Man Convicted Of Murder After Punching A Hole In Toddler's Heart


Man Kills Toddler By Punching Hole Through His Heart

A man in Indiana has been convicted of murder after he allegedly punched a 3-year old so hard in the chest that he pierced the toddler’s heart.

According to published reports, Lester Griffin punched a hole into his girlfriend’s 3-year-old son, Dylan Helmey’s, heart after torturing the boy for hours.

Police reports state that Griffin was at home watching his girlfriend’s 3-year-old son in June, 2009, when he punched the toddler so hard in the chest; the blow ripped a hole in his heart. Bruising on the boy’s chest reportedly showed a knuckle pattern allegedly caused by Griffin.

A medical examiner testified that the child had endured 70 injuries that occurred within two hours of his death.

The boy also reportedly had other injuries that were in different stages of healing including recently broken ribs and a black eye.

“The last two hours of that little boy’s life were spent being brutalized by that man,” Prosecutors told the press. “Not only did he cause 70 injuries and the blow to the chest, he let him lay there and die.”

After a 3-hour deliberation, Griffin was found guilty on three counts of murder, one count of involuntary manslaughter, two counts of cruelty to children, aggravated battery and aggravated assault. Sentencing has been delayed because Griffin has filed an appeal in the case.

The child’s mother, Ciera Helmey was charged with cruelty to children because she also failed to seek medical care for the child.


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  • DamnShame

    I see it all the time. Men punching their boys telling them to “man UP”! It’ll be more dumb fools doing the same thing if this doesn’t stop. Lock THAT MAN UP!

  • rene


  • Candicea

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  • fittgurl


  • tiff

    what kind of person does this to a child? What kind of woman dates a man who harms her child and does nothing about it? This is beyond sick in my book! He needs to be tortured and put under the jail for the rest of his life! Why didn’t this story get any press and it happened over a year ago? Oh, duh! The baby is Black!

  • Krusher Kronkite

    I can’t stand these monsters. Let’s neutralize all of them.

  • damnhomie

    lethal injection…now

  • Mabel

    When these folks are participants in these crimes against children, automatically they should both be sterilized to ensure they never reproduce. Then follow up with whatever the sentencing is.