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Kanye West: "My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy" [Album Review]


Kanye West:  “My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy” [Album Review]

A lot has happened to Kanye West since the release of his last album 808 & Heartbreaks. While becoming public enemy number one after embarrassing America’s sweetheart, Ye took advice from fellow label mate Mos Def and left the country, not only to get himself together but to work on a new album as well.

Ye needed a reinvention and had to show us he was stronger not only as an artist but as a person as well.  This strength is shown in his newest album My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy.

Kanye’s album seems to be theatrical throughout the whole time it’s being played, and one major element that amalgamates this idea is the rich production that brings dramatic horns and powerful synthesizers.  From the opening track “Dark Fantasy,” the combination of a British voiced commentary from Nick Minaj and the heavy horns and singers that accompany her, give an audio visual of why the album made so much sense to be made into a short film.  As the album continues you see these characteristics in other songs like “All Of The Lights,” which in my opinion is a real stand out song on the album.

Known as the Michael Jackson dedication song from Kanye’s short film “Runaway,” the track features so many different artists, that the CD can’t even list them all.  However, one stand out feature on the track is Rihanna, who compliments the bouncy percussion and weighty horn track with her vocals that remind you of the same effect she had on T.I.’s “Live Your Life.”  Although they may be both instrumental and lyrically amazing, these aren’t the only kind of tracks on the album, as Kanye gives us a variety of music to satisfy many different breed of music lovers.

Kanye chooses the G.O.O.D. music Friday tracks of “Monster,” “So Appalled,” and “Devil In a New Dress,” that takes a break from Kanye’s emotional lyrics, and showcases why College Dropout and Late Registration were so cherished to us.  With his sharp lyrics and production, these three songs alone give us all sorts of quotable lyrics, including an honorable mention of Minaj’s verse from “Monster” that has completely changed the way people look at her as an emcee.

Although Ye shows off what might be his best lyrical performance since Late Registration, the Chi-town MC  continues his multiplicity of music flavor with songs like “Lost In The World,” which may be Ye’s stand out club track and first experimental dance song.

The heavy synth driven “Hell Of A Life,” features Ye on one of the only tracks without a feature spitting some real compelling bars that overshadow the slightly cheesy Iron man melody, and “Gorgeous” which features such a brawny electric guitar riff that fits Cudi’s vocals so well, you could easily see it being on Kid Cudi’s new album.

Overall, the album is one of the best albums of the year as Kanye has gone back to his roots and has focused on the witty, comical, and prevailing lyrics that were not completely there in 808’s.  Although Ye could have axed some of the features and at times seem to just be rambling with his auto-tune, this is the perfect example of what you would want a Hip-Hop album to be.

Personal and powerful lyrics show that Kanye was more focused than he has been in awhile, resulting in him putting his heart into the process of making this album.  Although there may have been a series of unfortunate events leading up to the album, I guess “what doesn’t kill Ye, makes him stronger,” and without it, we wouldn’t have possibly one of if not the best main stream Hip-Hop albums of the year.


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  • ReJeanne

    If he reads this he is going ot be PISSED

    • unknown

      Kanye is a devil worshiper he said so his self on the BET awards
      dont just listen to music and bob your heads listen to the words

  • hellyea

    His album is the best in decades

  • Oldskool

    @Rejeanne why would ye be mad? Dude said this was one of Ye’s most powerful piece of works! The album is awesome and you can tell he put his soul into it

  • Extreme Playa Hater

    I had no idea he had a soul. Doesn’t GW own it?

  • rodric

    I am sorry but you guys are listening to beats and not the music. I know he is a producer before he is a rapper by his lyrics are crummy and lame at best. I will admit the beats are on point for the most part, but music is the overall package and rappers are selling us music not beats. We are consumers are doing the opposite and buying beats, instead of buying music. This is not the best album in decades, Monster and So Appalled are not good tracks at all. So far nothing will beat College Drop Out. All of the lights and Runaway can compete with some of his previous work but many of the other tracks are mediocre at best.
    You can “internet thug” me because I wrote this but I speak the truth and sometimes it hurts. This album deserves 3 stars… Some of you will hate what I am about to put but Ceelo’s Lady Killer is a better album. But half of you will not even give him a look because he doesnt keep his business in the media, or do the things Ye has done to be in the media.
    Just my thoughts!

    • Brian

      For the guy who said the lyrics are mediocre, and that college dropout’s were better, clearly wasnt listening closely enough. This is Kanye’s best album to date. The lyrics are emotionally driven, socially conscious, and speak to Ye’s evolution as an artist. Also, unlike so many hip hop albums recently, MBDTF truly listens best as a collective, as songs seemed to flow effortlessly into each other.
      Album of the year, we will be listening to this one for a long time

  • shake em

    damn near a classic

  • ReJeanne

    @ oldschool because he said in an interview no one should even grade this because its a piece of art and for him not to get 5 mic’s or top review would be unjust..

    I think the album is insane. I love that he is willing to step outside if the hip-hop box and just make music. some think that Kayne cant spit.. I on hand think he is in the top 5 spitters in rap right now..

    the cd is much better when you watch the 30 min video
    Refreshing creativity

    All of the lights- I love that track
    Lost in the world-hot track
    solid effort

  • booya dooya

    People take note to this young man and the massive FAME and FORTUNE he and others like him have gained by selling their SOULS and INTEGRITY.
    Holy Scripture clearly states, “What does it PROFIT a man to gain the whole world, and LOSE his SOUL.”

    Kanye knows scripture (lest we forget his blockbuster hit JESUS WALKS), and the sad part is since his mother’s passing, he has ALLOWED today’s industry (SYNAGOGUE of SATAN) to PROSTITUTE him out for their own diabolical interest.
    no more JESUS PIECE… but brother Kanye.. JESUS SAVES!

  • im me

    Everyone has their own opinion, no need to get pissed if someone doesnt like his music or him as a person. Its funny how folks can hate him but dont know him PERSONALLY! Its just entertainment, if you dont like it dont listen to it, if you do bump it loud lol. I like it, if I didnt hear most of the tracks already it wouldve been better but overall its still good. Thats my opinion if you dont like it cool, but dont bash me cuz I dont have the same opinion as you lol…….

  • Dub

    The album cover was supposed to be kanye bangin taylor swift and that they have been having an affair for about 2 yrs. Him taking the mic from her was setup to give them both publicity but really they love each other. You heard it first here. The cover is a tribute to him n taylor with her havin angel wings since she is americas sweetheart.

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