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Knifed Up Swag: 15 Alleged Celebrity Plastic Surgeries


While there’s nothing wrong with updating your look, a number of celebrities have been known to go under the knife for “touch ups” from the subtle to the extreme.

So which celebs have reportedly gone under? The results may surprise you from Beyonce and Kelly Rowland to Nicki Minaj.

This…right here…is their…knifed up swag….

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  • Duhhh

    I mean ya’ll def missed bey’s NOSE JOB!

  • alicia a

    Man, if anybody still believes Kim k’s butt is real , they are a damn fool!

  • alicia a

    Come on COCO, a fool can see you had butt implants… why do they lie so much.. and it always seems to be the ones to date black men that lie.. i guess they dont want the black woman to know they envy her.. so sad!!

  • Anon

    How do you start off a list with an incorrect assumption? Serena Williams has had a recent weight loss of a large number of pounds – nearly thirty. She hasn’t had plastic surgery, just has a thinner face. Her nasal structure is the same. Not to mention, even under the make-up, you can see the darkness under her eyes- that’s all natural.

    • nicky barnes

      Wow. Why are people SO gullible? CLEARLY, Serena HAS had her nose and eyelids done. Check out her ‘Buy A Life’ photos. She looks like a different person…

  • Anon

    really? assumption is no longer a word?

  • Naima

    omg. the butt implants and the too large breast implants look morbid and painful but i guess the fellas must like it. that’s reason enough for some women to do it. the again, maybe that’s what they need to feel beautiful. nose jobs? hard to say because for some (serena, latoya) make-up and lighting could do the same. on the other hand thinning black women’s noses has been the go to beauty job for decades in entertainment. even lena horne! about viveca and halle: even when you are already beautiful the hollywood surgeons convince you that you could be more ‘refined.’ they mean whiter, lighter looking features. it works, too. the changes keep black celebrity women competitive with the prevailing look. going under the knife – it’s a hazard of the job even for the ‘right’ looking women.

  • TT

    kim has had so much stuff done to both her body and face. can’t believe she still continues to tell people she hasnt had anything done. kim you are nothing but a trifling, fake liar.

  • MaryKate

    Kim K. and the other stars who obviously have had plastic surgery should agree to taking a lie detector test. Let’s see if they would agree to taking one.

    • alicia a

      I bet kim k wont take a lie detector test.. that broad has lied so long till i think she actually believes that her butt is real… yeah kim real fake!! no wonder reggie dumped her.. what took you so long reggie… lamar is the next damn fool!

  • SLAbron7

    The only person on this list that I don’t believe to have had any enhancements is Serena. Serena’s look is the result of weight loss, a damn good makeup artist and the best Indian Remy hair money can buy.


    in that bottom left pic of serena’s (#16)…she looks like:

    “i’m gonna tear you apart…and your friend too”

    lol 🙂

    • Dee

      LOL! You are silly. Classic “Coming to America”

  • crazy

    how are you gonna have a gigantic butt with pencil thin thighs? let me hush before they come out with thigh impants to further ruin the black woman’s body image…

  • jAZZy

    OMG..Lola please go back to the doctor to have them proportion your butt with the rest of your body..lol..that’s the fakest butt on the list..that ish just look Dumb as hell!lol

    • Dee

      You said aeverything I wanted to say.

  • gengen


  • Ya Mama

    Damn it seems as though black women in hollywood are on some self hate Shyte! I mean come on son, why the hell you feel so pressured to cut up your face just to look like a white Beyotch! That is the most unblack Shyte you could ever do! Bleach skin, straight fake hair, pointy noses, whatever it takes not to look so Afrikan.

  • Me

    Your list forgot the following: Beyonce got a nose job, Kim K wears butt pads, and Tiny got her boobs done.

  • Me

    Tiny got her breasts done.

  • alicia a

    And the same goes for white women … why do they feel the need to go get lip plumping, butt injections/pads and spray tanning? It goes the same way for them too! The bottom line is women need to embrace their own bodies.. if you werent born with a round curvy butt.. it WASNt meant to be or lips, or noses.. I cant understand what difference a ole pointy nose is from a wide one… neither are so great! Hollywood and society .. man i tell you!!

  • yourmochamajesty88

    ^ alicia isright. In my opinin, whenever success is obtained by insecure people, (black or white) the flaws they have are brought to light..because its the first thing they try to change. Black women secretly envy white womens features, and white women secretly even black womens features. and u look up to these “celebrities” lol. the blind leading the blind.

  • mzgoddess

    all the mf’erz are fake.. keep it real they tell tha fans.. shyt’d follow ur own damn advice!..that’s y these kids actin & doin craziness.. not happy with who they r.. tryin 2 b & look like people with $$$..then go broke wantin 2 look like them..Hell they don’t even know who they r anymore.. it’s jus 2 much hollywood bs.. 2 me

  • 7lady

    That’s the truth YOURMOCHAMAJESTY!
    It’s like everybody wants to look the same…black goin after white features, white goin after black. This would be a very boring world if we all were the same size, color and gender. Smh

  • Stevie W0nder

    Looks lil kim is the only one keepin it real

  • Hugonin

    They’re ashamed of that fat black nose but still need that big black butt à la Hottentote Venus !

  • Whoa

    Serena def had her nose done but her eyelids? GTFOH!

    Kim & Coco are in serious denial about all the chit they’ve had done. Coco needs to have something done to that manly face!

    Lil kim ruined what little prettiness she h

  • Robbie

    This is just a reality check into the world of entertainment but a good one. Most young women aspire to model themselves after women whom they believe were blessed with attractive features when in reality, they were simply blessed with good references towards a great plastic surgeon.

  • mspeach

    TINY hasnt had any surgery…obviously….ya’ll really revealed something on Kim maybe it was weight gain because Khloe does have a big butt too

  • Pam

    Serena had her nose done and it looks like she has gotten lighter. What a role model..

  • jane

    Please stop saying getting a nose job is “updating” a look. Updating it to what???

  • Ava

    I WAS ABOUT TO SAY THE SAME – STOP SAYING “UPDATING’ – CALL IT WAS IT US – IT’S PLASTIC SURGERY AKA FawkIN UP YOUR FACE! AMAZES ME … LIKE THE DARK WOMEN HATE THE LIGHT WOMEN BUT THEN U SEE THESE WOMAN A FEW YEARS LATER – AND THEY’RE A FEW SHADES LIGHTER?! What is goin on here? And LOLA – for God’s sake – take that out! That’s the fakest a** I’ve seen in my life. Little Kim and Vivica – u Fawked up – BAD!

  • Ava


  • asha13

    Lola’s behind looks humanly impossible. I have never seen a girl with so much a**. When I saw that pic I was like “damn……..that’s fake!” I as a female wouldn’t want that much a** anyway. I’m absolutely fine with my small size 4 a** and natural 34C’s thank you very much.

  • crazychris

    WHY BLACK FOLKS GET SURGERY TO PLEASE hollywood all these satanic rituals like the shaved heads you know britney, lauryn hill, demi moore, badu, jill scott all shaved their heads worshipping ishtar, asteroth all these crazy rituals hollywood put you through.

  • J-T

    Actually, Lala puts on makeup to make her nose look like that. Her reality show is proof alone.

  • Me

    I dont know if COCO has had anything done or dont care. I just wish she would put on some clothes. What kind of man is Ice T to think it’s cool that his wife is always exposing her big ole A$$?

  • Me

    um…satan designed CoCo’s purple butt out dress apparently….
    good job!

  • shake em

    janet jackson was gorgeous. i wish she didn’t change a damn thing.