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Two Detroit Teen Boys Charged With Sexual Assault Of Three Other Boys As Young As 7


Two Detroit teenagers have been charged with nine counts of first degree criminal sexual conduct after allegedly sexually assaulting three young boys.

According to investigators the sexual assault started in August of 2009  in Sashaba Meadows, a mobile home park in Brandon Township.  The 13 and 14-year-old boys are accused of raping a 7-year-old, 9-year-old and 10-year-old multiple times.

To make things ever worse, the 13-year-old is actually the half brother of one of the rape victims.

Both teens have been denied bond and are being held at Oakland County Children’s Village. The teenage boys could face life behind bars.

Peep the video below to learn more about this horrendous act.

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  • sweetness

    what in the world is really going on??? little boys raping other little boys…this has gotten out of control and it seems like it is not going to get any better…not hating on gays or anything but it seems like now that it is more accepted and out in the open, ppl are really taking the ish to the extremes.

  • Like others, Im wondering why a photo of a child is associated with this post. Bad blogging IMO.

  • Furthermore, the title of the post is so far from the truth. Pontiac is not Detroit. Im pretty upset on how this posting was handled.

    • A.P.

      Detroit has to take the blame for everything in Michigan unless it is positive then they get specific about it. Otherwise it is the greater metro Detroit area that could be 10 or more hours away. I could get to another state in that time. Sometimes you get tired of being blamed for things that happened nowhere near where you lived. It could happen in the upper penninsula and the UPer,s will cosign say that we (aint crap) even if it happened on their block!

  • baybaybay

    This ish is getting sicker and sicker what is up is almost everybody gay now?

  • quinn

    they are not from PONTIAC neither they county Jails are in PONTIAC

  • nobonesaboutit

    why is the story being presented with a picture of a black little boy? and why is the incedent being preseneted as if it happened in detroit (a predominately black city) when it really did not? indeed, this story is extremely sad no matter the race of the victims and perpetrators, but to manipulate the premise because it is on “hip hpo wired” is belittliting and quite frankly disturbing.

  • gfdrd

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  • m

    really why is there a picture of a black little boy on here . It’s Sending the wrong message if anything there should not be a picture of any kids on here this crime is way too serious thats crazy

    • OOL UH UH

      I said the EXACT SAME THING. Why is a black boys’ image being used for this story. We do not need any more help!!!!

  • Hi_Man

    BURN THEM ALIVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    Johnny you must be white and live in a trailer park or hell you might even work for hip hop wired whatever the case who would make a comment like that. So you are saying you are interested in 10 year old little boys? JOHNNY KILL YOURSELF!!!!

  • jay

    Bossip why do you have a pic of a lil black boy on this story…you should be ashamed.
    What happen to “in with people news”