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MC Hammer Releases Jay-Z Diss “Better Run Run” [Video]


MC Hammer has released his official diss track towards Jay-Z.

As previously reported, Hammer pledged to expose Jigga who he calls Hell Boy, for his ties to devil worshiping after Jay dissed him in a rap line saying,

…And Hammer went broke so you know I’m more focused. I lost 30 mil so I spent another 30. Cause unlike Hammer 30 million can’t hurt me.”

Staying true to his word, Hammer’s video “Better Run Run” stars an overweight Jay-Z “look-alike” running through the woods being chased by the devil.

In it, Hammer disses the Roc Nation head saying,

“Mr. devil he said can you give me a sign, he said, throw the Roc up that’s one of mine…”

And, “That boy try to steal my swag, his finger prints all over the bag…imposter get him outta here. Imposter, the king is right here.”

At the end of the video, Hammer saves the look-alike from Lucifer and baptizes him.


Check out Hammer’s Jay-Z diss below.

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  • scotthires

    Finally, it takes a man of god to destroy a devil. Go Hammer Go Hammer Go…

  • jsmith3

    mc hammer must of thought he was gonna get some paper off this.nobody gonna respect u if u come at jayz. He will tear him apart in 2 lines…i laugh at these fools when they try to come at hov..

    • maru-chan[yeah I said it]

      This one’s a fail for Hammer but Jay-Z really isn’t all that. He can flow better than 95% of mainstream rappers but I wouldn’t waste money on his album. MAYBE the early stuff…

  • Zood

    Quite possibly the worst diss track in the history of hip hop. For a start all Jay did was reference something that was a fact. Secondly, why did it take over a month to come out with this crap? Utter nonsense.

  • Mina

    He is calling it like he sees it. However I doubt if Hellboy responds.

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  • hmmmm

    1.I thought calling someone a devil worshiper is a huge sin. Not saying that he isnt but I can’t label him, that’s God’s job. 2. I didn’t see Hammer speak in God or Jesus’ name. In fact, he called himself King Hammer..no glory to God 3. why would you wear a baphomet t-shirt if you are on the opposing team?..the blurry fade out gave it away 4. A real ambassador for Christ would be more strategic, not just hilarious with a catchy beat & halfhearted jabs that were nothing new to the table. The attempt left people talking about everything but what Hammer says he was trying to do. No exposure of Jay-Z. Never was a Jay fan because he is blatantly disrespectful and has a convenient reason for all his accusations. The Bible says you shall know them by the fruits they bear. Pick up the word and read if for yourself. Its about relationship. Not religion. Don’t let people tell you what to read, think, or believe. They will only confuse you. I challenge you to think deeper then all this. Be still and watch and listen.

  • You’ve gone loco and that’s not cool. Man, you’re MC Hammer! Don’t act a fool. You had plenty money, sponsors and girls but you blew it badly dancing around in parachute pants acting Sambo’ish. Get over it Stanley. You lost 30 mil but still got some dancers. I can’t watch the vid. Such a disaster. You’re too legit for this. Won’t diss you further but come on man last time I saw you ..you were dancing for KFC popcorn chicken..you were dancing for chicken what’s next? Watermelon?

  • shalonndramarie

    I like M.C Hammer don’t get me wrong, but why is he playing with fire? I mean this is really not even beef because I believe Jay-Z isn’t trippn. If anything he should have been trying to collaborate and make some money. I guess we will shall see how this will turn out.

  • Gdub29

    Look I used to like Hammer to but tha fact still remains who is he to judge anyone. Again its been plenty of other rappers who have referenced Hammer’s money mishap but I havent heard him diss nobody else. What Jay-Z said was an all out truth what Hammer is speaking on is purely public opinion. Show me all out real proof Jay is worshiping the devil or in the Illuminati or whatever I can listen to that but this is nonsense

  • James

    I used to like Jay from an MC stand point, but putting satanic lyrics and images in your songs is wrong man regardless of why you do it (devil worshiping, entertainment, whatever) ,

    I think its a good thing that Hammer as brought this more into the public eye. Although to some its nothn we did not know already about Jay, the fact is Hammer has brought this right out into the open, even if you dont believe it the fact remains there is some dam strange freaky things about jay.

  • Strait Blak

    Hammer is saying you can have plenty of paper, but if you don’t learn, your going to burn. That’s wisdom not records.