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Las Vegas Pastor Arrested For Sexually Assaulting Teen Boys


A Pastor in Las Vegas, Nevada has been arrested and is facing 11 sexual abuse charges for the reported molestation of two teen boys.

57-year-old Billy Eckstine McCurdy was indicted on six counts of sexual assault and five counts of open or gross lewdness after his victims told prosecutors that he coerced them into sexual relationships at his home.

The two unidentified children say the Pastor coerced them into having inappropriate relations using bible verses and believe other victims have yet to come forward.

McCurdy reportedly spent a number of years alone with children during youth trips to Arizona and California and had several sleepovers with young men at his home.

Prosecutors say the Pastor of Revival Temple Church of God in Christ also allowed teens to live with him for long periods of time.

In 2005, similar allegations were brought up against him when a young boy said the Pastor tried to fondle him during a sleepover.

McCurdy was not prosecuted due to “conflicting evidence.”

The Pastor is currently free on $3,000 bond.

Pastor McCurdy

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  • aleximaq

    What the heck is really going on??????

    • ggfdgf

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  • Z

    What is happening to the world, where you cant trust these supposed religious leaders anymore?

  • Reslim

    This is the devil at work right here. He’s trying to infiltrate the church to discredit the truth and the sad thing is it seems to be working.

  • sunflower

    @ Willows
    Sorry to hear about your brothers. I’m not opposed to public stoning of molesters. They deserve it


    Okay people trust no man only in your God. Protect your children dont let the church raise them if the kid are going to church go with them dont be so quick to trust people with your kids. I you think its not right then damn it it not. I am just saying.

  • Love Davis

    I pray healing for your two brother that are in the wilderness..In Jesus name

  • Ryan

    So where is the not guilty headline? Where’s the interview after the judge said NOT GUILTY? People are so quick to read and listen to a lie, but hate the truth. The truth is the man was innocently accused by 2 GROWN MEN OVER 21 who were angry for being corrected before the congregation. It’s sad that people can make up a story, take it to the police and have a man arrested.