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Man Rapes Woman, Then Asks Her On A Date


Hide your kids, hide your wife.

In a strange court case out of Queens, New York, the NYDailyNews is reporting that a woman is claiming to have been raped then later texted and called by her attacker in an attempt to get together.

The victim claims that early March of last year, her attacker, Timothy West, 26, gained access to her home via a window and raped her twice at knifepoint while her mother and brother slept upstairs.

The 21-year-old waitress goes on to allege that after the dreaded ordeal that she gave West her cell phone number, hoping he would contact her so she could alert the police.

Sure enough, she claims she received a text a few hours later from West that read: “What’s Up girl?”

The attacker then called her and had this eerie conversation that was played for the court room, yesterday (October 21).

The victim asks, “You just broke into my house, yo. I’ve never seen you before …. You try to rob me, then you rape me. Why you did that to me?”

“I do apologize from the bottom of my heart,” he told her.

He then asks: “You mad at me?… I can’t call you no more?”

“What made you want to come in and break into my house? Why out of all the houses, why my house?” she questions.

“It was just random,” he replied.

“Can I come see you?” he asked.

The woman then agreed to meet the man at a location where she was waiting with the police who promptly arrested West.

The defense claims that the sex was consensual, pointing out that the victim never screamed out to alert her family members.

The court case is ongoing.

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  • SMH

    unbelievable she had the awareness to give this creep her number in an attempt to catch him….even more unbelievable that this POS called….

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  • kiki

    hahahaha, however much this story is wrong n a bad crime, tz still pretty hilarious. the f’d up SOB stil called up hz victim n askd her 4 a date?? smgdh


    what an azzhole!!!!

  • y is it always a african american man this is the reason y ppl think african american cant do anything cuz they out doing stupid stuff like this it’s not cool to do tht come on now he giving african american a rep thts not good now im white,puerto rican,nd indian,nd half black nd i feel as tho seen iam half black u still putting a rep on me too

    • Beauty and Wisdom

      Learn your history and stop letting your low self esteem pollute this thread. It is a reflection on YOU if you let every one who is a criminal and happens to be Black affect your self esteem. There are more that enough positive role models that are of African decent for you to be proud of and more than enough non black criminals on CSI, Forensic Files, Snapped, etc. for you to ride your self of guilt for you People.

  • nwilson714

    Poor thang! Do you think that only african american men do this? NOT! you have men of EVERY RACE that do this. It’s just that when african american men do this, they LIKE to concentrate on that more to give people a certain perception of black men. Don’t be fooled!

  • dria12

    @kiki its sad that he’s african american but really its time to stop caring about how one person might affect the whole race’s image. If white people or whoever think that one bad seed makes the rest look bad then its not much blacks as a whole can do about it now. We just have to carry ourselves respectably as individuals cus saving face for other races is a lost cause. Its fools in every culture and stereotypes ain’t going anywhere…

  • Whateva People!!


  • tellitlikeitiz

    this should we on world’s dumbest criminal. For real how dumb can this clown be. And now there wasting my tax dollars taking him to trial

  • EducatedFemale

    @kiki it is your terrible grammar that gives off a bad stigma on African Americans. People think that we cannot do any better because they read comments like yours and see that you clearly do not have a grasp on the English language and make judgement’s about the rest of our community. SMH. People of all races commit murder, rape and then proceed to do ignorant and foolish things afterwards. Maybe you should pick up a newspaper or a journal and do some research before spouting off incorrect information.


    EducatedFemale who do you think you are to tell KIKI how to express herself. Do you sweetie and YOU stop being so judgemental. This is a blog if she wants to use broken english then so be it, do you. Out of everthing she said thats the point you got that she didn’t cross her t’s and dot her i’s. Females like you I deal with allday.

  • Allthewaylive

    Annoyed you have a problem. Obviously you have never any tense moments where your life was being threatened and you felt totally helpless in the situation. That, or you have no compassion for the humanity of others. You need to check yourself, and be careful about being judgemental; bad things can happen to you and those you care about too.

  • iknowhedidnt

    dis why i aint luv dem hoes..

  • Howie Bledsoe

    Wow, a true romantic gentleman of a rapist.

  • Hahahaha!!!! Dude, it’s Chris Hansen not Jim Henson! He’s the creator of the Muppets! Haha!!!