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Atlanta Group Begs Judge To Keep T.I. Out Of Jail


A mystery group has filed court papers on behalf of T.I hoping to save him from going to jail.

As previously reported T.I. was sentenced to 11 months behind bars for probation violation after being caught with marijuana and testing positive for ecstasy.

Now however, an unknown group identified only as “Citizens Of The State Of Atlanta Georgia” wants a judge to send the rapper to rehab instead.

According to TMZ, Citizens Of The State Of Atlanta Georgia filed the papers on Thursday and in the poorly written documents claim that it would be a “waste of tax dollars” to send T.I. back to prison.

“More importantly however, is the fact that taxpayer’s money ought not to be wasted to pay the expense to incarcerate a Defendant at the whelm of a Probation Officer and/or an Assistant U. S. Attorney, when, as in this case, other appropriate remedies are available as an alternative to incarceration; otherwise, this case would only be an example of the reason prisons are over-crowded and explains recidivism.”

The group also defends T.I.’s drug use saying that physicians “has prescribed” opiates for pain and other illnesses, thus making it an improper basis for incarceration.

“Second, even if Mr. Harris did submit to a drug screen via urinalysis that returned positive for opiates, however, Physicians since the nineteenth century has prescribed opiates for pain. They were also widely prescribed, however, for cough, diarrhea, dysentery, and a host of other illnesses. Thus, anyone on federal Probation who are prescribed opiates by a Physician for pain and then test positive for it in a Probation Office setting would find themselves incarcerated, which, again, would not be a proper basis to find a violation of probation.”

TMZ contacted T.I.’s lawyer who says he has no idea who the group is and he has no plans of appealing the judge’s sentence.

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  • Yo T.I.P is ma man and I stand beside him no matter what the situation is!

  • Jay

    Seems like TI didn’t have a good lawyer if this group was able to come up with a credible defense. Oh well, back to jail you shall go don’t even collect $200.


    Sorry but you did the time you have got to do the crime!!!!
    Thats street law. And a dumb crime at that do that shiiit in the privacy of your home. Never let no one see you do what yu do when you get big like that.