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Nicki Minaj Refutes Lady Gaga Comparisons


Nicki Minaj is doing her best to stay away from her comparisons to pop singer Lady Gaga after being featured in a Billboard magazine cover story where she was dubbed the “First Lady Gaga of Hip-Hop.”

In the article, Billboard compared her affinity for dubbing her fans “Barbies” to Lady Gaga’s penchant for calling her fans“monsters.”

“Minaj began dubbing herself the Harajuku Barbie and, borrowing a page from pop star Lady Gaga, created a unique virtual club for her fans by naming them “Barbz.”

After reading the article, Minaj apparently didn’t take too kindly to her comparison to the pop star and took to her Twitter page to air out her grievances.

According to the emcee, she started “The Barbie” trend on her own and didn’t appreciate being undermined as Lady Gaga copycat.

Minaj is said to be in talks to get her own line of MAC makeup and is looking to get into acting.


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  • She’s absolutely right and I feel her 100%! Saying she bit off someone’s idea is implying Nicki’s not smart enough to come up with any marketing ideas on her own. She did start a movement and whether people want to give her her props or not, you can’t deny her influence in the game right now. That young Black girl from Queens is doing her thing and profiting well off of it.


  • Tamikah

    She should be honored to be compared to a talented artist such as Lady GaGa. Lady GaGa will be around for many many years, like Cher, and this chick will be an after thought. Lada GaGa can strip down the crazy persona, and at the end of the day she can still sing. Lady GaGa stands up for human rights. This girl stands up to sign girls breasts.

  • Nicki is everyone but herself. She’s part Lady Gaga, Lil’ Kim and Missy Elliott. I still do not know who she is as an individual.

    • tasha

      i agree with you…. i don’t see the missy though missy has more talent in her suckers than this no swagga having chick


    Luv u Nikki !!! Haters are so mad rite now lmao

  • truth

    more like a lil’ kim- missy hybrid.

  • shaneice

    yea yea yea, you are what you are. if you a gaga copycat then thats what you are. she a mixture of Gaga, Missy, and Kim. Freakin phony

  • Kapri

    Nicki knows her Rap foundation, growth, and expansion

    Nicki does not need others to make or break her real talents

    Nicki is the real deal and full of knowledge, skill, and ability

    Nicki does very well on her own

  • Diva

    To the poster “Tamikah”,

    I disagree. Lady Gaga dont do Shyte but spread more dysfunction to the masses. She even admitted herself she’s a drug user. She’s not an example for our youth so please.

    As far as Nicki minaj, I wish this girl success however, her style changed dragstically from when she was underground. Im not knocking her hustle but her ‘image’ looks like it was created in a board meeting. Sorry. But thats just me.

  • tecno

    she not talking about being compared to lady gaga she said that was an honor to be compared to her. She just upset that they said she copied barbz from lady gagas monsters and that she started it way back when.

  • QueenSize

    She is copying Lady Gaga. I didn’t realize when it aired…Wendy Williams interviewed Nicki and called her fans “Monsters”. Lmao.

  • i believe nicki minaj is nicki minaj just because gaga made a trend of being also a fashion magnet along with her musical style everyone that’s fashionable is a gaga rip-off i don’t think so their both talented and stylish i love them both!!!