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Gospel Singer Tye Tribbett Talks Cheating On His Wife, Contemplating Suicide


Famed gospel singer  Tye Tribbett is making headlines after revealing a very personal portion of his life when he cheated on his wife.

Tribbett, known for heading the Greater Anointing Choir better known as G.A., says he cheated on his wife a year ago and in turn, she cheated on him too.

Unbeknownst to many, Tribbett’s affair was with a woman in G.A., who he says he and his wife had counseled.

He revealed his transgressions to the Associated Press saying that he was surprised by his own actions after seeing his father, a pastor, do the same thing.

“I thought it was something that’ll never happen. I saw infidelity with my mom and dad who was a pastor, which made them split. I told myself that I would never do that. So when it happened in my marriage, it was like “Whoa.” God broke down my self-righteousness, my pride.”

Tribbett then went on to tell the AP that when he and his wife Shante took a break from their marriage he contemplated killing himself.

“When I was between my house and mom’s home, I was contemplating suicide — almost every day.”

According to Tribett, lust is ultimately what led him to cheat on his spouse before she retaliated and did the same to him.

“(Televangelist) Joyce Meyers gave the best explanation of what my situation was about. She said lust has no conscience. It doesn’t care if you’re married, doesn’t care about your responsibility, doesn’t care if you’re a pastor. It wants what it wants when it wants. It doesn’t have to be because of lack for lust to take hold.”

He also spoke on the disbandment of G.A. calling it the “saddest day of his life.”

“I was so excited about the new, but didn’t consider the end. One of the things that had to end was G.A. I stood up before the choir, which was the saddest day of my life, and told them I had to release them. But we’re still family and we’ll always be family.”

Tye’s new album Fresh was released earlier this week.

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  • Milly

    I just hope that he as well as his wife learned from the experience and they both are being held accountable to someone from this point on. Lack of accountability in the Body of Christ is a huge problem. Everyone needs someone in their corner who is going to “pull the reins” when they see you slipping and not just give you a pep talk. You know what I mean?

  • Treetop

    Why do people blame God for their short comings God didn’t break down his self righteousness and pride. It was a temptation and he failed. That’s just an excuse.

  • cosundra miller

    i commend him for confessing because it shows how stand up he is i belive in restoration i hope you and your wife can work on getting back together one mistake it takes a long time to get back wat u had with ur wife i really thought u had it together but who am i to judge like i said i hope u all get back together

    • spikepine

      It shows that he wants his next album to sell.

  • Thick&SweetLike Jiffy

    Didnt the his wife, Shante, cheat with that gospel rapper?!

    I heard this was a BIG mess. Im glad they are tryna work it out tho.

    I, too, had to learn the hard way: Judge not yet ye be judged.

    It is SO easy to end up in messed up situations

  • lettie

    He and Bishop Eddie Long need to talk.

  • spikepine

    People truly need to surrender to Jesus and stop faking.

  • spikepine

    It is something in the scriptures that tells them “Thou shall not commit adultery”. Too many people just don’t obey the scriptures.

  • John

    I can appreciate the self righteousness and sanctimony of many of the people who have responded thus far. How many of you are aware that Paul wrote “If a brother be overtaken in a fault, YE WHICH ARE SPIRITUAL restore such an one considering yourselves”….
    I see many of you live up to your “christian” beliefs, kill the man because he fell, forget restoring him, kill him…..How sad it must be for you…

  • LilKimCuzzin

    oh please! he is only sorry cause he got caught. We need to go back to the days when people get stoned for adultery.

  • NekeT

    Oh really, and he just coincidentally to decide to go public with this information the week the week his new album drops.

  • Cody Cole

    Tye Tribbett is butt ugly. He got a lot of nerve to call himself cheating on anybody.

    • Jai

      Cody Cole, I agree with you. I guess whoever the chick was that he cheated with felt sorry for him. Tye Tribbett looks like he has been busted in the face wit a bag of nickels. I am just really wondering why his group was disbanded. They were too busy waving towels, jumping around and doing highkicks, and wearing those preppy clothes trying to be seen. I never agreed with their method of gospel music. You don’t have to act like buffoons in order for God to bless you. They were too busy trying to find fame instead of serving God. Just my opinion…

  • Brittany

    This is SUCH a publicity stunt. Tye cheated on his wife about 2-3 years ago and was still making and selling music. And the only reason I know about his wife’s infidelity is because she cheated on him with another Christian artist who came clean about everything pretty much right after it happened. Tye had plenty of opportunities to come clean about the situation but i guess feels its best now that he just released an album and is trying to do his solo act. Pathetic.

  • Nini

    Tye Tribbett album ‘Fresh’ is in stores 10/19, his second single is “Show Me”. Tye talks candidly about his vision behind the title track “Fresh” http://bit.ly/be3V8K

    Tye Tribbett Website: http://bit.ly/bLMIVW

  • DOveums

    They were at circle of sisters,and shante was sitting on a panel talking about relationships, tye was not on that panel thou he should have been.Don’t get me wrong they are a young couple,what about guidance.

  • Thankquu

    My only concern is on Tye’s new album there’s a song that’s titled Keep Me….but somewhere in the song he says…..when I wake up in the morning…my mind is not always on Jesus…….What happened to the song…” I woke up this morning w/my mind..stayed on Jesus?”

  • angel

    I can’t believe how much people judge. He still human. Everybody make mistakes. Even u guys..God still loves u in ur mess. When u sin sin sining. I messed up to. I was married and now divorce. If u never married u don’t no nothin. Never say never or u will b tried. I was and failed. But I know God loves me because he forgave me. Like people should but don’t.

  • tony

    we can not continue in sin for grace to abound. as a minister you must first minister to u yourself and your housewhold. lets not take the grace of GOD for granted

  • Matimu nyalungu frm R.S.A

    Hy grate job he has done its rere 2 find a man bieng honest let hm keep it up my advice in watever comes ur way dnt thnk of comiting suisite is just a test. If God helps me il like 2 u tye

  • Uwi

    All I have to say is that most if not all of us comes down that road and when we feel we can’t fall in the man holes because we are skillful and know better,some fall in so that they will be thought a lesson and others like me are saved just by a tip of a finger. So I say we thank God for everything He leads us through, because its through these things we know how much He Loves us and its only through His Holy Spirit that we will know and understand these things so that we won’t condem others especially the unsaved, But just like Jesus we will be mercyfull so the unsaved will want to come and be saved. The Fresh album is a good start and I must say I love all the songs especially Champion and When the rock hits the ground.

  • for the is no condemnation for those who are in Christ. Let us forgive as Christ forgave us. i love you tye and know that god is taking care of you

  • Bislee

    Truely, this is a sign of true repentance, just as the scriptures tells us to confess our sin to one another. Believe God has forgiven Tye T. But he has to forgive himself.
    the only thing that baffles me is the wife’s action, i see no reason why she should pay back evil with evil, the bible tells us to forgive and never to revenge no matter the wrong that has been done to us by others. As a godly woman, she should have just forgive him and encourage him, no matter how painfull it might be. It is a shamefull thing to hear that the wife of a minister of God decided to sin against God to avenge the wrongs of her husband. TWO WRONGS CAN NEVER MAKE A RIGHT! May God help us all to stay faithfull.

  • faith essien

    tye, i must commend u 4 d courage 2 be able 2 put satan 2 shame. It can happened 2 anyone, yes it happened 2 me. Though i was divorsed b4 i slept with a man, i’m still feelin guilty. Let those that wants to judge continue judging, but i know my God is a forgiving God.

  • beth

    I was shocked to hear about the news.God know before the beginning of the world he and him wife would of done what they done. It news to us. Didnt Christ die for sin we sin on mission and commission everyday. We sin with our eyes meaning we cut covenant with our eyes, thoughts, with our mouth when we d ok nt edify. The bible seize he that overtaken in a fault u who is spirtual restore such a one in love consider one self. No condemnation

  • resa


  • Tasha

    We all tend to judge pple everyday.but whn we do, we 4get 2 learn frm thm. The wisest man is the öne who learns frm the mistake of others.

  • danno

    May God heal and restore you. He says a broken and contrite spirit He won’t despise. I like the song ‘Champion’ feat Israel H.

  • Okwe

    God still luves U. Just focus on d end coz it’s always beta dan d begining.

  • Anaege chukwubuikem

    The issue is that we are not fighting against flesh and blood,but principalities and powers,rulers in high places,spiritual wickedn ess which always fight to pull us down and cause shame,believers should get it right that their target areas are our mental grounds,which kicks up the lust of the flesh of anykind..Lets us always have it in mind that we believers are spirits,and should always operate in that dimension..To him,he forgot and fell into that mess,but I pray for his restoration in the name of our LORD JESUS CHRIST,Amen

  • Anaege chukwubuikem

    for the love of GOD never ceases,His mercy never comes to an end,they are new every morning brother,keep your head up…He loves you always for we are nothing but mortals,dust of the earth….shout Hallelujah..

  • Energee

    Xtians could be so judgemental,why did Jesus died?we can say anything just because God has decided not to show or thoughts,our secret lives to the public.I think we keep judgement,get on knees and pray.never judge a man until you walk his shoe.

  • Rpearlall4man

    Its great they have reconciled He has a beautiful wife n two precious daughters God Bless

  • Realklove1

    Wrong! GOD does NOT send tests of SIN! This man Sinned because it was in him. He fell into lust. That is Not GOD. Maybe U need to read Job because he was not tested w/ sin. He was tried righteously to see if he would sin and curse GOD. Let’s get it straight and Stop trying to justify  sin by saying GOD sent a  test! 

  • ricardo

    the bible spoke about truth, and if you speak the truth it shall set you free. The signs are showing of the end time, i just want all the christian to stand strong in jesus name, and preach the gospel to win more souls  for christ.

  • OfficialIsreal

    Yay he just had his new cd realese first in mi where first to here his new cd called greater than mi means michigan now it is out came out today 11:53 you can get it on itunes and buy his cd its on store