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Nicki Minaj Reportedly Moves Up Release Date For "Pink Friday", Goes Head to Head With Kanye


Nicki Minaj has reportedly moved up the release date of her debut album “Pink Friday.”

The debut album from Hip-Hop’s most popular female emcee will arrive a day early on November 22.

This means that Nicki will be going up with Kanye West  and his album “My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy,” and Jay-Z’s  “Hits Collection Vol. 1.”

Although she had been promoting a November 23rd date, she has now decided to release the album the Monday before Black Friday.

Nicki originally announced the album via ustream to her fans,

“To carry on a great tradition of Black Friday, we are going to switch it up this year in honor of the Nicki Minaj album and call that day Pink Friday, and call my album Pink Friday.”

Do you think this is a smart move for Nicki Minaj, or will going up against two of the top Hip-hop emcees bring her sales down? Think about it, while you’re already at the store you “might as well” pick up her cd?

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  • killa mane

    Wat up dis ur boy killa mane is hip hop

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  • moe

    No Nicki! Its already bad enough that your releasing it around the same time as Jay and Ye but now you wanna go head to head. smh we’ll see who’s albums flops or tops

  • They will all do big numbers. Nicki and KAnye have a lot of fans and not necessarily the same fan base. 2010 is the year of Hip Hop!


    • Kapri

      Yes – right

      excited – can hardly wait
      Sounds great !!!!!!

      Go Nicki —

  • Tim

    I wonder who gonna come up on top. Nicki is really pushing it. She good but Jay and Ye are great. Im gettin all three though!!!!

  • Dee

    Not good idea cuz then y call ur album pink Friday and its not releasing on black Friday

  • Het killa mane up on his page ok I git hip hop musice on my page

  • yoli


  • vee

    either way she would be going up against them for the first week sales ppl if she drops on the 23 they will just get a extra day to sell anyway nicki hypeman said the date did not change still NOV 23

  • Kapri

    between Alicia baby and Nicki album, I am waiting too long

    I wake up everyday thinking they are here

    come on — Drop, drop, drop

    I am very near tired of waiting

    Happiness to all —-

  • Nice article. Thank 🙂

  • The Real212

    This chick is such a Gimmick, now we have to deal with some over hyped up gimmick to help her sell albums. nothing about her is authentic, Kanye is just as confused. I can hear her now “I’m going up against to of the biggest names in hip hop” and why does she keep calling this her first album?? did she forget her group album?? Lauryn had 10 times the hype before her solo album dropped, and so did Kim.

  • Fuego

    That’s a great move for Nicki, considering she’s already slated to go up against J & Ye…she may as well drop the same day, as not to give them a head start on sales, have people critiquing what’s almost sure to be a fulfilling 1, if not exceptional (via Ye) & what’s sure to be an ovasolid offering (J), as his catolog speaks for itself. Godspeed Ms. Minaj.

  • Juliasundquist

    wuz up