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Billboard Depicts President Obama As Terrorist, Mobster, Illegal Immigrant, Gay Man [Video]


A Colorado billboard is making national headlines for its “satirical” nature, showing the President as a terrorist, a mobster, illegal immigrant and a gay man.
The controversial billboard is displayed off the state’s I-70 B highway and according to local news station KJC8, the owner of the billboard wants to remain anonymous.

The artist who designed it however, Paul Snover, had no problem speaking out and told the news station,

“To not put my name on it would be saying that I’m embarrassed or afraid, or ashamed of what I’ve done…and, I’m not.”

Snover says it’s supposed to be satirical and shows what many people believe are the President’s four faces.

In addition to being shown in the four faces, The President can be seen gambling with different values that America stands for including the constitution, the bible, the liberty bell, and our troops’ lives.

The tag line of the billboard reads, “Vote DemocRAT.”

The billboard is expected to be in place for at least a month.


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  • baybaybay

    Im sick of people lying,harrassing,accusing and picking on Barack Obama leave him the hell alone!


    I bet the coward who paid for it is a smile in your face some off my best friends are black white mofo! And far as old boy who painted the picture since you are so proud of your work take your azzzzz on a tour with that picture and see if you make 50 states hell for that matter come to the Afro American Museum in Detroit michigan with your art that you are so proud of.
    Some of these folks make you “WANT TO ACT A FOOL UP IN HERE’

  • Brian of Florida

    Obama is cozy with all of those “Special Interest” groups depicted in the billboard
    He came from Ganster Politics, the Terrorists love him, trying to give illegal aliens our rights and is actively seeking to do in Marriage. So it is racist to put the truth on a billboard. Where were you when President George Bush was made out to be…..

    Your comments spew racism, division and hate. You accuse everyone of racism while you blatantly prove to all how racist you are.
    People calling in death threats and threatening violence.
    Kind of like the way Hitler got everyone to hate Jews.

    You demand free speech and scream at the top of your lungs demanding everyone else has to follow your political correctness.
    First step is socialist ideals. Next step is government takeover, last step is communism.
    Just remember that the premise of communism is
    From each by their ability, to each according to need.
    Meaning, when the communism kicks in, if you do not produce, then you do not receive.
    Check history on this.
    The states you bring up as fine examples of how democrats run things, are mostly bankrupt and those democrats demand that the people who actually work and earn fork out the money for their extravagant socialist spending
    Near as I can tell, most of the hate filled racist speech is coming from the Democrat bankrupt strongholds. You know the ones that have everyone with any real money leaving for states that don’t tax them to death and demand that they shut up, have no free speech.
    So please, stay home, don’t come here and screw up our state any worse than the snowbirds already have

  • tina bee

    Brian you are full of it please go some where with that crap!