Soulja Boy Debuts Potential Album Cover Being Praised By Jesus


Looks as if Soulja Boy is trying to add to the controversy that has died down around his name by using pictures to keep people talking.

First up, the Twitter world was going crazy over the homo questionable pose that Soulja Boy and 50 Cent decided to do for XXL.

The cover was so “questionable” that it even had celebrities commenting about it.

Phonte from Little Brother tweeted:

“This 50/Soulja Boy XXL joint look like the cover of “Deepa: The Prison Rape Periodical”

Although the XXL cover should have been enough, Soulja Boy decided that he wanted to create more controversy.

On his Twitter page, Soulja Boy is running a contest allowing fans to submit album cover ideas for him to review, if he likes the picture he places the proposed cover as his default twitpic for everyone to judge.

Although many thought he was losing his mind with some of the radical pictures he has been using, I don’t think that anyone was prepared for this:

This cover, which appears to show Soulja Boy being praised by Jesus, was so disrespectful that Soulja Boy lost a few followers and received more than 100 angry tweets in the first 10 minutes after the change.

Soulja received so much criticism that he has decided to remove the sacrilegious cover.


What do you think, has Soulja Boy lost his mind?

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  • tiffany

    never had one to begin with!

  • reezon

    Lost his mind? you need to have it to lose it…

  • LC

    DANG! You beat me! LOL!


    You know what I am about sick of this little dope fiend,First he did not have respect the Ice T one of the pioneers of hip hop and rap. Now this little bammer azzz boy has the nerve to do this. Youngin you just need to check yourself I am done with his little behind. And 50 he’s just bored with himself.

  • bobby

    I am just saying he had to be high to come up with some ish like that.

  • Rhonda Rucker

    Where is his mother? Does he even have parents? Little boy don’t mess around and get struck down. Remember, “the Lord giveth and the Lord taketh away”. You’ll be a beggar on the streets b4 you know what hit you.

  • Strait Blak

    This is the beginning of the end for Mr. Boy. He just wrote his own story.