AZ Talks Retirement After Do Or Die 2: "You gotta go out like Mayweather"


Hip-Hop veteran AZ has stated that his upcoming album Doe or Die 2 may be his last.

In an interview with Mikey T the Movie Star, AZ states that people need to learn how to bow out gracefully.

“I think after [my next album] Doe or Die 2, I’ma wrap it up,” AZ said in the interview. “It’s been fun, it’s been fun, I did good. You gotta go out like [undefeated boxer Floyd] Mayweather. Mayweather go out, he’ll jump back in but he’s gonna go out without scars. So I’m cool, I did a good job.”

AZ also spoke about the motivation behind his albums and touched on the possibilities of a Nas collaboration.

” I reached out to [Nas],” AZ told SOHH in an interview. ” I think he’s going through a couple of whirls, he’s going through a lot of situations so we haven’t really sat down and politic’ed and talked about everything.

Actually, I did reach out for this Doe Or Die 2, that’s what I’m working on, the Doe Or Die 2 stuff. Raekwon did the Cuban Linx [2], and The Blueprint 3 and the Carter III and IV, so them sequels do good in the marketplace. So I’m trying to do this Doe Or Die 2, I reached out to him, I haven’t gotten feedback as of yet, but like I said, look at what he’s going through.”

Doe Or Die 2 is due out in stores next year.


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  • Michelle

    I will agree that AZ was that mofo, but never got his true props. He can go against any rapper out today and murder them. I’m still waiting for the true lyricist to bring hip hop back to spitting a 16 off the top.

  • Amplow

    Spoken like a true fake hip hop Stan. AZ’s stuff is timeless. Put on Doe or Die now and you still get a head nod (for people who really know hip hop). If your yard stick for what’s good hip hop is the studd playing on the radio, then you’re right… AZ is not relevant, and Soldier Boy is. But real hip hop heads don’t measure greatness by radio spins.