yes, they have a horrible reputation in the world and no race of color is favorable of them. They are a dieng breed and mother earth has felt her “colors” cry out. The reprimand has already began.

  • sweetness

    @josh…why are even on this website…go read perez hilton or some other sh** for your entertainment. I know you are trying to piss us off. didn’t no one ask for your two cents and we definitely didn’t ask to come this country. glad you can hide behind this little comment section.

  • Dee

    and it is true, we as Americans need to move forward in this new day in age. But in order to move on we need to be informed on what REALLY happened. me being an African American woman, i never knew, in depth, the harsh, inhumane, immoral and cruel (those being understatements) of the Native Americans Holocaust as well as the African Holocaust until I reached college. and I think thats where this post pokes at people. they aren’t fully aware of what went on. we are only taught the surface and its from a Eurocentric perception. What about how the Native people of America felt, or the Africans? Where are the stories from them? I understand how people can have a negative connotation of Colon. The thing about it is, it happened. We need to know and accept that it happened and we are living in today so lets move on and never let that happen again (and yes its possible to happen again) isn’t that the point about history? to learn from it?

  • Dee2

    whoa. just read the other comments. noticed theres another “Dee” lol i’ll be Dee2 i guess. last 3 comments

  • KasieGo

    @Josh I hate to be ignorant and sound as if I have no education but…Shut the eff up

  • KasieGo

    I don’t know why but I feel sorry for you

  • Jater Vanderkliss

    The author of this article has the education level of a 2nd grader. The stronger conquer the weaker, fact. This has been part of history since the beginning. The Romans conquered the world because they were superior militarily and cuturally to the rest of the world at that time. The Afrikaners (Dutch decended whites) conquered South Africa, although out numbered 10 to 1, due to vastly superior organizational and military skills as compared to the primitive native africans. This was the same reason for the european conquest of the americas, fact. Live with it and get over it!!

    • And you complain about China or Iraq taking over America? America is weak, prime for takeover. Let’s see if you still feel the stronger will conquer the weak when it happens.

  • shbkyn

    All you religious blacks need to shut the hell up. Every since the Arabs and Europeans brought christinity and Islam to black people, we have steady been going down. I think God is saying, while you fools, you take your enemy religion, that did you in, and then you pray to be, shrew you, you fool, get off your knees and do something, and stop worring the hell out of me. As for old Christopher Colombus, all I can say is, we blacks and Indians need to go dig him up and and see if we can kill him again. I cannot say enough about this barbarian beast. I just sent some school papers on Christopher Colombus, back to my granddaughter’s teacher, telling her I do not like my child being taught these lies about Christopher Colombus. She is a confederacy person, so now you know, how she is going to feel, racist hefferd.

  • Aishah Bowron

    Shbkyn, I think we should dig him up from his grave and string him up from the gallows. Christopher Columbus is a vicious pig and he is not even a human being for what he done !.

  • illrn11212

    as i read this page my heart and soul cried and the more i read the more my body felt cold.i am well aware of the atrocities committed by the europeans when they were colonizing the foreign lands.i was reading ppl’s responses and i understand both sides of the views minus the ignorant comments. it happened centuries ago.i think it is essential for we as human beings to know and understand the depth of darkness human nature is possible to reach.i do agree that the truth should be taught but children cannot and should not be exposed /informed of the true his-tory at such a young age.

    • But the children should not be lied to either. Sugar coat it a little but the truth must be told. Why should we continue or should they be taught to believe a lie. Slavery of black people is taught in schools, though heavily sugar coated, it is taught & they are aware. I am just now learning of the atrocities that Columbus & other Europeans committed against Native Americans and am appalled; I have grandchildren The lies must be stopped immediately.

  • illrn11212

    wake up everybody, no more sleeping in bed.heal the world and make it a better place for you and for me…. rest in peace Michael Jackson. some of the most kindest ppl i have been blessed to have come across are white.just as some the worst encounters i have come across were from blacks.i don’t and cannot hate all whites just as i cannot love all blacks. each individual should be looked at and judged by their actions and words. there are caucasians all around the world that fight and spend their lives trying to rectify the ills of today, and should be acknowledged. i am a black woman, a mother and a daughter.but i am a human being 1st. i think society and descendants of yesterday has evolved.yes their are undertones of racism everywhere and hatred of all kinds, including self hatred. I SAY A LITTLE PRAYER FOR ALL OF HUMANITY.WE ARE ALL THE SAME. dna MAKEUP OF A HUMANOID. REST IN PEACE AND MAY BLESSING AND PEACE FLOW TO EVERY SOUL THAT HAS SUFFERED AND PERISHED DUE TO THE DARKSIDE OF OUR BEINGS.MAY ALL PARTIES THAT SUFFERED AT THE HANDS OF THE EVILS AND THE MERCYLESS.,MY NATIVE AMERICAN ANCESTORS,MY AFRICAN ANCESTORS,MY MUSLIM ANCESTORS,MY CHRISTIAN ANCESTORS,MY PPL, HUMANS.

  • illrn11212


  • cp

    When one writes they must include references, where are all the references.

  • I would love to get my hands on a book that goes in depth about this. If anyone on here know of such a book please let me know.

  • Starr9

    And the truth shall set u free did anyone watch pocahontas true movie also a perfect example of what they did to indians and blacks european people have a terrible pass they need help and guidance

  • Starr9

    Really we were the rich ones everything european people have they stole from others u stay in the dark by ur self

  • Ana Maria geamanu

    I sustain this campaign this criminal doesn t deserve to be mentioned!

  • Truth seeker

    Not all the Black People in the USA came from slaves. Most of them were here from the Moorish war. The only people who had slaves where the cotton farmers and there were only a few down on the Southern part of the USA. The elite are playing the Blacks against the whites. It is called divide and concur. If everyone realized the elite are playing everyone and they all joined up and removed them we all could live in peace. We are feed 95% bullshit all the time.


    Just more bullshit dude just more bullshit

  • sewcom

    Blacks aren’t the only people that were ever enslaved or killed, check what the Assyrians did to the Jews, the Greeks had plenty of slaves of every race, so did the Romans, Europeans also had slaves of whites and other races.


    Blacks trying to sound smart again huh? Get back in your cages and shut up.

  • suckatash Black flag

    Goes to show u thatman slaves man for power a bunch of jukies on a ship with toys on new land hideing from real warriors across the globe

  • Dusten Cumbie

    do you even realize what you just said?? you just justified the enslavement and near genocide of entire races of people with our own monetary gain. you are truly sick!

  • Crod

    While I agree with this message and the majoriy of the article. There is no possible way Christopher Columbus had caused anywhere near multiple hundred millions of deaths.

    Just saying. If you’re going to write an informative article at least list references and get proper information, rather than just writing to write.

  • willy

    Than, we all know that there are many different theories about who discovered america first such the chinese explorer gavin menzies, the two other italian explorers amerigo vespucci and giovanni caboto, etc etc

    But technically america wasn’t discovered by anybody since indian was already living in america