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Video Blogger Criticizes “The Mean Girls Of Morehouse”, Says Homosexuality Is An Affliction, Sign Of The End Of The World [Video]


Video blogger Lydia Cotton is stirring up controversy after posting a video blog criticizing the “Mean Girls Of  Morehouse”, a group of openly gay men featured in a VIBE magazine article.

The publication recently posted a story on three men who dressed in women’s clothing at Morehouse and say they were discriminated against especially after the College enforced a new dress code banning their attire.

Obviously upset by the “Mean Girls”, Cotton bashes the young men saying,

“I think Morehouse handled it brilliantly…you want a prestigious University to change their statement, their mission for building strong, intelligent Black men…you want them to change their whole history behind 5 students who don’t even know who the Fawk they are?!…who are playing dress up…What makes them so special?!”

According to Cotton, who has posted several video blogs on her Facebook page addressing hot button issues, their choice of lifestyle is an “affliction”, and a choice that homosexuals make on their own.

“Homosexuality is like any other affliction that we may have…you have your vices but don’t get it twisted. You chose this life!”

She also adds that she thinks homosexuality is a sign of the Apocalypse and supporters of the “Mean Girls” and other homosexuals are being “too soft on bullShyte.”

This is the end of the world…what you’re doing is the end of life. Is this not scary for some of y’all? Shyte terrifies me……To all you people out there talking about that is discrimination..that is some bullShyte, I think we’re getting too soft on bullShyte.”

Check out her video below.

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  • roxanne

    I think she is right. God gave us free will, that does not mean its okay to condone something that clearly is stated to be against God’s will in the Bible, so much so that it is stressed over and over again that this is wrong.

    • Anti-believer

      IDIOT! God didn’t write the Bible! MAN DID!!!!

      You’re so stupid just like her.

    • Ollie

      Really, so no one you know has commited a sin? including yourself?

      Do you even know how the Bible was put together? Read up on that…

  • Kendall

    I don’t know how she expects people to take her seriously with her shirt unbuttoned all the way down, showing her breasts (on purpose??). Honey, the reason you’re getting so many hits is NOT because of your intellectual prowess. And believe me, with flimsy arguements like that, you’re not convincing anyone.

  • Kendall

    But besides this girl’s questionable attire, I agree. Morehouse does have the right to set and enforce a dress code on how it feels its students should dress. If you’re a guy and you want to wear makeup, a dress and pumps, take it to the gay club OFF CAMPUS. Kthanksbye.

    • no more sheets

      MooreHouse has every right to put their rules and regulations in place. I just want them to keep those same rules and regulations in place when its time to recruit great minds that happen to be flamboyantly gay. make sure they keep all Gay donors with major dollars away too.

      • miamac

        it is not Morehouse’s job to turn away funds whether it be from gay or straight people. if gay people don’t like the standards and rules of Morehouse then it’s THEIR job not to seed their money into something they disagree with. Don’t you think?

  • no more sheets

    I would love for her to tell a GAY 9 year old that they made a choice to be GAY. I think the way that some people hate gays they should start raiding the nurseries and eliminate all babies that appear to have GAY tendancies… real talk.

  • no more sheets

    I hope you know how you sound comparing having relations with animals to 2 mutual human beings sharing intimacy.
    you are too smart for this blog. Im in awe of your theory.

  • no more sheets

    well women who cant conceive and men that shoot blanks and cant pro create are SICK too…right?

    • miamac

      not the same. a woman who is built to bare children and a man who is built to produce sperm at least have a chance. men who want to be women HAVE NO CHANCE of getting pregnant. simple. no chance. quit twisting things to justify your life choice. if that’s what you want to be, fine. just don’t twist little children’s minds or try to force it down the public’s throats. for those of us who believe in God, there will come a judgment day and then we shall see. if you don’t believe, no problem. your choice, your life.

  • no problem

    Oh and @derrick drop the homophobic bs because homos are nothing to fear. If anything they should be pitied because they really believe they are doing right, when the whole lifestyle is against what’s natural.

  • no problem

    The bible was put together by men so of course their are issues with tht and by the way Im not a Christian or a holy roller. I just believe in what’s right. Sht, a man who lost his job may feel its only right to rob a bank to feed his kids but its still wrong. Yes, everyone has sinned and at the end of the day those sins are still wrong.

  • no problem

    Oh and I know sum gay ppl too but I let them know exactly how I feel about it. No person can change how I view tht lifestyle.

  • Shug

    “Is this not scary for some of y’all? Shyte terrifies me”

    Ummm isn’t this the quintessential definition of “HOMO – PHOBIA” lol
    umm fear of “the gays” is HOMO PHOBIA boo!!!!!! Duh. Please educate yourselves.. trying to drive people back in the closet is not the answer. I mean who really wants to marry a man who really wants to be gay but is conforming due to societal pressure

  • Shug

    So great… not the world gets to see how prejudice black people can be…..

    Uhhh yeah at some point and time most people have to come to grips and accept those who are DIFFERENT!!!! Wasn’t that what the civil rights movement resulted in? Whites were spitting that same typical script regarding integration

    • Wildcherry666

      So great… not the world gets to see how prejudice black people can be…..

      Uhhh yeah at some point and time most people have to come to grips and accept those who are DIFFERENT!!!! Wasn’t that what the civil rights movement resulted in? Whites were spitting that same typical script regarding integration

      Stop comparing the civil rights struggle of blacks to the gay rights movement. It is not the same. It is sicknening and offensive. This gay rights movement was started by white people who still benefit from white privilege regardless if they are gay or not. Most gay people expecially white gays, have a much higher income than the general population. No one would know someone is gay unless they disclosed that information. There was no way blacks could hide being black. I am so sick of white liberal groups trying to push their disgusting ways on everyone else.

  • Anti-believer

    Gay babies come from people (hetero/homo/bi) who procreate you DUMBAZZ! Geez the stupidity on this board.

  • Phenomenal Women

    I think she is so so so right girl you go, because in Revelations in the bible. People always say that I dont judge rule, yeah your right we as people are not suppose to judge, but we didnt judge you God did, he said it in his word. Now I wish you would tell the Lord not to judge you. Ha ha people are getting it so twisted these days they are saying free of choice, free will, yes, the Lord does gives us free will but in those choices that we make comes consequences and the wadges of sin is death. So, yes I do think that we are in the last days people dont even respect marriages anymore just look at all the break ups thats going on from broken homes to broken churches the Lord is so not playing with us look at the situation with Bishop Long. Know telling how long those young men had to suffer from that agony, the Lord is not playing when he shuts you down he shut you so low that you can only look up to him . Because like the word says every knee shall bou and every tongue will confess that Jesus Christ is Lord. Now dont get it twisted I am a sinner and I pray for the Lord to give me mercy everyday but when I do it I know that as of any action that I have done there is a consequence, because the Lord chassens the ones he Love, like a parent chassens his child all out of Love. People get it so wrong the Lord wants you to come to him for change not the pastor whom is just as human as you are but he wants a intimate relationship with you as well, this is why when in so many churches people go under because of the many faults that the pastor may endure while he is leading his flock. The church congregation fall by the waist side because they feel as if they have been let down. People better understand that the devil is busy he is here on earth to kill, steal and destroy souls. The job for the congregation is to pray for the pastor because the devil knows just as well as the Lord remember he was one of the Lords angels so he knows where you are weak and strong so when the pastor fall dont you fall your suppose to pray. People look as if the pastor is canceled out for temptation or failure remember he is human to you better know Jesus Christ for yourself because he is returning. What do you think the pastor is going to do when he comes introduce you to the Lord heck naw he going to be trying to make sure there is a robe with his name on it. LOL you better know these lifestyles that we all are chosing is making the Lord very angry and he is going to come and take the faithful ones and leave the rest like he did when flooded the earth, shoot and to think about it he only took abraham and 2 pair of each animal, he said that he cursed the day that ever made man. See what I am saying the Lords wrath aint no joke, let them keep on with the lifestyle again the Lord made Adam and Eve not Adam and Steve so what are ya saying people that the Lord is a lie, again Im not judging you The Lord is his word dont change you cant minipulate God or his word. Im gonna leave you with this like when Moses lead the people out of egypt when the Lord parted that Red Sea. Moses stood on that rock and looked at some of those non believers and said over 10 Times You Have Seen The Works Of The Lord and You Still Dont Believe…People wake Up the Lord is not Playing with non of us for real I am scared of him and what he can do so if this helped someone whom is strugggled and or struggling God Bless You because someone helped me to find Christ and I promise you when the Lord Bless he Blesses Awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!P.S I am not old either Im 30 and yes I still have a life and I still go out from time to time the Lord knows Im not dead he just tell me to act and represent him accordingly……

  • Hm, now how am I supposed to feel about this as a gay man? Eh, this particular woman will just simply have to get over the fact that SOME MEN SIMPLY DO NOT LIKE WOMEN. Does it bruise your ego, that it’s true? That your womanhood doesn’t appeal to some men who love other men It does? Well…*thinks* Go cry me a river.

  • j. period

    wow. this post and the comments are further evidence of the eternal divisiveness of religion. you people are still taking an allegorical book written by multiple PEOPLE, translated numerous times from the original language it was written in as the literal truth. you hide behind religion as the cause of all that’s is right and wrong with the world instead of looking at your own action/inaction. this reality we’re living is what we create, god ain’t got jack to do with it. it’s a shame how much negative and hateful thinking/doing people ascribe to god and their interpretation of his/her word. evolution can’t come soon enough. the 80% are becoming more rabid in their misguided dogma by the minute. i’m sure they are condemning me to hell right now, as if they have the power to do so or know something about the nature of all things that the rest of us don’t. give me a break! love is the answer and the average so-called christian is woefully uninformed and ill equipped to truly love without conditions.

    • miamac

      forget the book and the semantics. if men were intended to be born women that is the way they would have entered this world. i’ve yet to see a gay ‘baby’. children, yes, but because they were influenced this way either by absent of a male role model and no clear male inflences by their female role model or some sicko (pedophille) touched them.

  • Hmmmm her opinions are just that HER opinions. My issue w/the Morehouse Mean Girls are the fact that THEY chose to come to an all male school even though they prefer to dress as women. That ain’t gone work *shakinghead* They need to go to another college that will allow them to be free to do that. I applaud Morehouse for setting a high standard *visually* in regards to education/behavior/appearance. I’m sure Morehouse is aware that there is a gay population there, but have not taken a stance against GAYS, they’ve taken a stance against what they deem as inappropriate attire. The sagging pants/durags/women’sdressing.
    What I hope is that they enforce all the rules they’ve set & not just the cross dressing.
    Spin/Twirl/PopStyle in whatever you chose to wear, but you still have to follow the rules of Morehouse while you attend school there.

  • M-2002

    great job. She did a great job.

  • shynum1

    I agree with EbonyLolita and the last posting of No problem….

  • SimpleSimon

    Whats wrong with accepting yourself as God made you????

  • Mock Rock Star

    Ho, sit your horse-mouth a$$ down

  • D

    For her to be so called educated she sounds like a dummy… she needs to get her refund back from her school loan…

  • Jessica

    I agree with her 100%.

  • Mega41

    Nice ta ta zzzzzzzzzzz. 😛

  • Let the church say Amen @Amber, lol. Great points.

  • James E. Fussell Jr.


    We have 4 women living on an island, and we have 4 men living on a separate island and on a third island you have 4 couples (4men and 4 women). The islands have every thing each group needs to survive and grow.
    Also each group do not know about the other, and are over 500 miles apart from each other…after 100 years which group will still be around.

  • G

    Amber that reply was awesome! All this hatred makes me sick to my stomach. It’s so discouraging that my people are so full of hatred especially when he have seen and suffered at the hands of illogical hatred and cruelty for so long! People use the bible to justify and denounce things as they see fit but only God can judge in the end.

  • salome

    shes so right

  • miamac

    We cannot judge Eddie Long on whether he is gay or pedophille. As far as I’m concerned, he is neither … at the moment. Until either he ‘openly admits’ it or it is a proven fact that he’s a pedophille by law, we have no right to make judgment. It is the same with persons who profess to be gay. I don’t care how you talk or walk. Unless you tell me you are gay then I cannot say otherwise.

  • Carlton

    Damn, that’s like 7 minutes I’ll never get back. What an idiot.