TSA Implements Full Body Scanner [Flicks]


To Avoid Protests, TSA Implements Body Scanners as a “Pat Down” Alternative

In order to increase security, but decrease complaints, the TSA has implemented a full body scanner that allows security to see what you are packing without the seemingly invasive “pat down”.

According to published reports, the new full body scanners, which have already been put in place at some major airports, allows the TSA to see any potential dangerous materials or objects without physically touching the passenger.

Passengers, who feel a little subconscious about the full body scan, also have the option to choose the enhanced traditional pat down instead, that includes the touching of clothed genital areas with the palms faced forward instead of backwards.

To add a little more comfort to the uncomfortable experience, scientists have teamed up with the TSA and airlines to give passengers a “distorted view” of their body.

The distortion gives a fun house mirror effect, while still allowing the TSA officials to see threatening objects.

So far airports in Miami, Dallas, Cleveland among 65 others have implemented the scan and officials say that regardless of complaints the heightened security is necessary to protect the country from terrorists.

What do you think of the full body scanner, too much or just fine? Let us know!

Check out some images from the full body scanner below:


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    this is some ‘total recall’ Shyte.
    i don’t want all that radiation exposure.
    hell, i’ll taking the train in that case. 🙁


    ‘be taking’

  • Phacorah

    IMO. It won’t be long before they are sued.